File Formats for Logo Design and Marketing Related Material

Till date much has been written about logos and design and I thought it is about time we discussed a bit more in relation to logo design and other marketing related material. Not many of us know exactly that a design for logos comes in various different file formats and you can use them as per your special requirements. Moreover, it is not just a logo that is necessary for marketing and publicity of a business.

A successful business firm requires having some additional items along with a professional logo design for the purpose of marketing and publicity. These items are provided together with a logo design or separately by commercial logo design services and include the following;

  • Stationary
  • Website
  • Web Banner – Static
  • Web Banner – Animated
  • Brochures

Logo design companies usually provide file formats having the following extension codes;

.JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .PSD, .TIF, .PDF, .EPS and .AI for logo design

.JPG, .PDF, .EPS and .AI for stationary – (business card, letterhead etc.)

.PSD and .JPG for website

.PSD and .JPG for static banners

.FLA and .SWF for animated banners

.AI and .JPG for brochures, pamphlets, fliers, etc.

JPG or JPEG, GIF and PNG are the most commonly used formats around the world while PSD, AI and PDF are also widely used by logo design firms. Here is a brief description of these file formats for a quick reference.

JPG or JPEG – Joint Photographic Experts Group

JPG or JPEG is a method of compression used for photographic images. The level of compression is adjustable and is used for various scales of resolution according to the desired size and image quality however, the actual resolution of the image is quite limited.

GIF – Graphic Interchange Format

This file format is a low resolution format that uses 8 bits per pixel which allows a single image to reference a palette of not more than 256 individual colours. GIF images can be compressed to decrease the file size without affecting the visual quality of the image.

PNG – Portable Network Graphics

PNG is a bitmap based file format that was developed to upgrade and substitute GIF type of file format. It is able to support 24 bits per pixel and is definitely better than GIF.

TIF or TIFF Tagged Image File Format

The TIF or TIFF type of file format is mainly used for storing photographic images and sketches. It is an adaptable format that can handle both images and data contained in a single file and which include definition, size, image-data arrangement and applied image compression. TIF is a high quality file format usually used for desktop publishing and commercial printing purposes.

PDF – Portable Document Format

The Portable Document Format generally referred to as PDF is used to display images and two-dimensional documents independently without the need of any particular application software, hardware, and operating system. A single PDF file contains complete details of a fixed-layout two-dimensional document which consists of text, fonts, images, and 2D vector graphics and is used to compose the documents.

EPS – Encapsulated PostScript

Encapsulated PostScript or EPS is a vector based file format which allows greater scalability, file compression and file conversion. It is considered to be an efficient, high resolution file format now widely used by professional logo designing experts and commercial printing houses.

PSD – Photoshop Document

The PSD file format is the most extensively used format which houses pictorial images and high resolution graphics in layered positioning. It is the most popular type of file format among graphic designers and commercial publishing and printing firms.

AI – Adobe Illustrator Artwork

The AI file format which stands for Adobe Illustrator Artwork, is yet another highly used vector based file format for graphics and images. It represents single page vector based drawings and illustrations and employs a layered technique similar to that of PSD. The AI format is more commonly used by professional logo designers among the graphic designing fraternity.

FLA – Adobe Flash and SWF – Shock Wave Flash

FLA is a type of file format that can be applied to both vector based and raster graphics. It is predominantly used for animated graphic designing. The FLA file format also supports dual streaming of videos and gaming applications. With reference to context, Flash is used to design animated banners and other web based advertising material.

The extension .SWF comes with the source file of flash animations and serves as the leading editable file format for representing animated vector graphics on the internet. To make it simple, your animated banner is made in Shock Wave with the source file having the extension .SWF and displayed in Flash Player with the display file having the extension .FLA.

I believe this much information would be quite adequate for a layman with regards to logo designing, graphics and web animations. This article will also be helpful to young business entrepreneurs who are having their business logo designed by logo design companies.


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What Logo Designing Actually Is?

3logos4 - What Logo Designing Actually Is?

For a layman to understand logo designing, it is extremely necessary to first understand what a logo design is.

What is a Logo Design?

Logo is the mark of an identity. It is about the emblematic representation and character of an entity individual or communal. Identity is about image. Image creates impression. Impression leads to perception and perception is about appearance and presentation of a person or company be it commercial or otherwise.

As a business concern, a logo is the symbolisation of your business which in turn leads to define who and what you or your brand, product, service are.

What is Logo Designing?

To be short in fact very short and precise, logo designing is an art of constructing illustrative representations of individuals or organisations for promotional purposes.

What is the Importance of Logo Designing?

Customarily logo designing is largely used for outward presentation, publicity and commercial promotions or advertising as the term is usually referred to. As explained earlier, logo designing is related to presentation and advertising. Advertising is about publicity, awareness and hype. All these are part of and lead to marketing in the broader sense. Marketing again is awareness and presentation coupled with availability. Availability leads to sales and sales is the ultimate purpose of all this activity.

What is the Importance of Logo Redesigning?

Logo redesigning is just like having a new makeover for your car, house or shop. A redesigned logo serves as a brand new public image for commercial organisations and brands. It is somewhat similar to getting a new hairdo.

For business organisations, logo redesigning acts as a modus operandi to boost marketing campaigns. As a common practice, logo redesigning is used by large business organisations as an effective marketing gimmick.

Also in times of lower sales and diminishing customer response, logo redesigning works as a catalyst to enhance sales and increases profits as a result.

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Decided to Get a Logo Design! Who is Going to Design this Logo for You and at What Price?

After deciding to actually have a logo for your business, you are confronted with the idea of having a practicable and expressive logo design that takes the world by surprise. Since you are not an artist or professional logo designer yourself, there is another question that arises here. This question again has two parts of its own.

Who is going to design this logo for you and at what price?


In view of the fact that the driving factors behind choosing the right logo design for your business are;

  • Your clear understanding of the importance of a business logo
  • The availability of custom logo design services in the market.

Since these two requirements have been met with effectively, we now proceed towards the “WHO” part of our initial question.

The selection of a logo design company requires quite a bit of searching on the internet as well as other media. There are dozens of logo design companies and individuals claiming to provide the best logo design services in the market. When you find yourself in the midst of so many vendors of one particular service, you feel perplexed and somewhat undecided on the issue. Relax, just follow these simple guidelines and your day is made.

Try to look for a creative logo design services provider who has the ability to absorb criticism and deliver according to your requirements.

You must be able to communicate candidly with your logo design consultant and vice versa.

Your logo designer should have a clear and deep understanding of how crucial a logo design can be for a business.


This is the easiest part of the deal. The answer to the “WHAT” part can be very simple, it’s your budget. But then, it also depends upon where you want your business to be. A highly rated company has a highly rated logo, and a highly rated logo comes at a price. Therefore, the question of what to pay for a business logo design depends greatly upon the attributes required for that design. Now you can go ahead and choose the logo design services of your choice with a better understanding.


End Note: The contents are the view points of the author and questions/responses are MORE than welcome.