TOP 10 Multicolor Logo Designs

Do you know that multicolor in the logo say a lot about your business? Multicolored logos bring emotions to a business logo design in order to communicate with customers of the company expressively. Every professional would agree that multi color logos are specifically designed for the customers to grasp their attention at a glimpse. When it comes to creativity; company prefers a multicolor logo design.

You see hundreds of multicolored logos throughout the year. Have you ever wondered the science behind each multicolor logo? Each color in a company logo design signifies something specific to the business. Professional logo design experts incorporate multicolors in logos to develop the science of communication for company to interact with its customers influentially. Let’s have a brief review over some famous multicolored logos:

Olympics Logo

1. Olympics Logo

Olympics logo contains 5 interlocking rings with each ring having a different color. Do you know why? Since each ring classify different continents of the world. Each color in the ring symbolizes 5 different continents of the world i.e. Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania (including Australia).

Vivid Ways Logo

2. Vivid Ways Logo

The multi-color logo of vivid ways incorporate the rainbow colors forming the 2 letters ‘V’ & ‘W’ as a wave to represent company name in style with its multicolored pattern advanced smoothly in the logos design.

Google Logo Design

3. Google Logo

The logo of the famous search engine Google is quite simple with each letter spaced appropriately. The logo has 4 colors in all i.e. blue, red, yellow and green. It’s quite obvious from the logo design that Google logo is focusing its two colors more i.e. blue to represent its trustworthiness and red to represent strength of the search engine.

IZEA Logo Design

4. IZEA Logo

A light bulb in the multicolor logo of the next generation social media marketing site ‘IZEA’ company represents an innovative platform. Blue color in the logo design represents that the site is trustworthy. Red colored letter ‘e’ points that the site is aggressive and violet color in between the letters in blue and red indicates that the logo is completely abstract. The yellow color letter ‘a’ represents the optimism of network.

Microsoft Logo Design

5. Microsoft Windows Logo

Microsoft windows logo truly justifies the science of multicolored logos. The logo contains 4 colours in all i.e. red, green, blue and yellow. Each color has a distinct meaning. Red color in the company logo demonstrates the aggression and strength of Microsoft. Green color in the multicolor logo defines its natural impact over the community. Blue color symbolizes trust, authority and reliability while yellow points toward innovative ideas generated by Microsoft to run the business. Combination of these 4 colors generate Microsoft Windows

New MSN Logo Design

6. MSN Logo

It won’t be wrong to say that msn new logo doesn’t looks as cool that msn wanted it to be. Although, msn has kept its primary colors but there is no abstraction in the logo to justify the color balance. Multicolors forming the butterfly in a logo have kept its logo alive; otherwise msn new logo is totally absurd.

King of Fighters Logo

7. King of Fighters logo

The multicolored logo of the famous game king of fighters is quite an art. The letter ‘F’ capitalized in orange represents the heat that natural fighter posses across the globe. Blue colored globe represents the community; while the emerging green color represents energy evolving in the world of street fighters. The yellow color used in the logo design represents the temperament which the fighter posses during fighting.

Ebay Logo Design

8. eBay Logo

The logo of eBay contains 4 colors with each letter having a baseline shift. The multicolored logo of the web auction service has each small letter with primary colors to indicate the fun, excitement and energy involved in the auction service while the last letter ‘Y’ is capitalized in green only to represent the eBay community.

MSNBC logo

9. MSNBC Logo

MSNBC, the cable news channel i.e. the combination of Microsoft and NBC is another category of a multicolored logo. The peacock head in the logo is flipped towards right. There are 6 feathers used in the peacock logo with typical colors in order to categorize its six division that MSNBC runs i.e. news, sports, entertainment, stations, network and productions. Chermayeff and Geismer designed the peacock logo of MSNBC i.e. renowned across the globe.

Sustainable Resource Management logo

10. International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management

The logo of International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management features the earth with two hands protecting the globe. The logo conveys the message of UNEP in order to decouple the economic growth with environmental degradation. The multicolored life cycle philosophy in the logo is concerned about protecting the renewable and non renewable resources of the earth. While the white colored area in the global image represents how much the environment is destroyed through degradation.

Conclusion: In a nutshell, the multicolor logos serve as a communicative medium for company and bring a new life to its business image.

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