Top 10 Street Sign Logos – That You Should Know About

Every corner of your street has a logo that conveys you some message. There are signs placed everywhere that not only guide the traffic but also pedestrians along the road. In fact, the street signs are logos that provide you a road map to follow. It is a street sign that provides you the right direction and let you drive your vehicles on the right track. Here are the top 10 street signs logos that convey their purpose of existence efficiently:

10. Street Warning Sign Logo


Street Warning Sign informs traffic about a peril that may exist ahead the road. Mostly, countries have their warning signs designed in a way that takes the shape of an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE with a thick red BORDER and white BACKGROUND. It’s an EXCLAMATION MARK in a street warning sign logo that lets you identify a hazard that may lie ahead.

9. Street Regulatory Stop Sign Logo


Street Regulatory Stop Sign on streets guides drivers to stop and move only if the way is clear. The stop sign was originated from Michigan in 1915. In the beginning, the stop sign had BLACK letters with WHITE background. Today, the stop sign logo features 25 cm TALL uppercase LETTERS in white within a red OCTAGON shape design so that the sign remains VISIBLE AT NIGHTS.

8. Street Prohibitory No Entry Sign Logo


Street Prohibitory No Entry Sign is usually placed at the exit end of one-way streets. The sign is also known as C1 according to Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. The sign features a white RECTANGLE with CIRCULAR background in RED. The rectangle in a no entry sign logo design stands for: “Do not enter”.

7. Street Mandatory Pass on the Left Sign Logo


Street Mandatory Signs set obligations for traffic that must be followed. Usually, Street Mandatory Sign logo designs are enclosed in a LIGHT BLUE circle with a WHITE border. An example may be a Pass on the Left Street Sign logo. ARROW in Pass on the Left logo provides the direction that traffic should TRUST & FOLLOW.

6. Street Begin Pedestrian Zone Sign Logo


Pedestrian Zone Signs are special regulation symbols that indicate the areas where automobile traffic is prohibited. Street Begin Pedestrian Zone Sign features PEDESTRIANS as an icon with a CIRCULAR background. The circle in pedestrian zone sign logo is an INDICATION OF SPECIAL REGULATION to traffic.

5. Street Speed Limit of 60 Sign Logo


Street Speed Limit Signs control the speed of a vehicle and guides drivers to drive at a safer speed. These signs play a vital role to improve the road safety and reduce the road traffic casualties. A typical speed limit sign used in most of the European Countries features 60 representing a 60km/hr SPEED RESTRICTION for the drivers.

4. Street Indication Round-About Sign Logo


Round-About Sign or Traffic Circle Sign indicates that the traffic must travel in one direction only. Different countries have different design shapes of a Round-About logo but the sign of each country features 3 arrows for the turnings. Street Indication Round-About Logo indicates the TRAFFIC to slow down, give way or avoid collision.

3. Street Construction Workers on the Road Sign Logo


Street Construction or Road Works Sign are temporarily used by states regarding the situation of the roads. A typical example of the Street Construction logo includes Worker on the Road Sign. Different countries have distinct design shapes of Workers on the Road logo, however, the US Workers on the Road Sign logo features worker doing work within DIAMOND shape design.

2. Street Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Logo


The inspirational welcome logo for Las Vegas was designed by Betty Willis at the request of TED ROGICH. The sign is a horizontally stretched DIAMOND shape with POINTED angles at the top & bottom. YELLOW incandescent bulbs are placed around the diamond shape for glow. 7 circles formed the letter “WELCOME” with painted metal star in RED making it a classical street logo.

1. Street Technological Speed Camera Sign Logo


It’s the technological street sign that dominates the list of our street signs logos. Speed cameras detect the speed of vehicles so that people don’t violate the regulations of traffic. As reckless drivers are the ones who got caught by speed cameras, so, they should take notice of the Speed Camera Sign.

You would have realized that there are several logos all around the streets. The shape, icon and color; each and every attribute of a street sign logo communicates with you. In a nutshell, the street signs logos provide you with travel map that you can follow and proceed in right direction along the way.

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