Scientific Plant Service Inc. Evolves in 2010 with a New Look and New Logo

Scientific Plant Service Inc. (SPS) came into being on 1957 in the state of Maryland. ‘Frank J. Burke’ who initiated the service sold SPS to his employees in 1975. Initially, the company provided services in landscape maintenance, mowing and abhor-culture. In 1977, later on, the new and also current President of SPS, Kenneth May, decided to evolve the service in a “full service” pesticide application company. (Source)

Old Logo

Baltimore’s premier lawn and landscape healthcare service i.e. long recognized for their revered tree logo is finally going to change its logo. President of SPS unveiled the story about its new logo on PRLog.Org through a press release: SPS has remained on the forefront of high-tech lawn and landscape care for years. Our old logo has been very good to us, but we wanted to move forward with something that reflected both our commitment to superior technology in turf and tree care, and our overall concern for the environment.

The new logo took a little over two months and various iterations. May himself was very inspired by his new conceptual logo and presented the theory behind new logo i.e. the final mark flows from left to right, showing progressive movement – as toward new developments in science and plant care, green symbolizing SPS’ customer commitment to healthy landscapes as well as a reduction of its environmental footprint. The word “Scientific” appears in brown, connecting SPS to the earth. The blue dots fanning out from the base of the mark symbolize the company’s dedication to agricultural science via stylized molecular compounds, while simultaneously representing water droplets reflect both SPS’ aquatic disciplines and its commitment to the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The new tagline for SPS, which will appear beneath the mark, would read: Environmental Stewards since 1957. (Source)

New Logo Design

May said: We are still in the process of rolling the logo into various applications. SPS will complete the transition onto our website, into our forthcoming brochures – and, of course, on SPS trucks seen in the community. May has already circulated his client newsletter with the new look and encompasses that his clients would love the new look.

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