Does Your Logo Have These 4 Landmarks of A Quality Logo?

  1. Ever wondered why some logos just stick to your mind and others don’t?
  2. Why some logos immediately explain all about the business alongwith its unique selling proposition?

The above two questions are the most accurate and precise indicators of a Quality Logo. The quality of a logo lies in the answers to these questions. These characteristics of logo are what define the outcome and return, the logo would bring to the business in question.
In order to find answers for these questions let’s talk about the factors which make up a quality logo.



If someone ever mentioned to you a logo with a “Swoosh Mark” you wouldn’t take a minute before you will recognize it as Nike Logo (Unless you are from Mars of course).
This is what we call “The Illustrative Good” of a logo. The quality of a logo is hidden in the level of understanding a logo can project or maintain keeping the target audience in view.


It shouldn’t only be a mere description of the image but the whole idea behind the logo and the business which runs behind this graphic idea otherwise it would be nothing more than a trendy image which will be outdated sooner than perceived.


What does one reckon when he sees the “Golden Arches” on a deserted highway with no life around?

Yes. One immediately knows somewhere nearby is a McDonalds Diner. Of course, it has more to do than the “Hunger Instinct”. The “M” or the “Golden Arches” as they are commonly known doesn’t mean anything at first sight but once someone knows what it stands for you just can’t forget it and whenever they see one of these he would recognize and remember everything about the brand and its services. Isn’t that what you want your logo to do for you and your business?


You can’t put a vegetable on display if you are selling fruits because everybody would come in looking for a vegetable and finding you got none would leave immediately, as simple as that. Same goes with your business logo.

A business logo should be able to project your business message in such a relevant form which can enlighten the potential customer on exactly who you are and what you do in order to be classified as a Quality Logo.  


In the era of modern business branding a business owner has to leave no page unturned for the application of branding tools and strategies especially when he is a startup business owner. He has to make sure that he utilizes all available branding spaces no matter how large or small. Logo being one of the most important branding tools has to be placed everywhere from the Giant Billboards to a small Souvenir for customers in order to maintain presence as much as possible.

In order for a logo to do that it has to be flexible and not rigid. It should be applicable in all colors and shades without compromising on Visibility, Perceptibility and Understanding keeping the logo alive. Moreover a quality logo would always hold its shape and texture in any size. Be it a huge Signboard or a small Pen the image should be Clear, Accurate and Recognizable. 

All the above combined together make such a quality logo which is identifiable, memorable and meaningful and only if the sun could rise in the west an amateur logo designer could keep all these factors incorporated in your logo. So the best and wisest mode of getting a Quality Logo is to get a Professional Logo Designer design your Logo.