Looking For Free Logo Design Software? (Read this before you download any program or tool…)

From colorful fonts to dazzling images till lively colors… free logo design software looks like a box of candy, a treat to the eyes and fun to make logo, until you download it. The end image looks ripped but you’re ok with using it. You design a logo from free logo design software because:

  • You believe logos are like picture frames; you think they’re merely pleasing to the eyes
  • You are reluctant to spend a few hundred bucks on your corporate brand identity
  • You want to take your 8th grade art out because no designer can do it better than you and you’ll get a chance to show off your “master piece” to your family and friends.
  • The logo created through free logo design tool looks copied, messy and blurry but you believe it is your product that sells and not the logo so it does not matter

Warning: With a Home-Made Logo, Your Business will NOT be in the Forefront of your Customers’ mind when thee are making a Purchase Decision

If you use free logo designs software, then you are risking your corporate image Big Time!

What Does A Professional Designer Do Before Designing Your Logo?

  • Analysis of design trends to come up with an element in the design that will be valid for decades
  • Use of colors that will be most suited to your business type and industry as some colors end up having a negative psychological impact on the customers
  • Analysis of competitors’ logo designs and their success rate

How Free Logos Design Software sends your Logo down the Drain?

  • When you get your logo created with a free logos design software, none of the aspects for a successful logo design are considered
  • The graphics in your Free Logo Design Download, including your logo are used by plenty of other people to brand their business and your design is in no way unique.
  • The complexity in the design makes your customers confused, which affects their determination to choose your product over competitors.
Free Logo Design Program can also help!

While Free Logo Designer Software has a range of graphics that are not necessarily good for designing logos but can be downloaded for clip art purposes, they can be used to create graphic designs for:

  • Kids selling lemonade
  • School Projects
  • School Presidential Elections
  • Invitation cards for funky school kids’ parties

However, do take care when you are resizing the graphics as they become blurry on resize and more often than not look like a mess.