Get Your Logo Designed For Free…..But, Wait!

OK, you are starting your business and you are short on budget but you need to brand your business through a well-designed logo. So why not do it yourself which is cost-effective as well as creative enough for you business but if you see closely and ponder wisely do-it-yourself has its own advantages as one can’t be skillful in everything just like a doctor can’t fix your car, similarly everyone can’t design

One can get various free downloadable design software or online websites that can help create logos through the usage of clipart present in their library. It helps one become a designer without any training and learning but why is it not highly recommended among the community, well, the answer is its obscurity and redundancy.

Trendy Images But No Timeless Logo Art

These software and website tools do have a list of trendy stock images that can help you design a creative logo but these logos may not turn out to be timeless. To make a unique and enduring logo, you need to ignore the latest design gimmicks and focus on corporate swoosh but these free of charge solutions do not provide you such options and you are stuck with quite a limited but new design trends which are not very applicable and usable for businesses.

No personalization

Logo or corporate identity must be unique for every company so the target audience can identify the business from other competitors and may better connect themselves with the brand. But when you se free online solutions there is a high chance that a similar logo is used by multiple companies within same industries which will make it impossible for companies using logo softwares to establish unique business identities.
Copyright Issues:
While using these softwares, the so-called designer is using clipart images that can result into creating a design similar to others. One can change the color and layout but image remains the same, which can cause a dispute among the companies using the same image, and if not this then it may create confusion for the consumers which is worse.

Lack of professional expertise:

These softwares will fail to give the user any expert advice. They may be developed and run by professional designers but the will certainly be not able to understand your business all by themselves nor can they give you an idea for appropriate design elements suitable for your industry, so designing is heavily relied on your understanding and knowledge.

Business owners must realize that creativity is a process to generate ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems and this can’t be achieved through the usage of free tools available in the market. So it is better if you don’t do it and leave it on designers the same way you leave your dental work to the dentist.

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