Top 10 Energy Industry Logos – Concerns a lot with Environment

You see loads of gas stations around your area but you never take the services from each and every gas station. Gas station that offers you the best services is your first choice. Have you ever wondered why have you become a regular customer of particular gas station? It is the great branding of Energy Company that makes you brand loyal and the foremost part of branding involves the value of logo designing.

Here are the logo designs of the world’s best 10 energy industries:

10. Valero Logo


Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Refining and Retail Company is based in San Antonio, Texas, US. Company operates with a commitment to excellence for the safety of its stakeholders, community and the environment. Valero logo features a “Swoosh Symbol” to portray its image as a Competent Energy Industry with efficiency around the world. The calming green color TYPE FONTS reflects how much the company is concerned towards the issue of Global Warming.

9.   Arco (Atlantic Richfield Company) Logo


Arco, the subsidiary of British Petroleum UK features a logo with PATRIOTIC color scheme. 4 triangles in the logo form the brand’s icon of Arco which is a “Red Diamond”. The red diamond in logo stands for strength, prestige & passion of Atlantic Richfield Company. The NEGATIVE SPACES formed by the combination of 4 triangles as a diamond in logo of Arco reflects the brand image of company as energy industry.

8. Gazprom Logo


Gazprom is the largest company of Russia and the largest explorer of natural gas across the globe. The company was formed in 1989 when the Ministry of Gas Industry in the Soviet Union evolved as a corporation by keeping its assets intact. The Letter “G” with a flame over it portrays the brand image of the company as a “Gas Explorer”. The type fonts used in Gazprom’s logo almost look the same as Agency FB Bold TYPE FONTS.

7. Petro China Logo


The logo of Petro China reflects the commitment of the Chinese biggest oil producer to ensure harmony between the development of energy and the environment. COLORS USED in logo are the colors of the national flag of China. TEN PETALS FORMED represent the 10 businesses that the company operates. The RISING SUN in logo stands for brilliant future of Petro China while the strong base in red depicts the strength and cohesion of the company.

6. Statoil Logo


Statoil, the Norwegian energy company features 3-D Command Star. The INSPIRATIONAL DESIGN motivates the company’s strong history of technology, pioneering spirit and ambition to be a leader in efforts to find solutions to meet rising energies demand. Magenta, the color of the Nordic evening sky gives the company a distinct identity and visibility in the global market.

5. Eni Logo


Luigi Broggini designed the 6th legged dog logo of the Italian Oil & Gas Exploration Company, Eni.  The 6 legged dog logo of Eni is expressed as a sum of 4 wheels of automobile and 2 legs of a driver. An alternative connection with a 6 legged dog logo can be made regarding the cultures around the world that the mythical animal figure portrays super natural powers. The yellow BACKGROUND in the logo reflects the company image as an Oil & Gas Explorer.

4. Chevron Logo:


Today, Chevron; the American Multinational Energy Corporation is running environment friendly plant and solar projects with great efficiency to answer the causes of Global Warming. The use of chevron pattern in company’s logo portrays the brand image of the company. The red & blue COLOR SCHEME used in logo represents the national colors of America. Above all, the Chevron Shield logo reflects the strength & trustworthiness of the corporation.

3. Total Logo:


The French oil company, Total was founded by the electricity expert, Col. Ernest Mercier with the support of 90 banks and companies. The company holds interest in renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar power systems and alternative fuels. The company resulted as a successful merger between the 2 companies Petro Fina and Elf Aquitaine, so, did the Global Logo of one of the 6 major giants of the oil and gas industry.

2. ExxonMobil Logo


Raymond Loewy, the noted industrial stylist designed the red lettered TYPE FONTS of ExxonMobil logo with the two interlinked ‘X’s. The intense red COLOR in ExxonMobil logo evokes strength of the American Multinational Oil And Gas Corporation. As ExxonMobil resulted due to the merger of the 2 companies, “Exxon & Mobil”, so is its logo. The bold lettered TYPE FONTS of part “Mobil” in logo stand for sheer ubiquity of the company.

  1. Shell Logo


    The history of Shell’s logo is more than 100 years old. Marcus Samuel started a business to sell shell-covered boxes to children and tourists in London and got phenomenal success in his business. As the time passed by, he diversified his business to jewels, kerosene and even oil. Afterwards, he established Shell Transport and Trading Company in 1897. As the sea shell was associated with the heritage of company, so, the company adopted Sea Shell logo as its trademark.

    You would have noticed that Red, Yellow & Blue are the most common colors in use by the energy industries. Today, the logo of almost every energy industry reflects the global concerns regarding the issues of Global Warming. In a nut shell, the logos of energy industries have become more environment friendly than they were before.

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