PRODUCT REVIEW: The Most Affordable Logo and Website Design Package at Logo Design Consultant

Few days back, Logo Design Consultant re-launched with a unique and professional design and revised packages. After the re-launch, The Company’s website has been visited by lot of visitors. Most of the visitors have been taking interest in our two of the most affordable design packages. One package is BUDGET LOGO PACKAGE of $59, and another one is BRONZE WEB PACKAGE of $285. Both packages received overwhelming appreciation from the people around the world. Therefore, we have decided to put a small review of both the packages on our blog.


LDC packages Budget L - PRODUCT REVIEW: The Most Affordable Logo and Website Design Package at Logo Design Consultant

This package is by far the most affordable package in the industry of logo design. The package includes:

  • 1 Custom Logo Design Concept
  • 1 Design Concept of Business Card
  • Unlimited Rounds of Revisions
  • Delivery within 2 Business Days
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Two features of this package make it different, one is unlimited rounds of revisions and another is 100% money back guarantee offer. You will get unlimited revisions of your selected concept until and unless you get satisfied with the logo design. And if you don’t get satisfied, Logo Design Consultant will refund your money without any hesitation.


pkg bronze web - PRODUCT REVIEW: The Most Affordable Logo and Website Design Package at Logo Design Consultant

Another hit by Logo Design Consultant, BRONZE WEB PACKAGE, which is most affordable website design package yet to offer by any design company in the industry. This package includes:

  • 2 Pages Website
  • 1 Design concept of Business card
  • 3 rounds of revisions
  • Delivery within 4 business days
  • 1 Year Web Hosting
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

1 year Web Hosting is the feature which cannot be offered in that low amount, but for the good will and customer satisfaction, Logo Design Consultant has offered this feature which no one can offer.

Final Words
Low price is one thing, but company has a policy not to compromise with the quality of the designs whether it is a custom logo design, website, brochure, stationery or banner. No compromise in quality and customer satisfaction.

Now that’s make the LDC different from competitor. And company has an aim to fulfill that promise always.

Internet Branding and Business Logo Design

Today we would briefly discuss internet branding and business logo design in order to understand the connection between the two. Every business needs to be successful and success doesn’t come by default. In order to succeed in any type of business, continuous improvement, a distinct flair for innovation and the unfaltering ability to keep abreast with the ever changing norms of the relevant industry are natural prerequisites.

In case you observe that some of your fiercest competitors are receiving extra attention than your business does, it is time to ring the alarm. In this highly competitive business world there is no place for the middling mind.

Internet branding is not simply about having a strong brand name and web presence; it is also about the name being recalled effortlessly and lasting in the customers’ minds. This lasting impression can easily be created with the help of an effective business logo design.

Having a powerful logo design would positively enable your company to stand out among the rest. As a matter of fact, you will have the luxury of quickly turning potential clients into customers and retaining existing customers for longer periods of time. A meaningful business logo design is categorically the major tool for conveying your message to the target audience.

You might be wondering how a business logo design would stimulate successful internet branding. In stark contradiction to what many people think, a business logo design is not merely a trademark or symbol to represent your brand in the market. It is in fact a very important tool to further your needs for effective internet branding. A business logo design should be rightfully treated as a vital instrument that portrays your company’s image as a solid business brand.

An effective business logo design can be definitely used to convey your message to the target market, to project the image of your company in a powerful manner and to efficiently create awareness among your customers regarding the nature of your product or services.

Here is some really simple yet useful advice on what an effective business logo design should be like.

A successful logo usually comes with a slogan or tag line and an ideal tag line is the one that is easily memorised. Use of fancy and bookish words should be avoided at all costs.

An effective business logo design should be unique as well as completely descriptive of the nature of your business.

The graphics and images used in the logo design should complement the intrinsic characteristics of your business in order to make it an effective business logo design.

It will certainly not be a wrong statement that an effective business logo design works as a most important instrument to convey your message and create awareness among your potential customers.


The author of this post is a senior consultant at logo design consultant. Questions / responses are more than welcome.

Why Go for a Custom Logo Design for your Small Business Venture?

There is always a reason to everything and here we will find out the reason for having a custom logo design for your company. A memorable logo design is the essential requirement for any business or product brand. When you decide to have a custom logo design made for your brand, you choose not to go for mediocre stock logos that swarm the logo design market. These stock logo designs have no value of their own and prove to be rather ineffective for the brand they are chosen for.

In comparison to the stock logo design, a custom logo design is a tailor made proprietary mark created to perfectly fit in with the mission of truly representing a company or a brand. Being a representative for anything or anyone is a highly regarded job which entails a high degree of integrity and responsibility as well. In lieu of the above, just imagine how important a custom logo design can be for a company’s image.

Why go for a custom logo design and why not readily available designs which can also be tweaked a bit according to your requirements and your company’s image? Well, that’s not the most difficult question I have ever come across. How much do you know of designer outfits or branded clothing? You might also be familiar with haute couture labels that have distinguished identities of their own!

To cut a long story short, exclusive designer wear is not for everyone to use and this selectiveness is more than established. Only a select few may use such exclusive items. A custom logo design may just be considered as somewhat closely the same as designer wear. But then the one thing it does not share in common with designer wear is that it is not for a select few, it is for one and only one to use. This means that your custom logo design is meant for your brand and none other in the whole world.