Concept behind the LOGO of Logo Design Consultant

In 2003, a company called Logo Design Consultant launched with the aim to provide complete design solution to small and medium sized businesses. After several successful years, company has decided to redesign its logo and website to give the contemporary look and feel without altering the original concept behind the identity.

Now, we have a new logo, and our new website with exciting new features is coming soon. I just wanted to explain that what the basic concept behind this logo is.

Primarily, you can see three bar shapes. Every bar shape has different meaning. The smallest red bar represents the small business, the medium blue bar represents the design, and the largest green bar represents the “look big” factor.

Now the concept is, your small business (red) can look big (green) if you have the right logo design (blue). In other words, if you want your business to flourish you need to hire a right design service to design a perfect logo for your business. Moreover, a man standing with one arm resting over green bar symbolizes a “logo design consultant”, which directly represents that our company can help you to achieve this goal..

Therefore, the overall image of the corporate logo of Logo Design Consultant rightly justifies the promise of the company i.e. “We Make Your Small Business look Big”.

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