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Purchase a Logo Design Package with Logodesignconsultant.com and
GRAB these SUPER Bonuses…

Bonus # 1: eBook on “How To Brand Your Small Business on Shoestring Budget”                               

(worth $29.95 Value, Yours Free)

Congratulations on getting your small business registered, but do you know how you are going to market it if you have a tight budget?

18-page eBook containing valuable tips and suggestions to brand your small business online and offline. Some of the topics covered in the eBook are…

  • 24 places your logo and slogan should appear regularly
  • 5 ways to pass your business card without appearing desperate
  • 5 events you should attend to promote your small business
  • Branding through emails and much more…

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Bonus # 2: “USP or Tagline For Your Business”

($59.95 Value, Yours FREE)

Is your new business or website already launched but you have no idea why customers will switch from your competitors to you?

Don’t worry, we have the copywriters who will question you and will do research to find your differentiating point or competitive edge. Worth $59.95, yours absolutely FREE!!!

Our copywriters will suggest a Unique Selling Point that your competitors cannot offer or will provide answers to these critical questions

  • What are some of the lingering problems of your target audience that hundreds of your competitors have overlooked?
  • How will your product/service solve a problem better than your competitors?

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Order $59 BUDGET Package and get the above 2 Bonuses, Absolutely FREE!!!

Bonus # 3: “Custom-Made Fax Cover Sheet Design” (Editable in MS Word)

(Worth 24.95, yours FREE)

Type in MS Word, and Send a Branded Fax to your customer, supplier, or others!

Use your fax cover sheet as an important marketing or branding tool without annoying the recipient.

  • At LogoDesignConsultant.com, we will custom design your fax cover (editable in word document).
  • Write your fax message in your computer and send it via Internet if you subscribe with services like eFax.com, myfax.com etc…

***Limited Time Offer***

Order $99 Worth BASIC Package and catch all the above 3 Bonuses, Absolutely FREE!!!

Bonus # 4: “Custom-Made Digital Letterhead Design in MS Word”

(Worth 24.95, yours FREE)

Do you send out communications, as either email attachments or printed documents?

If you do already or if you wish to start doing so, it would be good idea to have a digital letterhead so that these communications can have your logo and brand designs on them and match your other marketing materials.

Make creative branded letters, speaking engagement handouts, invoices, contracts, etc,

***Limited Time Offer***

Order $199 BEST SELLER Package and grab all the above 4 Bonuses, Absolutely FREE!!!

Bonus # 5: “Custom-Made Banner Design For Any Medium – Web or Print”                                                       

(Worth 59.95 Value, Yours FREE)

Draw the attention of your audience and make them visit
your website or store through
a beautifully designed banner!

Whether you need it for online advertising or for a trade show, we will custom design it so that it fits neatly in the space you are planning to for.

Get upto 3 FREE Static Banner Design Concepts. depending upon your package.

***Limited Time Offer***

Bonus # 6: “Custom-Made CD Cover Design”

($49.95 Value, Yours FREE)

Get a professional CD cover design for your software or musical album and give your audience/clients a stimulating first impression!

If your business sells products or services that require CD or DVD shipping, then you have another great opportunity to brand your company. Get impeccable custom-made CD or DVD label design, complementing your company's corporate colors and theme along with your logo and message.

Get upto 3 FREE CD Cover Design Concepts depending upon your package.

***Limited Time Offer***

Bonus # 7: “Custom-Made PowerPoint Slide Design”

($29.95 Value, Yours FREE)

“Wow” your client, supplier, or vendor with a custom-Made presentation template design unique to your company’s brand!

We’ll custom-design a presentation template to match your company’s branding theme incorporating your logo, company colors etc…

Reinforce your brand in every PowerPoint slide while making a business presentation. A custom-made PowerPoint slide will be designed containing…

  • your company logo and a slogan (if you have any)
  • consistent company’s corporate color, theme and images
  • your contact information

***Limited Time Offer***

Order $349 BRONZE Package and obtain all the above 7 Bonuses, Absolutely FREE!!!

Bonus # 8: “Custom-Made Icon Design For Increased Website Readability”                                   

($44.85 Value, Yours FREE)

Spice up your website features list or apply it to
a list of products/services to encourage visitors to read
what you want them to read!

A pack of 3-12 icons set depending upon the package, to…

  • Give your “Services” list a zing
  • Capture your users’ attention and direct them to a NEW feature
  • Represent product categories or galleries
  • Use it as navigation buttons and much more…

***Limited Time Offer***

Order $649 SILVER or $999 GOLD Package and obtain all the above 8 Bonuses, Absolutely FREE!!!

Bonus # 9: “Custom Brochure Design”                                    

($365 Value, Yours FREE)

Generate sales leads, make partnerships and expand into
new markets by adding brochure to your marketing toolbox!

Get a 1-page brochure with 2 design concepts and unlimited rounds
of revisions to…

  • Push the reader to take action
  • Verbalize and advocate
  • Closely relate its layout to the shape, size and content and much more…

***Limited Time Offer***

Bonus # 10: “Custom-Made Blog Template Design”                                    

($199 Value, Yours FREE)

Start a blog to attract traffic, position yourself as an expert and get your brand in front of thousands of people who otherwise would never know you existed.

Custom design blog template for your existing website or as a separate entity…

  • Custom-Made WordPress or Blogger design theme
  • Unique posts layout
  • Matching with your current website's color, theme, and style or a new theme from scratch, whichever applicable and much more…

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Order $1499 PLATINUM Package and obtain all the above Bonuses, Absolutely FREE!!!