Spider-Man Logo – The Most Popular Logo Design of 21st Century

“Spiderman” quite a spooky kind of word before the most popular movie came out in 2002, starring with Toby Maguire as Spiderman, the super duper hero. After the huge success the movie turns into series. Three parts of the movie are already out as hot buns to the viewers and the 4th one is scheduled in 2011.


Regarding movie, the second and the most important thing which makes the world influence is the clothing and the logo design of the Spiderman. Its logo is one of the most famous and fantasized comic character symbols in the world. A very prominent part of the Spider Man costume, the Spiderman logo has been widely adapted as an image for wallpapers, tattoos, jewelry, and engraved on many accessories etc.


The Famous logo design of Spiderman was collectively designed by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. The Spiderman logo has always been prominently featured on the chest of the traditional ‘red and blue’ Spiderman costume.

The Spiderman logo design can uniquely represent the Spiderman character. It is an artistic illustration of Spiderman’s super powers, speed, nimbleness, reflexes and his ability to weave spider web.

The logo design which is almost covered the whole chest of the Spiderman, and whenever he tears off of his shirt the logo came out wildly letting the masses know about the strengths and powers that the superhero possess. The Spiderman logo has always been a part of the Spiderman’s costume, even with many modifications.

SpiderMan Logo

SpiderMan Logo 4

The Spider-Man logo had a black color in the comic series, and a brownish black color in the initial two motion picture releases, Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. In the third sequel of the movie, the Spider-Man logo goes through a transformation and adapts a silverfish black tone. Also, Spider-Man’s costume goes through a significant transformation into a completely black costume, which is defined to be occupied by sticky substance known as Alien Symbiote.

Today, Spiderman logo has proven itself to hold a renowned image all over the world, due to electronic media which has given a new beginning and identity to the comic hero. It is an exclusive inspiration to the youth mainly the younger children who are fantasized by its appearance as a character that clings on the walls, generates spider webs and above all, saves the world.

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