Seven Do’s of Finding out If a Graphic Logo Designer is Worth a Shot

If there is one thing the recent high-profile conflict between Apple and Samsung makesa classic example of, it is the importance of design. Business firms are now using design to stand out in the crowd. Of course, this means designers are in high demand, but, thankfully, the supply is highas well. The only problem is there is no convenient way of pointing out good logo designers from the bad ones, mainly due to the disparity among graphic designers in their portfolio size, design skills, experience, and expertise. So what will you do to get yourself a designer logo? Well, pull up your sleeves, because we are going to tell you sevens do’s of solving this problem. Ready? Here we go!

1 - Do Your Homework. No Excuses!

Leafing through the telephone directory or browsing over portfolios is not the right way to start your search for an onlinegraphic designer. First of all, you should know the answers of ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’ of the business identity you want to develop. Do precisely that – ask yourself questions. For instance, here are a few whose answers you should have at hand when you start your hunt for a logo designer:

  1. Why do I need the logo anyway? (Your basic problem)
  1. To register my business
  2. To stand out amonglocal competitors
  3. To launch a new product or service
  4. To look bigger and professional
  5. To spread the word by having it on some of my marketing collaterals 
  6. To have a full-fledged presence (logo, stationery, website, social media, print materials,etc.)
  1. What is the nature of my business?
  1. My business industry
  2. Products/services I offer
  3. Competition
  4. Target market
  1. What do I like?
  1. Dark or light colors, specific shades
  2. Pictures or fonts or both
  3. Competitors’ logos I like and what appealed to me about them
  1. How much can I pay my logo designer?
  2. When do I need it? Can I be flexible or not?

2 - Browse Portfolios of Logo Designers

There is no such thing as good or bad design; there are designs you like and designs you don’t like. However, it is important that you know why you like a design over others so you can guide your online graphic designer to take care of the things that make a design appealing to you.

Donot look for industry-specific designs in the portfolio of an online logo designer. Just familiarize yourself with the creative approach and designing style of the graphics designer and compare them with your preferences.

The variety of designs in a portfolio depends on whose profile you are visiting – famous freelancers showcase only a few of their best designs while designing agencies have larger portfolios. Number doesn’t matter much, though.

Caution: Cross out the ones having copied designs on their portfolios

3- Cross Check References of Your Selected Company Logo Designer

Reliability counts. Donot just rush to call all custom logo designers with appealing designs. Do some investigation, first. Has these logo designers received appreciative testimonials from their past customers? If yes, make sure they aren’t phony. Check whether the designer has provided their names and contact details. Go ahead and consult the person, enquiring the following:

  1. Was the designer welcoming to the client’s requests and queries?
  2. Did he fully research the client’s industry before giving design sketches?
  3. How understanding was he towards the client’s branding problems?
  4. How many design sketches did he propose?
  5. Did he give time to discussing the sketches with the client?
  6. Was he successful in completing the design on time?

Also, look for them on social media and blogging websites. Read their articles and social media posts. Does their communication reflect professionalism and expert knowledge on the subject? Are they consistent in their claims and promises? Have they received good comments from like-minded people? This will help you make sure that your chosen logo designers are not only creative but professional and trustworthy as well.

4 - Get in Touch with the Selected Online Custom Logo Designer

It’s time to ring the bell. But, wait a minute! Are you clear on what you are going to ask your designer? Here are a few sample questions you should ask:

  1. Do you have any experience of logo designing in my industry?
  2. How will you make sure that the design will suit my business requirements?
  3. How many times am I allowed to request for revising or modifying the design?
  4. How much cost will be refunded back if the designs fail to satisfy me?
  5. Will the logo design be scalable and printable on different mediums?
  6. What guarantees are you giving?
  7. How much will I have to pay you?
  8. When will I receive the final design?
  9. What is your exact design process?
  10. Where are you located? What are your available times?

Graphics designers must be able to understand your problems and satisfy you with the answers. These questions are the test of their knowledge. At the same time, do not expect customer support staff to be that knowledgeable. Instead, when it comes to support representatives, see how helpful they are.

Response time is important. See if your selected logo designers are replying your emails or responding to your calls on time. If not, donot go for them, unless you have no better option.

Above all, make sure you can easily gel with the graphic designer or customer support staff. It is critically important, as it shows if youcan comfortably deal with your business logo designer in the long-term.

5 - Look For a Design Process

The outcome depends on the process. If the logo designer company or the freelance graphic designer has a well-planned design process with all necessary elements, you are sure to get a good logo. Usually, the design process involves:

  1. Getting details of customer’s requirements and order specifications
  2. Conducting research on customer’s industry and company
  3. Proposing 2-3 design ideas/sketches for customer choice
  4. Designing of the finally selected logo
  5. Modification in the design as per customer request
  6. Finalization of the logo and its delivery

Your company logo designer ought to be forthcoming about his/her design process, enabling you to decide whether your logo will be designed after thorough research or not and whether the company is not merely selling ready-made images that are nice to look at but cannot target your customer or give your company an identity.

6 - Set Budget for Your Business Logo Designer

Make sure you allocate a sufficient budget for your brand design but donot consider overspending. Decide your budget on the basis of

a) Who you are:

  • A grand multinational enterprise
  • A small business startup

b) What you want:

  • Just a single identity design
  • Logo with a web design
  • Design for both web and stationary
  • A whole branding service

Who you are determines your affordability. Also, if you are a small company, chances are a renowned designer will rarely devote his efforts and time on you. They have other better options at hand.

What you want determines the time and research needed for your design plus the type of designer required for doing the job. Here is an estimation to help you pre-plan your budget

logo designer

7 - Keep Track of Time

Designers charge for the time they spend on your logo. More time means high cost.Yet, it also means more research and lesser chances of getting a compromised or copied design. So, give your business logo designer enough time to come up with a custom-made design. At the same time, do give him/her a deadline and make sure he follows it.

Final Thoughts

To cut the story short, there are a few dos and don’ts you must keep in mind for hiring a logo designer.

First off, donot be hasty and do some research. Know what you need, what you do, and what you like. Decide a budget,set a deadline, look through portfolios,contact past clients, and only then get in touch with the designer. There is no scarcity of logo designers, so it is best to pick out the ones that suit your requirements, budget, and preferences.

Secondly, ask specific questions. Inquire about the designing process, time, cost, policies, guarantees, and every other feature that can affect your selection of the custom logo designer. Also, remember to be open to the designer and feed him all the information he might need to design your logo.

Thirdly, donot overspend on your order or be miserly. Also, do not be inspired with big names unless you are a big name yourself. Remember to never go for the least priced option. Take it as investment and spend as much as is affordable for you.