Is my Logo really MY BRAND?

Some people think that the logo and brand is the same thing with no difference. But in reality the logo is just a visual image of the brand while the brand is the reputation of the company. It is the perception that the consumers have of particular company.

A logo and a brand are entirely two different things but work hand in hand for successful marketing. When both the elements are combined together strategically then the company succeeds in communicating the message effectively. It helps in conveying the values and benefits of the company while at the same time it helps in attracting the consumers.

Let’s have a detailed look on what is a logo, what is a brand and what sets them apart:

What is a LOGO?

A logo is a visual representation of the company that is recognized by the crowd. A logo usually includes a name, a symbol and color and the combination of these three makes the trademark for the company. A logo is a re-designable visual image that gives a representation to brand message and position. A logo, that is well-designed, will evoke emotions from the consumers depending upon the experience that they have with the brand. A logo serves to be a tool that communicates and represent the brand.

The logo is the identity of the brand so it must represent the values and the personality of the company accurately if it has to connect itself with the audience. It should be the true reflection of the brand so that it resonate the perception and views that consumers will hold. If the logo fails to do so then the company will suffer disconnection from its audience.

In essence, a logo must be the only tool when it comes to represent your brand even though it is not your brand but a part of it. Holding such an importance, a logo is worth few hundred bucks that is spent on a professional logo designer.

What is a BRAND?

A brand is the interaction that the consumer had with the company. A brand includes the positioning, the message and communication, the visual appeal, the target audience, and all other marketing activities that affects the presence and the experience that the consumers have with the company, its products and/or services. a brand is actually the perception and the feeling that the consumer have for your business when they come in contact.

One needs to understand that a brand cannot be created by definition as a brand is developed itself even if the company doesn’t want to have one. Only they can tweak and enhance it making it better according to their needs. Knowing your current image helps you in devising new strategies so that you can give a new direction to the brand if required.

All in all, a logo is the visual identity of your business that represents the perception of the consumers giving company a face. While the brand is everything and everything is the brand. All your moves, interactions, the visual representations, your connectivity and positioning, consumer experience are your brand so the businesses need to be very vigilant and careful.

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