Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot

T-shirts custom has become very popular amongst young generation. Collecting t-shirts of famous brands has become routine of t-shirt lovers. The creative typography and famous mascots printed on t-shirts make a t-shirt more valuable. As t-shirt is a moveable canvas; therefore, a t shirt logo design should make a visual impact on people nearby or you can say that mascots and unique typography as a logo design play an important role to promote t-shirts.

Here are the types of creative logo on t-shirts designs that will help you decide whether it’s the mascot or unique typography which play a major role in promoting the t shirt brands:


1. Polo T Shirt Logo

Polo t shirt logo design mascot1 - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


Many people think that there is no difference between the polo shirts or golf t shirts. However, there’s a big difference between the two. It’s a casual look that differentiates a polo t shirt from golf or tennis t shirt. Polo player sitting on the back of a horse is frequently used as a MASCOT by designers on polo shirts for designing a logo.

2. Kid’s T Shirt Logo

tshirt crusher - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


Rolla is an Australian online skating magazine for skaters. Crusher is the MASCOT used by the magazine for its t shirt. The mission of crusher is quiet clear i.e. to clean unwanted hot heads from skate parks and keep peace all over the country. The Rolla t shirt mascot rightly attracts kids who love skating.


1. Tennis T Shirt Logo

RF T shirts1 - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


The RF-15 t-shirt was designed especially for the great tennis star, Roger Federer by Nike when he made a record with his 15th grand slam title win. The FRONT of the t-shirt features the acronym “RF” for Roger Federer and the back features “Fifteen” to praise the super star over his record breaking achievements. TYPE FONTS used in t shirt logo are Metallic Gothic that brings inclusivity in the design.

2. Unique Typography T Shirts Logo

unique typography t shirt logos - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


One of the greatest example of unique typography on t shirt was experienced by creative graphic designer, Jeff Sheldon in 2008 who designed a simple t shirt with logical inspiration to depict  the fact TWO+THREE=5. Other creative type font, MUSEO used in t shirt logo was designed by the type font designer, JOS BUIVENGA to represent the slogan “YO THAT KERN IS TIGHT!


1. Rock Band T Shirt Logo

Rockband tshirt logo design - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


The preceding t shirt logo featuring 4th album “And Justice for All” of the heavy metal band “Metallica”, is a great example to promote a brand image. The type fonts “Pastor of Muppets” for band Metallica were created by RAY LARABIE. Lady Justice as the album’s MASCOT is tied by ropes holding sword in her right hand with both of her scales filled in dollars. The title of album “And Justice for All” in graffiti portrays that Lady is going to take the injustice seriously.

2. Sports Team Logo

red raiders tshirt logodesign - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


Texas Tech Red Raiders is an athletic team that represents the Texas Tech University. The teams t shirt features its MASCOT “The Mask Rider”. A symbol that identifies the team in its Double T Spirit incorporating the 3 DIMENSIONAL BEVELING EFFECTS coupled with WHITE TRIM. The fonts used in the t shirt logo are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

3. Naval T Shirt Logo

mascot tshirt with typography logo design - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


It’s neither a lion nor the bear; in fact, it’s a goat that features naval stuff. Wondering why? Nothing to be wondered; the reason is quiet simple as the goat yields you cotton; therefore, the naval t shirt features the goat as its MASCOT. 100% cotton t shirt justifies the goat mascot. The TYPE FONTS used in t shirt’s slogan “FEAR THE GOAT “resemble Cambria Math.

It’s neither the mascot nor the typography in the t shirt that individually make a visual impact of a brand identity; utilizing both attributes of logo design yields better results with regards to branding. In a nut shell, creative logo t shirts designs are a combination of typography and mascot.

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