Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

LOGO REMAKING - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

In order to keep up with the fast paced world you need to constantly upgrade yourself. At times a company does so by increasing its current product line, exploring new ventures or by divesting etc. Same goes with a logo design. To just redesign a logo is not an issue but to design it in a way that it incorporates all its aspects i.e. company services, identity, values etc is a difficult task.

While collecting all the top companies, that have successfully redesigned their logo, I noticed that they didn’t totally change their logo but modified it in a way that not only created a fresh look but also maintained their corporate identity.

BMW logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

BMW Logo

Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) Logo:

BMW, a German Company is the leading manufacturer of the automobiles and motorcycles in the world. The existing BMW logo contains a black ring containing the text “BMW”, the gap in the ring is equally divided in four parts with blue and white quarters.Dixi was the first vehicle to carry BMW logo in 1929. With minimal changes in the BMW logo, it has maintained its original look throughout the company’s history.

coca cola logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Coca Cola Logo

Coca Cola:

Coca cola, started its operations in the late 19th century is now available in more than 200 countries. Founded by the pharmacist Jhon S.Pemberton , Coca Cola has been ruling the world of soft drink for decades now.First Coca Cola logo was designed in 1885 by Frank Mason Robinson, it was also Robinson’s idea to use the unique cursive script and the prominent two Cs in the Coca Cola Logo.With minimal changes from time to time, the recent coca cola logo makeover took place in 2009 with the same old stylized “coca cola” text in red color.

nokia logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Nokia Logo


Nokia has been ruling the telecommunication industry since 1960s.When it comes to designing a logo, Nokia Co. has made every attempt to effectively represent the company’s mission statement. First Nokia logo was designed in 1865, depicting a fish within a “Nokia” texted circle. It has only been changed three to four times since. The existing Nokia logo highlights the name “NOKIA” with its slogan “CONNECTING PEOPLE” underneath.

yahoo logo design 1 - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Yahoo Logo

yahoo logo design 2 - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Yahoo Logo


Yahoo!, one of the biggest online service company was founded by Stanford University graduates David Filo and Jerry Yang in January of 1994. The name Yahoo! Is the acronym for “Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”. Over the time Yahoo logo has not been changed much. Initially the text was written in red and now it is in purple.

google logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Google Logo


Google started its operations in March 1996. Its founders were Larry page and Sergey Brin.First Google logo came into existence in September 1998 when Sergey Brin created a computerized version of Google letters utilizing the free graphics program “GIMP”. Then in july 1999, an exclamation mark was added to the Google logo mimicking the Yahoo logo. It was finally removed in August 1999 and that logo is used till present.

microsoft logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Microsoft Logo


Microsoft Corporation is the biggest multinational computer technology corporation globally that creates,lincenses, manufactures and supports a range of softwares for computers. Microsoft, located in Redmond, Washington,U.S.A. has been maintaining it’s corporate identity with nominal changes in it’s logo. First Microsoft logo was designed in 1975, with a simple text “ Microsoft”. It was redesigned again in 1994 where the color, font and presentation style of the text was modified.Existing Microsoft logo is also contains the white text “Microsoft” with a sky blue background.

palm one logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Palm One Logo

palm logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Palm Logo

Palm, Inc:

Palm Computer,Inc. is the manufacturer of smartphones, located in Sunnyvale, California. First palm logo appeared on the scene in 1996 consisting of dotted “P” above the text Palm computing Platform.It was then changed in 2003 containing the text “PALM” encircled in a thick silver lining. In 2004, “One” was added next to “Palm” in the logo and again the logo was redesigned in 2005, this Palm logo consist of the white text “Palm” encircled in thick white lining.While the latest logo of palm is a simple oranged text “palm”.

Mozilla Firefox logo history logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Mozilla Firefox Logo

Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser managed by Mozila Corporation. Firefox version 1.0 was officially released in November 2004. The early firebird and pheonix releases were not upto the standard as compared to the other softwares packages, so in October 2003 it was redesigned depicting a stylized fox. Later on minor changes were made to give it the look that we see now days.

Intel Logo 1968 - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Intel Logo 1968

intel 2005 logo design1 - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Intel Logo 2005


Founded on 18th July 1968, as Integrated Electronic Corporation, Intel is the worlds biggest semiconductor chip maker. First Intel logo appeared on the scene in 1968 highlighting the name “Intel” with a bit lowering of “e”. In 2005, Intel redesigned it’s logo highlighting the name “Intel” in a stylish manner.

pepsi logo design 2 - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Pepsi Logo

pepsi logo design - Top 10 Successful Logo Makeovers

Pepsi Logo


Established in Carolina in 1898,Pepsi is considered as a Giant in World’s carbonated soft drink industry manufactured by Pepsi Co. First Pepsi logo was designed in 1898 and has been redesigned many times since.The Pepsi logo was again redesigned in 2008, consisting of an icon with same white color sandwiched between blue and red with a lower case text “pepsi” next to the icon. Only the background color has been changed from black to blue in the exisiting pepsi logo.

Thus, from all the above examples, one can say that, a logo make over gives a refreshing look to your business that indicates that you are keeping yourself up to pace with the changing global trends.

Top 10 Rock Band Logo

rock copy - Top 10 Rock Band Logo
A rock band is incomplete without having a rock & roll logo. Your success would count productive only if you portray a good image to your audience. Therefore, classic logos of bands reflect their music genres and personalities in style.

Professionals design band logos in such a manner that the pop band logos impose long-lasting impact over their listeners. What makes us remember a top cool band is its great logo, in general.

Are you familiar with the fact that good bands opt for a custom logo? It’s the logo of a rock band that grants a new look to the band. Let’s review the top 10 rock band logos of all times to understand the fact, why bands prefer cool logos:

30 seconds to mars rock band logo design1 - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

30 Seconds To Mars Logo

30 Seconds to Mars Logo:

The popular band “30 Seconds to Mars” logo represents 4 symbols that signify what the band is all about. 1st symbol at the top right of the logo has two 3s entwined to represent 30, 2nd symbol is a timer to represent time in seconds, 3rd symbol has 3 lines with a line in centre demonstrating the travel and 4th symbol is the planet Mars. Summing up the four symbols convey band’s motto i.e. “Launch forth into the deep”.

Linkin Park Logo - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Linkin Park Logo

Linkin Park Logo:

Linkin Park, the American rock band gained international reputation with its debut album “Hybrid Theory”. Their next studio albums “Meteora” and “Minutes to Midnight” further boosted Linkin Park’s popularity. The band named itself as Linkin Park after Santa Monica’s Lincoln Park. That’s what the stencil style logo of Linkin Park portrays.

marilyn manson rock band logo design - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Marilyn Manson Logo

Marylyn Manson Logo:

Marylyn Manson, the American rock band was founded by Brian Warner and Scott Putesky. The rock band advocates two elements; non-conformism and iconoclasm and that’s what the 2 Ms in the great logo of Marylyn Manson depicts.

disturbed rock band logo design - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Disturbed Logo

Disturbed Logo:

The logo of rock band, “Disturbed” is a combination of 4 religious symbols i.e. Star of David (Jewish faith), the Christian Cross, Wicca (the most common symbol for the Pagans) and Crescent moon (the symbol of Islam). The symbols united in the logo are meant to deliver the message peace for all.

emerson lake and palmer rock band logo design1 - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Emerson Lake And Palmer Logo

Emerson Lake and Palmer Logo:

The entire logo of the rock band, Emerson Lake and Palmer is letter-based. There are 3 letters in the logo and each letter is used to indicate each member of the band. The letter ’E’ for Keith Emerson (keyboard player), ‘L’ for Greg Lake (guitarist and vocalist) and ‘P’ for Carl Palmer (drummer) is used to show that the popular band completes when the 3 join together.

led zeppelin rock band logo design - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Led Zeppelin Logo

Led-Zeppelin Logo:

LED-ZEPPELIN, the famous rock band logo has 4 symbols. Each symbol in the logo represents each member. The feather in a circle is symbol for Robert Plants to display courage. 3 ovals interlocking the circle is the symbol for John Paul Jones to display unity. 3 interlocking circles is a symbol for John Bonham’s and depict the trilogy (man-woman and child) while the 4th symbol; ‘Zoso’ for Jimmy Page is yet a mystery, designed by Jimmy Page himself.

metallica rock band logo design - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Metallica Logo

Metallica Logo:

The spiky style logo of the rock band “Metallica” has been cast in metal, rendered in marble to represent the heavy metal rock band “Metallica” in style. The first letter ‘M’ and the last letter ‘A’ has jerky rhythm while the letters in middle have a block appearance except the middle letter ‘A’ i.e. leaning up against ‘L’.

rolling stones rock band logo design - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Rolling Stones Logo

Rolling Stones Logo:

The credit for designing the “Tongue and Lips logo” for the popular rock band “Rolling Stones” goes to John Pasche. Pasche said that he designed the tongue and lips logo as an eventual inspiration after meeting Mick Jagger for the first time. Keeping the size of Mick’s tongue and lips in mind, Pasche designed the famous logo for “Rolling Stones”, although; some people believe that the rolling stone logo is an inspiration from the Hindu goddess “Kali”.

the beatles rock band logo design - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

The Beatles Logo

The Beatles Logo:

Popular rock band, “The Beatles” iconic drop T logo based on an impromptu was designed by Ivor Arbiter in 1963 when the Beatles bought a drum kit on shop that he owned and the band wanted its name to be placed on kit, so, he hastily designed the logo. Although, the Beatles had a success story for themselves but their logo isn’t quite appealing as their music.

van halen rock band logo design2 - Top 10 Rock Band Logo

Van Halen Logo

Van Halen Logo:

The line extended on either side of the letters ‘V’ &‘H’ in the logo is forming a sphere of energy. The letter based logo wonderfully portrays the name of a popular band “Van Halen” in style.

You would have realized from the review of top rock band logos that each and every logo symbolizes something special and is used to signify the essence of the band’s music and its focus.

Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

fast food pizza resturant logo design1 - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Pizza is a food that most of the people love to eat pizza. You see many pizza franchise stores at almost every corner of your street. What makes you memorize pizza franchises? It’s the logo of Pizza Company that leaves a long-lasting impression on consumer’s mind. An incredible feature of a pizza logo is that it portrays image of the company in style. Let’s have a brief review of the best 10 pizza company logos:

184282 - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos
Pizza Hut Logo

1. Pizza Hut Logo

A subsidiary of Yums! Brands, Inc., the world’s best pizza company Pizza Hut has a graphic design logo that features a red roof. Green color splash and yellow color accent in a logo extols the image of Pizza Hut to let it be recognized as the best restaurant around the world.

Dominos - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Dominos Pizza Logo

2. Domino’s Pizza Logo

Tom Monaghan founded the famous pizza company, Domino’s. Domino’s being the second largest chain of pizza outlets after Pizza Hut in US is recognized by all across the globe via its blue and red color dotted logo. The three dots in the logo of Domino’s Pizza represent the first three stores of the corporate, ‘Domino’.

Papa johns logo 777666 300x179 - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Papa Johns Logo

3. Papa John’s Pizza Logo

The slogan “Better Ingredients Better Pizza” in the logo design of Papa John’s represents the primary focus of the company on provided high quality and healthy food to its customers. The logo is quite simple having two colors in total i.e. red and green. The green color in the logo reflects the better ingredients while the red color portrays the better taste of a pizza that Papa Johns’ serves throughout the world.

little caesars logo 300x179 - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Little Caesars Logo

4. Little Caesars Logo

Michael “Mike” Ilitch Sr. and Marian Ilitch founded the pizza company, ‘Little Caesar’. Mike wanted to name the company “Pizza Treat” but Marian wanted to have a name that suits Mike. Since Marian used to call Mike her ‘Little Caesar’, therefore the company was given the name, ‘Little Caesars’. The punch line pizza!pizza! reflects the 2 distinct pizza class that the company sells.

NR Stacked 300x170 - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Noble Roman’s Pizza Logo

5. Noble Roman’s Pizza Logo

The Noble Roman’s Pizza has also adopted the red and green logo theme like Papa John’s. The slogan “The Better Pizza People” in the logo portrays the fact that their pizza delivery staff serves the pizza door to door at a faster pace and at same rates, that an average pizza company charges. What makes the Noble Roman’s Pizza to dominate over others is its delicious taste.

2005 papa murphys 300x92 - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Logo

Papa Murphy’s Pizza Logo

Papa Murphy’s logo resembles with that of Papa John’s but the difference between the two is that the fonts used. In Papa Murphy’s logo the text font is cursive rather than straight. The highlighting feature in Papa Murphy’s logo is the caption line TAKE ‘N’ BAKE PIZZA which is actually a fact since Papa Murphy was the pioneer of ‘TAKE ‘N’ BAKE PIZZA’.

images1 300x191 - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Sbarro Italian Eatery Logo

7. Sbarro Italian Eatery Logo

The Sbarro Italian Eatery logo depicts the patriotic feelings that the Italians share with each other by adopting a logo that resembles their national flag. The logo indicates that the pizza company is truly an Italian firm serving its people with the best quality pizza in town.

godfathers - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Godfathers Pizza Logo

8. Godfather’s Pizza Logo

The Godfather’s Pizza logo is a tricky one. Analyzing the logo in depth, you would be able to interpret that the logo features a hand i.e. holding the hot pizza to serve the consumers while the hotness portrays the freshness depicting the scene of tasteful and mouth watering yummy pizza that one can have from Godfather’s.

CiCis circular logo2 300x300 - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

CiCi’s Pizza Logo

9. CiCi’s Pizza Logo

The simple logo of Cici’s Pizza features the rounded style American Pizza with a tomato placed in the middle. The logo depicts the custom made pizza service of a buffet restaurant in style.

howielogosymbol6ij - Top 10 Pizza Company Logos

Hungry Howies Pizza & Subs Logo

10. Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs Logo

The idea behind the logo of Hungry Howie’s Pizza & Subs is easy to understand. The cartoon character is licking his lips after having the yummy flavored crust pizza and wants a bit more to fill his appetite.

After going through the above logos, you would agree to a fact that the best pizza companies slot in some key elements in their pizza logos to make their corporate identity stand out as the success.

Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

blog banner spa1 - Top 10 Salon and Spa logoOver the past few decades, men and women both have started spending time on themselves resulting in a tremendous growth of Salon and Spa beauty centres. But another very important fact that you cannot ignore is, there are thousands of Salon and spa centres in the world, so what is the factor which distinguishes one spa and salon centre from the other? The answer is very simple; your Salon and Spa logo.

It is a vital part of your business, so it should be designed in a way that leaves an indelible mark on the minds of the viewers. So, here is the list of top ten salon and spa logos with little descriptions of each:

Top Ten Salon and Spa Logos:

conection 300x118 - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Conexion Salon & Spa Logo Design

Conexion salon and spa
is located in Chicago, U.S. This hair salon has been providing services for more than 15 years. The unique feature of this logo is “X” which is written in such a stylish way that also represents “C” and “T”.

revive - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Re:vive Salon & Spa Logo Design

Revive beauty salon
is located in Sandiego, California. It offers every kind of treatment from simple pampering to complete make overs. The logo of revive is very simple with a colon between “re” and “vive” emphasizing more on complete renewal.

Hush 300x168 - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Hush Salon & Spa Logo Design

Hush Salon and Spa
located in Chicago, U.S is another full service salon dedicated to completing the beauty desires. The Hush Salon logo has used stylish fonts with a scissor attached on the top of “h” signifying the nature of the business.

visions - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Visions Salon & Spa Logo Design

Visions Spa & Salon
has been serving the community for more than twenty years. Established in 1988, visions has been working to raise the standard of the beauty salons and spa. Visions logo is quite simple text based logo consisting of stylish fonts with a big “V” behind “Visions”.

logo3 300x192 - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Heaven Salon & Spa Logo Design

Salon heaven
located in the heart of the South Loop, Chicago. As the name suggests, Salon heaven offers a relaxing atmosphere that serves culturally diverse people. The logo of the salon heaven is very simple and elegant.

blue salon - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Blue Salon & Spa Logo Design

Blue salon and spa
situated in Newyork, U.S. is an Aveda lifestyle salon and spa that offer every service, which relates to enhancing the beauty of a woman. The logo of Blue salon and spa is yet again simple and very easy to understand, designer has creatively used blue color to depict the name of the salon and spa.

Cambio - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Cambio Salon & Spa Logo Design

Cambio Salon and Spa
started functioning in 1997 in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. In 2001, five more treatment rooms were added to the Cambio salon and spa. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing salons in United States. Cambio salon and spa logo is again a simple logo in which the word Cambio is wrapped under a big green “C”.

images - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Images Salon & Spa Logo Design

Images salon and spa
is situated in Ontario, Canada. Tony Pascetta started this salon in 1967, it has evolved from a simple salon to the state of the art Salon and spa. The images salon and spa logo involves text with a scissor reasserting the main focus of its services.

phresh - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Phresh Salon & Spa Logo Design

Phresh beauty salon and spa
is located on the historic grand avenue in U.S state of Minnesota. The Phresh spa and Salon’s Logo is simple and easy to understand highlighting the characters “P” and “H”.

zano - Top 10 Salon and Spa logo

Zano Salon & Spa Logo Design

Zano salons
located in Washington, U.S., provides the latest technology advanced features offering more than 60 full service beauty and relaxation treatments. The Zano salons Logo consists of a big “z” behind the text of “ZANO”.

Hence, these were the top 10 salon and spa logos, you can consider the preceding logos when you are about to get your logos for beauty salon designed giving you an idea of how you should go about and get one designed for yourself.

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