When Is the Right Time to Redesign Your Corporate Identity?

Every month you go to the grocery store and there you find your delicious, scrumptious Kraft cheese pack lying on the rack just within your reach. However, to your astonishment, today you are unable to find it, you rush to the storekeeper for a pack of Kraft cheese, and there he goes, picking it out for you from the very same place…but why didn’t you see it!!! Well, it was because they have revamped their corporate logo that made it unrecognizable to your untamed eyes.
So, what makes the corporate giants redesign their well-established logo?
1. Establishing New Vision and Mission Statement
There are numerous big businesses that are merging up for their financial needs or to build up strong business presence and such companies need to redesign their identity as their missions and visions are amalgamated to define a new one.
These companies have a change in the leadership due to take over, merger or acquisition, which sometimes deeply affects the vision and mission of the company and hence, calls for a new but consistent logo design.
2. Change in the Work Structure
When the company expands and grows, then it may need to rebrand itself that may raise the chances of revamping the logo. This is done so to make the consumer realize that the work process and/or the structure of the company has changed and it promises to be more efficient and more effective in its end result
3. Opening up New Services
Just like Starbucks, you have also decided to increase your line of products or you have opened up new services that are not only an extension of your previous ones but a different line, then you definitely need to make some changes in your logo. When the company opens up a new division, it is in dire need of a new logo as it will communicate about your change in business and also opens up the opportunities with your existing clients as well as bring up new consumers to your door.
4. Expansion In the Target Audience
With the extreme globalization and digitalization you have decided to cross borders and open up yourself in the foreign market. Well a good decision it is, but you need to have a logo that is global understandable and acceptable. The expansion in target audience may also call for redesigning the logo.

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