Top 10 American University and College Logos – More than a Brand

Only a few people know that many universities have become a brand today. Universities and colleges design apparel having their cool educational logos in order to promote their brand image. This step also encourages the students to apply for admission at these educational institutes. Whether you talk about Georgia, Colorado, Houston, Texas, Alabama, Kentucky, Michigan or Florida; each and every state university and college of US has an inspirational logo.

Here are the top 10 best college university logos of America:

10. Bowdoin College Logo

Bowdoin College was founded in 1794. The liberal arts college is located in the coastal town, New England of Brunswick, Maine. The seal logo of Bowdoin College has been a debatable issue for long time. The seal was created in 1798 by JOSEPH CALLENDER. Some people believe that seal logo was chosen due to Bowdoin’s location which is situated at the east but more people agree that the seal was selected as a symbol of truth and enlightenment.

9. Barnard College Logo

Barnard College is an independently incorporated women’s liberal arts college. The college was founded in 1889 and it was the only college at that time where women can receive the same challenging education that was available to men. Barnard College logo features simple and bold TYPE FONTS in a dark blue BACKGROUND in order to depict the importance of education for WOMEN IN SOCIETY.

8. HMC Logo

Harvey Mudd College (HMC), the best liberal arts college of engineering, science and mathematics in US was chartered in December, 1955. The mission statement of college clearly depicts to educate students of engineering, science and mathematics in such manner that they become experts in their fields. The logo of HMC justifies the HISTORY OF COLLEGE and icons go along well with the FIELDS OF STUDY in a college.

7. Amherst College Logo

Amherst College, the private liberal arts college situated in Amherst, Massachusetts was founded in the year, 1821. The seal logo of Amherst College features Trajan TYPE FONTS. The motto of college “TERRAS IRRADIENT” in San-serifs fonts that means: “Let them illuminate the lands” is JUSTIFIED by the sunburst and book illustrations.

6. Dartmouth College Logo

Dartmouth College was founded in year 1969 by the reverend, Eleazar Wheelock. The traditional shield logo design of Dartmouth portrays the motto “VOX CLAMANTIS IN DESERTO” that means “The voice of one crying in wilderness”. Dartmouth adopted this motto since it has appeared at 5 places in the book of revelation “Bible”. The rustic icons in Dartmouth’s logo also justify DARTMOUTH as a rural college.

5. Columbia University Logo

Columbia University, the private university of US was founded in 1754 as KING’S COLLEGE by royal charter of King George II of England. The university is the oldest institute of higher learning in the state of New York. The logo of Columbia University is a royal blue CROWN as homage to its HISTORY.

4. Princeton University Logo

The private research University of Princeton was chartered in 1746 as the college of New Jersey, the name that last for 150 years. The logo of university features Monticello TYPEFACES since these typefaces have historic ties to the UNIVERSITY. The “PANTONE” shield logo of Princeton University features an OPEN BOOK that justifies that the purpose which university serves for is Pure Education.

3. University of Chicago Logo

The University of Chicago, the private coeducational research university was founded by the philanthropist, John D. Rockefeller and incorporated in 1890. The logo features phoenix as its MASCOT. The shield logo portrays university’s motto: CRESCAT SCIENTIA VIETA EXCOLATUR that means “Let knowledge grow from more to more; and so be human life enriched in a shield”.

2. Yale University Logo

Yale University, the private research university was founded in the Colony of Connecticut in the year, 1701. The classic TYPEFACES of Yale University are designed by “Mathew Carter”. Like many other universities, Yale also features a shield logo. University logo features its motto in both HEBREW & LATIN words: LUX ET VERITAS that means light and truth. The Hebrew letters encoded in a book depict that Hebrew was an ESSENTIAL SUBJECT in early days of University.

1. Harvard University Logo

Harvard University, the private university which is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts was established in 1636 by the Colonial Massachusetts Legislature. The name of university was derived from the young minister, John Harvard of Charlestown. The logo of Harvard University is a crimson shield to portray the VITALITY OF UNIVERSITY. The logo of Harvard university portrays the motto “VE RI TAS” that means truth that goes along well with education.

Conclusion: Many universities and colleges of America have made an entirely different department to maintain their unique identity. It is also the reason that the preceding top 10 universities and colleges have kept their exclusive brand identities for good. In short, university college logos don’t just feature their brand identity; they also teach you a message.

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