Event Based Logos

Cash the Logo Cash the season. Get customized logos for all the events. Logo Design Consultant is offering special event based logo design deals for the season.

A business logo is the graphical representation of your business and uniformity is a No No for your logo. People get bored of the same coffee, same job, same car etc. You don’t want your potential customers to get bored of your business logo. This is why your favorite search engine Google changes its logo reflecting every single event. So make your logo speak all about you in a distinct way every other week because these events are extended opportunities to enhance your business. So, get rid of this monotony and see how an excellent event based logo design can help.

Logo Design Consultant can get you, what you wish.

If you have a logo already, you can get an event based logo which speaks for all the upcoming events for just $25


You can simply go to the contact us page or contact our senior design consultants to get A-Z assistance to design your event based logo

Alvin McCoy [email protected]

Bruce Ryder [email protected]

*If you don’t have a business logo already just go to our order now page and get a free event based logo along with your business logo for just $99.

Hurry up!

Get your special event based logo now. This offer is only valid until Feb 2010

Don’t forget to drop us an email at any one of the above addresses once you have placed your order.

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