You Don’t Need a Logo Design – You Need the Right Logo Design

As a business entrepreneur you know the significance of a logo design and possibly want your business to have a logo that speaks out to the potential clientele. Despite the fact that a logo is an important element of branding, you do not need a logo design if:

  • You want your brand to stand out among others
  • You want your logo to be the emblem of your corporate identity
  • You want your business, product or services to be represented in the best possible manner through the logo design
  • You want your logo design to be meaningful and expressive
  • You want to have the perfect logo design for your brand
  • You want a unique logo design that is identified by everybody
  • You want the logo design to be associated with your brand and vice versa
  • You want a unique logo design that is the epitome of your business
  • You want a successful corporate symbol and in turn, a successful brand
  • You want a remarkable logo design that is the identity of your brand on its own

It must be quite astonishing for you especially after knowing the fact that a logo is the very soul of a brand and not having a logo does not help in the marketing and branding strategy of a business. You might also be wondering what to do if whatever stated above is valid enough to be believed.

Well, as a matter of fact it is quite true that you do not need just another logo design if you think that the above points represent your approach towards marketing and branding. On the contrary, you need the right logo design in this connection.

The right logo design does everything for your business that is stated in the above points and makes your brand a winner. Think over it a little and you will find this notion to be correct and true with all its meanings and implications.

Now go ahead and get that right logo design for your business, all the best.


End Note: Author of this post is a senior consultant at Logo Design Consultant. Questions / Responses are more than welcome.

Listen to the Voice of a Unique Logo Design

252 green listening 400 - Listen to the Voice of a Unique Logo Design

Uniqueness is a trait that does not come very easily. It either has to be natural or requires lots and lots of effort to acquire something unique in its kind. Similar is the case with a company’s unique logo design. It takes a lot of toil and artistic flair to derive a unique logo design and a very few have the capability to do so. Together with the name and slogan of your business, it is your logo design that helps in developing that outstanding image that you require.

A unique logo design speaks out to the target audiences that are your potential customers. It plays a vital role in the function of selling your company’s products or services. It is a graphic expression of your business organization as a whole. In order to develop a unique logo design which makes you to attain a certain position in the marketplace, you need to think and act in your own discerning ways.

First of all, you need to identify where you want your business to be and what image of your business do you see in the minds of potential customers. You need to plan the identity of your business beforehand and then go for the desired logo design that is unique and expressive.

The major points to be kept in mind before starting work on a unique logo design are:

  • The name of your company
  • The essence of your business
  • The message you want to send to your target audiences
  • The outline of your company logo design
  • The colour scheme of your logo design
  • The appropriate representation of your products or services through your logo design

If you keep the above points in mind, there is no doubt that you will ultimately come to have a unique logo design that speaks a million words about your business.


End Note: Author of this post is a senior consultant of Logo Design Consultant. Questions / Responses are more than welcome.

Why Go for a Custom Logo Design for your Small Business Venture?

There is always a reason to everything and here we will find out the reason for having a custom logo design for your company. A memorable logo design is the essential requirement for any business or product brand. When you decide to have a custom logo design made for your brand, you choose not to go for mediocre stock logos that swarm the logo design market. These stock logo designs have no value of their own and prove to be rather ineffective for the brand they are chosen for.

In comparison to the stock logo design, a custom logo design is a tailor made proprietary mark created to perfectly fit in with the mission of truly representing a company or a brand. Being a representative for anything or anyone is a highly regarded job which entails a high degree of integrity and responsibility as well. In lieu of the above, just imagine how important a custom logo design can be for a company’s image.

Why go for a custom logo design and why not readily available designs which can also be tweaked a bit according to your requirements and your company’s image? Well, that’s not the most difficult question I have ever come across. How much do you know of designer outfits or branded clothing? You might also be familiar with haute couture labels that have distinguished identities of their own!

To cut a long story short, exclusive designer wear is not for everyone to use and this selectiveness is more than established. Only a select few may use such exclusive items. A custom logo design may just be considered as somewhat closely the same as designer wear. But then the one thing it does not share in common with designer wear is that it is not for a select few, it is for one and only one to use. This means that your custom logo design is meant for your brand and none other in the whole world.

Business Logo Design – The Ins and Outs

This world is full of business opportunities and everyone is minding their own business, well, some are not. There is a belief that everything happens by design not by default and a business logo design is no exception.

This piece of writing is an overview of all dominant factors that influence a business logo design.

Upon the first glance at your business logo, a viewer should know what it stands for. This applies to both the logo and the business in question. A logo design is the flag bearer of your company and shows the very essence of your business. It is the first impression that is bound to last if put up in an articulate manner.

The basic step towards making a business logo design is the readiness to improvise. Improvisation is the norm of modern times and those who fail in it, become vulnerable to run of the mill ideas that form the echelons of mediocrity.

Next to improvisation is the understanding of your own business, its values and aspirations. Try blending these attributes with your imagination and let loose the sluice gates of your mind. You may also have a look at the prevailing techniques in logo design for a little help.

Decide the main components of your business logo design with utmost ardour. Determine the variants of the logo design to have multiple options in hand. Make an array of the colours you would opt to choose for the logo design and mix and match them with your ideas. Be realistic while trying to improvise and never let go the basic element of your business logo design.

Be very sure regarding the use of symbols and / or text in unison with graphic designing and colouration. Come to a decision whether to use images for the logo design or not. Anything that is used in the basic logo design should aptly relate to the name and / or function of the business. Whatever you do, always know that relevance is the key to a concrete idea for a business logo design.

If you have decided to have the full company name for your business logo design, give ultra importance to your font selection. Choose the most attractive and appropriate font that suits the name of your business.

In the end, I’d say again, relevance is the key to all endeavours.