I want my logo Now, Now NOW…

Where is my logo, dude? I haven’t seen any designs from you in quite some time….I’m not pleased with it let’s start over again….I want my logo NOW, NOW, NOW….aren’t these few of the verbal rant that we as designers go through just after a few days of receiving the creative brief.

Invariably we, the designers, are approached by impatient clients who keep bugging us for their logo as if they have ordered a pizza in a restaurant. They think concept building and designing is as easy as a pie and it can be done instantly once you sit with a paper and pencil.

But what these impatient clients need to understand is, it takes time to produce a logo that they can use for the next 20 years. While I understand their impatience could be because either they had a bad experience with a previous designer who ditched them on the last moment or maybe, for them all that matters is to get their logo designed as quickly as possible and quality doesn’t stand a point.

The logo is the introduction of the company, so it must be well designed to say your core message without literally speaking. A picture says a thousand words but it does take time to find that perfect angle, the perfect shot and so does designing a logo, as you have to focus on the little delicate intricacies.

Well, things are a little different when you hire a professional designer. Logo design is creative and conceptual vocation that needs a lot of time. It needs rigorous thinking and massive research.  Therefore, it is stupidity to think that you can get a customized logo design with a snap of fingers.

Seriously, when I come across something like “Get your logo design in just 24 hours”, I totally doubt the service provider’s sanity. It is true that the logo needs to be simple but it has to be effective enough to encapsulate the message of your company as well as grab the attention of the audience.

Being done with every minute details of designing in just a day is not humanly possible until and unless you have found out a run on the mill logo designer who has nothing to do with creativity and/or customization of designs.

Does it take a week or a month to come up with a brilliant logo or it’s just that you need epiphany…it is a big question mark as there are so many factors affecting that it’s literally impossible to say something definite. A logo can take anywhere from a few hours to several months to be fully developed depending on the number of areas that you need to work.

At times, the client is very precise and clear about the logo design; the color, the image and the font. He gives you all the background knowledge and design idea that he wants the designer to work on but there are clients who would just push you in the woods and let you find the way out.

The process slows down even more when the designer has to deal with a committee/team rather than a person. It takes a lot of convincing and let everybody like your design at the same time. The frequency of revision and tweaking doubles and the client’s satisfaction becomes a nightmare.

Then there are clients who get boggled when seeing quite a number of logo design concepts. So make things easier for yourself and give a limited number of options….say only three. The more ideas you give, the more difficult it becomes for them to choose and decide.

If you need a corporate identity that is timeless and can be used for next 20 years, you can or should afford to wait for at least 3 weeks.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to actually investigate how much time we should spare on the logo design process. I would love to have your educated opinions as well.

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