How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?

Fargo logo design main2 - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


Fargo Moorhead, the metropolitan area in the US is comprised of Fargo, North Dakota; Moorhead, Minnesota and surrounding communities. When it comes to plan a tour, the place that you should plan for and visit is Fargo Moorhead. Festivals, high-quality music, shopping, dining and first rate golfing & gaming are the attractions that the travel area is offering you.

In addition to the attractions of Fargo-Moorhead, the place is also renowned across the globe for logo designs designed by expert logo designer for its financial services, charity organizations, sports teams, educational institutes and hotels. Here are a few out of many creative Fargo logo designs for which the place is known for:

Gate City Bank Logo:

Gate City Bank1 - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


The bank was started in 1923 with efforts of 8 citizens from the state of North Dakota and has developed a lot since then. The slogan in logo “For a Better Way of Life” features mission statement of the bank. $1 billion dollar mutual community bank logo features ELFRING MICR fonts that look more inclusive as compared to “Myriad” fonts of Wells Fargo logo design. The symbolic icon used makes the logo of Gate City Bank more creative.

Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) Logo:

MSUM logo design copy - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


Minnesota State University is a Public University in Moorhead. The outstanding faculty members and excellent students are the charm of the university. The foundation of University was laid down 100 years back in 1885 under the Minnesota State Legislature. The logo of MSUM features “Dragon Mascot” that was designed in 1887 by Haley Johnson. The current logo is the most versatile modification of university’s very first dragon logo made in 1930.

Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation (FMAF) Logo:

fargo moorhead charity - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


FMAF, the non-profit organization was established in the year 1960. The community serves to address quality of life needs by utilizing all philanthropic resources in an efficient manner. The calming background in logo of Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation depicts TRUSTWORTHINESS of the non-profit organization. The symbolic icon in the logo portrays compassion for those who can’t enjoy their life needs due to poverty.

Best Western International Logo:

s largets hotel chain - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


Best Western Kelly Inn Fargo Hotel is the place for dining & lodging; therefore, whenever you visit Fargo Moorhead, don’t forget to stay at Best Western Kelly Inn at North Dakota. The Golden Crown logo of the hotel chain “Best Western” was REPLACED by Current Logo in 2004. The slogan “Wherever life takes you— Best Western is there” portrays hotel’s claim of having the largest hotel chains in the world.

Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks Logo:

Fargo Moorhead redhawks Sports - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


Fargo Moorhead Red Hawks, the professional baseball team represents Fargo, North Dakota in the US. The team has won the Northern league championship 4 times; in 1998, 2003, 2006 and 2009 respectively. The classical logo of baseball team features Red Hawk breaking the baseball bat in 2 pieces to portray aggression of the professional team. The letters “F & M” in logo represent residential area of Red Hawks, Fargo-Moorhead.

You may agree or not; it is not just a coincident that Fargo logo designs feature unique typefaces, a few elements of colors, inspirational icons and mascots. All of these attributes are the essentials of logo design; therefore, logo designers have done a full justice to Fargo logo designs. How do you see the Fargo logo designs? Aren’t they one of the best examples to portray a brand image?

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