Top 10 US Political Party Logos

TOP 10 USA POLITICAL PARTY LOGOS - Top 10 US Political Party Logos
The politicians always try hard to build an image that gathers the attention of people towards them. That’s why the political groups have logos that serve a meaningful purpose. The logo of a political party plays an important role in their advertising campaign during the elections. Therefore, the parties make sure that their logos communicate well about their ideologies to the citizens.

Here are top 10 US political party logos that serve the US politicians well to promote their image:

10. Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) Logo

Party for socialism and liberation logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Party For Socialism And Liberation Logo

PSL, the Marxist-Leninist political party of the US was formed to promote the revolutionary change. The party wants to answer capitalism by adopting the ideology of socialism so that the major problems that the citizens of the US are confronting ends forever. The banner logo of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in RED reflects how socialism dominates over capitalism.

9. Modern Whig Party

Modern Whig party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Modern Whig Party Logo

Modern Whig Party states its intentions with a slogan: “Party for the rest of US”. The party is recognized as the mainstream and non-fringe “middle ground” between the democrat and republicans. Modern Whig Party features an owl mascot. The blue color in its mascot logo represents the DEMOCRATS and red color features the REPUBLICANS. The party believes that: Future of US lies in meeting in the middle; thus party logo has its 4 stars placed in the MIDDLE.

8. Peace and Freedom Party logo

Peace Freedom Party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Peace & Freedom Party Logo

Peace and Freedom Party is one of the minor ballot listed political party of the US. The party is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. The MASCOT of the party is a pigeon i.e. undoubtedly; the messenger of peace. The opened handcuffs in party’s logo reflect the Ideology of Freedom effectively.

7. Socialist Party USA Logo

Socialist Party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Socialist Party Logo

Socialist Party USA is the democratic socialist political party. The party has been formed on the basis of fairness and equality. The party is very much concerned about the civil rights of people across the globe. The logo of the party features hand shake of 2 people from different cultures in a global background that portrays its Ideology of Democratic Socialism in style.

6. Reform Party Logo

Reform party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Reform Party Logo

The Reform Party was formed in 1996 by Ross Perot. The biggest victory of the party appeared when Jesse Ventura was elected as the Governor of Minnesota in 1998. The party adopted the bald eagle as its MASCOT. The US flag in the logo of the party reflects the MOTTO of its founder, Ross Perot: “United We Stand America”.

5. Constitution Party Logo

Constitution party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Constitution Party Logo

The Constitutional Party was formed during the PALEOCONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT as the US Taxpayer’s Party. The party changed its name as the Constitution Party in 1999. The ideology of the party is based on the American Nationalism and Social Conservatism. The eagle, stripes, stars and globe; each and every element in the logo of the Constitution Party reflects the great IDEOLOGY OF THE CONSTITUTION PARTY in style.

4. Green Party Logo

Green party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Green Party Logo

The Green Party has been an active and nationally recognized party of the US since 2001. The ideology of the party is based upon environmentalism, non-hierarchical participatory democracy, social justice and respect for peace, diversity & non-violence. The logo of the party represents a globe ENCLOSED in the petals of a flower through green color scheme that represent how much the party is concerned towards its environmental goals.

3. Libertarian Party Logo

Libertian party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Libertarian Party Logo

The Libertarian Party is another independent and national political party of the US. The party was founded in the year, 1971. The party adopted the statue of liberty as its MASCOT. The Lady Liberty in the logo of the Libertarian Party perfectly represents its ideology of right libertarianism, non-interventionism & classical liberalism.

2. Republican Party Logo

Republiacan Party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Republican Party Logo

The Republican Party is also known as the Grand Old Party (GOP). The party was founded in the year, 1854 by antislavery expansion activists and modernizers. It came into power in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of US. The Republican Party’s logo features an elephant mascot that portrays the strength and dignity of the party. The stars and blue & red colors in the logo reflect the patriotic feelings of the republicans towards US.

1. Democratic Party Logo

Democratic Party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Democratic Party Logo

The Democratic Party is one of the oldest and major parties of US with the lengthiest record of the continuous operation in the country. The logo of the party represents a SWOOSH MARK along with a donkey to portray the continuous movements of a democrat. The mascot of the party features a donkey. Although the party has never adopted that as its mascot officially, but has made use of it in other ways.

The Democratic National Committee said that Andrew Jackson’s opponent tried to label him as a jackass in the presidential race of 1828 for his populist views and the slogan: “Let the people rule”. Jackson turned this step of his opponent to his own advantage and used the donkey symbol on his campaign posters. In 1870, the famous cartoonist, Thomas Nast drew a political cartoon: “A live jackass kicking a dead lion”. This positively inspired the democrats to adopt it as a symbol.

The political logos communicate a message purposefully to the citizens of state. Whether it’s a mascot, an icon, a typeface or a symbol; each and every element of the political logo depicts something special. In short, the political logo helps the politicians to portray their good image to the citizens. Thus the politicians, who portray their political image effectively and efficiently, are the ones who win over the hearts of their citizens; consequently winning the elections.

Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

TOP 10 GLOBAL LOGOS2 - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image
Why many small businesses have grown as international giants? What were the stories behind their success? There is not just a single answer to these questions but one common element which has served these businesses to promote their brand image to the customers has been their business logo. The way a logo speaks about a brand to the market audience nothing else can. Its impact is long lasting. Here are the top 10 global logos that companies desire to have:

10. FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Logo

fifa worldcup logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Fifa Worldcup Logo

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 is going to be held in the next 2 months. The logo perfectly embodies the NATIONAL FLAG of South Africa by incorporating the blue, green, yellow, black and red STRIPES with a white background. The logo represents a man delivering BICYCLE KICK to football in style and reflects the SPIRIT and PASSION of sport. The TYPE FONTS used in the logo are unique and reflect the CREATIVITY of the South Africans.

9. British Petroleum Logo

british petroleum logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

British Petroleum Logo

BP plc is the 3rd largest energy company across the globe and the largest corporation in UK. The logo features the text “bp” that goes along well with its business slogan “Beyond Petroleum”. The official logo of BP plc represents the HELIOS symbol in green & white SUNFLOWER PATTERN to highlight company’s motive to produce environmental friendly fuels and control the effects of global warming.

8. Yahoo! Logo

yahoo logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Yahoo Logo

Yahoo! Inc. is the American corporation that provides online services worldwide. The global network of Yahoo! Inc. websites receives billions of views per day. The logo of Yahoo! Inc. features curvy fonts to incorporate EMOTIONS to the design that follows with an exclamation mark. PURPLE color for writing the text in logo was chosen to bring LIVELINESS in the logo design.

7. Oxfam International Logo

oxfam logo design1 - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Oxfam Logo

Oxfam International is the amalgamation of 14 organizations working with over 3000 partners in almost 100 countries to find a long-term solution to poverty and injustice. The logo of Oxfam International features the letters “O” and “X” linked together to take on the shape of a RIBBON that reflects the humanitarian aspects of this charitable association.

6. Starbucks Coffee Logo

starbucks logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Starbucks Logo

Starbucks is the largest coffee house company in the world which is famous for its drip brewed coffee and espresso based hot drinks. The company also markets books, music and film. The Starbucks coffee logo represents a 2 tail mermaid wearing a CROWN to reflect the company heritage to the coast of North West Pacific.

5. Cisco Systems Logo

cisco logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Cisco Logo

Cisco Systems Inc. is an American multinational corporation that develops consumer electronics and provides network communication & technological services. Cisco logo was designed by the designer, JOE FINOCCHIARO. Digital lines above the type fonts “CISCO” in corporation’s logo reflect the brand image in style.

4. BBC Logo

bbc logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

BBC Logo

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been one of the very successful broadcasting stations over the years. Each letter in the BBC logo is placed in a separate BOX to reflect the three major services of the station i.e. TV, radio and news. BBC logo TYPE FONTS are Gills Sans with a BLACK background. The black color reflects the AUTHORITY and POWER of BBC across the globe.

3. Louis Vuitton (LV) Logo

Louis vuitton logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Louis Vuitton Logo

LV is an international French luxury fashion house that specializes in trunks, leather goods, ready to wear, watches, jewellery, shoes, accessories, sunglasses and books. The company, LOUIS VUITTON was founded by MONSIEUR VUITTON in 1854. The logo of the company features the letters “V” and “L” in style to justify that the brand is a SYMBOL of wealth and prestige.

2. KFC Logo

KFC logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

KFC Logo

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky. The company was founded as KFC in the year 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders. The logo of KFC features the friendly face of Colonel Harland Sanders as HOMAGE to its founder. The RED background and BOLD text in black reflects visage of KFC in style.

1. Vodafone Logo

vodafone logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Vodafone Logo

Vodafone Group plc, is the world’s largest mobile network telecommunication company with headquarters in Newbury, England. It’s currently running operations in 31 countries with partnership networks in about 40 countries. Vodafone logo is one of the best examples of a global logo that features a QUOTATION MARK within the circle depicting “O”. The “O” in Vodafone logotype features OPENING & CLOSING of quotation mark to reflect conversation.

By now, you would have understood the success stories behind global logos. Each and every global logo is designed with a purpose to deliver certain message to the world and it is the simplicity and creativity of these global logos that lead global brands to portray their purpose to the world.

Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

Financial and Banking Logos - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed
The primary focus of a financial and banking company is to convince you to believe in the company to invest your money. Most of the people have wrong perception or fear of investing in financial institutions. Therefore, the banking and financial planning sector work hard to portray their positive image to the audience and a unique logo design is one of whose elements that helps in creating a positive image of the company. Logo design of such companies depicts honesty, trust and justice to the audience.

Here are the top 10 logos of financial companies:

10. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd. (ICBC) Logo

ISBC financial 10 logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed


ICBC is the largest bank in the world by market capitalization. It was founded as a limited company on January 1st, 1984. In July 2007, with market capitalization of US $254 billion, it became the world’s largest bank after increase in its share price, overtaking Citigroup. The red circle in the logo symbolizes ICBC world’s prestige while the vertically formed “H” depicts the bank domination of H-shares traded to Honk Kong.

9. Banco Santander Logo

Banco Santander financial 9 logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

Banco Santander Logo

Banco Santander is the leading bank of Spain. It offers retail banking and consumer finance services in Spain, Portugal, UK and other parts of Europe. The current logo was formed after the merger of two equally balanced firms “Santander” and “Banco Central Hispano”. Red color background in the logo depicts the aggressiveness, passion, vitality and strength of Banco Santander.

8. The Blackstone Group

The Blackstone Group financial 8 logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

The Blackstone Group Logo

Blackstone, the world’s leading investment and advisory firm has been working hard for a long time to create its positive economic value impact and long term relationship with its investors. The Blackstone Group also works as a financial advisor to businesses and gives advice business owners for strategic developments, finances, restructuring and reorganizing. The black & white logo of the famous firm has the text “black stone” in a black background to portray its identity.

7. Credit Suisse Logo

credit suisse financial 7 logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

Credit Suisse Logo

Credit Suisse was established by Alfred Escher in 1856 under the name SCHWEIZERISCHE KREDITANSTALT. The bank has 3 divisions namely Investment Banking, Private Banking and Asset Management. The logo is a result of restructuring of Credit Suisse Group with the First Boston Corporation. The typeface in the logo depicts the discretion and prestige of the bank while the Sail-like symbol portrays the pioneering spirit and heritage of the firm.

6. Visa Inc. Logo

visa inc financial 6 logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

Visa Inc Logo

Visa Inc. is a global payments technology company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Visa Inc. through visa cards connects consumers, financial institutions, businesses and governments in more than 200 countries to enable them to use digital currencies instead of cash. The logo of the Visa Inc. is text based with blue color and orange flick on the letter “V” to depict transactions.

5. Goldman Sachs Logo

goldman sachs financial 5 logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

Goldman Sachs Logo

Goldman Sachs, the global investment banking and securities firm was founded in 1869 with headquarter at 200 West Street, in the Lower Manhattan of New York City. The simple typographic logo of the service has a blue background with the bottom of letter “G” and the top of letter “S” joined together to justify the trustworthiness of firm.

4. JPMorgan Logo

JPMorgan logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

JPMorgan Logo

JPMorgan is a leading financial services firm with assets of $2 trillion on the global scale. JPMorgan has been running its operations in 60 countries of the world. As of June 2008, the custom design JP Morgan logo with BODONI fonts has been used for Company’s Investment Banking, Asset Management and Treasury & Service units.

3. Citibank Logo

citibank logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

Citibank Logo

Citibank is the corporate banking branch of the Citigroup, one of the giant financial services of the world. PAULA SCHER very smartly designed the UMBRELLA logo of Citibank. The umbrella justifies the claim of the bank: “Bank on the Go”. Paula used logo to be symbolized as the marriage of the word “CITI” with “TRAVELLERS INSURANCE UMBRELLA” with letter “t” in the logo to be assumed as the handle for travel.

2. HSBC Logo

hsbc logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed


HSBC is a UK based public limited company. Now, it is world’s largest banking group and 6th largest company of the world according to Forbes Magazine. HENRY STEINER designed its logo. Hexagon symbol was adopted by its subsidiary ”The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation” in 1983 that was developed from bank’s house flag with white rectangle divided diagonally to produce shape of the hour glass.

1. American Express (Amex) Logo

american express financial 1 logo design - Top 10 Banking and Financial Company Logos – Trustworthy to be Believed

American Express Logo

The old American Express was founded in 1850 in New York. It was the first company to gain recognition of the world after economic emergence in US. The American express logo has a simple blue background with simple typography. The text is highlighted in white in order to keep the focus of the audience towards the company. The blue color background in the logo portrays reliability of diversified global financial services company.

You would have realized that each financial company ensures to have a unique logo in order to stand out among its audience. The feature of trust, strength and prestige is an absolute necessity of the financial logo designs. All of the preceding companies are included in the list of topmost financial companies and each of these companies has a unique logo to portray their distinctive identity.

Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

National Flag Logos - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Loads of people in this world see countless logos but don’t realize what they are all about. Every day, many of us see flags of different nations but only a few of us realize the significance of these flags. The colors, stars, pictures and symbols in the flag; each of these are meant to portray something about a country to the viewer. Countries flag communicates its national values to the viewers but only a few people are aware of this.

Flags which communicate well about their nation’s values and principles to the audience are considered to be the best. Here are the logos of the top 10 national flags:

1. Australian Flag Logo

australia flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Australia Flag Logo

The flag logo of Australia is defaced blue ensign. The flag has 3 salient features namely the Union Jack, Common Wealth Star and Crux. The Union flag (Union Jack) symbolizes history of the Australian Federation which is based on 6 British colonies i.e. New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

6 points in the Common Wealth Star below the emblem of Union Jack represent six colonies of the federation while the SEVENTH STAR is for the territories and future possible states of Australia. The other 5 STARS portray the constellation of Southern Cross (Crux). Crux defines the importance of Australia as a geographical region.

2. Canadian Flag Logo

canada flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Canada Flag Logo

The logo of Canada portrays a peaceful message: “All the citizens of Canada are equal without distinction of race, language, belief or opinion”. The 11 POINTED RED MAPLE LEAF emblem of Canada has no meaning except to represent the natural maple leaf IN STYLE. The colours psychology of the Canadian flag is as follow:
“White colour represents the peace and honesty while the red color is meant for hardiness, bravery and valor of the patriotic nation”.

3. Egyptian Flag Logo

egypt flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Egypt Flag Logo

The 2:3 (length by height) international flag of Egypt portrays the golden eagle (EAGLE OF SALADIN) facing its hoist side above the scroll bearing the name of the country “EGYPT IN ARABIC” as its national emblem. The BLACK color in the Egyptian flag is meant to portray the DETERMINATION of the Egyptian citizens. The WHITE color in the flag depicts the honesty of the nation while the RED color depicts the STRENGTH of Egypt.

4. French Flag Logo

france flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

France Flag Logo

The tricolored flag of France appears as 3 vertical bands. The logo of France incorporates 3 colors: REFLEX BLUE, RED & WHITE. The REFLEX BLUE and RED colors are the traditional colors of Paris (Capital of France). REFLEX BLUE color symbolizes Saint Martin while RED characterizes the Saint Denis of France. Since WHITE has been the ancient color of France, therefore, the white color was added as a revolutionary color in the logo of the French flag.

5. German Flag Logo

germany  flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Germany Flag Logo

Just like France, the flag of Germany is tricolored but the 3 bands in the German flag are horizontal not vertical. The colors used in the flag of Germany are BLACK, RED and GOLDEN, based upon the Uniforms of the German Soldiers who fought for the country in NAPOLEONIC WAR in uniforms with BLACK COATS, RED BRAID and GOLDEN BUTTONS.

6. Japanese Flag Logo

japan flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Japan Flag Logo

The national flag of Japan is officially known as “NISSHOKI”. The logo of Japan features a RED CIRCLE which is a symbol of SUN with WHITE background. The WHITE color in the logo is meant to depict honesty and purity of the Japanese while the RED CIRCLE characterizes the warmth of the nation. Above all, the logo of Japan justifies the meaning of Japan as: “The Land of a Rising Sun”.

7. Spanish Flag Logo

spain flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Spain Flag Logo

The Spanish flag is comprised of 3 horizontal bands of colors with RED at the top & bottom and YELLOW in the middle. The national Coat Of Arms of Spain is placed on YELLOW band. The RED & YELLOW colors for the logo are derived from the COATS OF ARM OF SPAIN. The COAT OF ARMS OF SPAIN in the shield symbolizes the Old Kingdom of Spain by featuring a crown, constitutional monarchy, supporters and the geographic situation.

8. Swedish Flag Logo

sweden flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Sweden Flag Logo

The Swedish flag represents a yellow colored SCANDINAVIAN CROSS with blue background. The flag colors were adopted from the Swedish Coat Of Arms and the SCANDINAVIAN CROSS design was modeled on the basis of Danish Flag. The YELLOW color in the flag is meant for generosity while the blue color depicts loyalty of the Swedish nation.

9. Turkish Flag Logo

turkey flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

Turkey Flag Logo

The Turkish flag represents a white crescent moon and star in RED background. Since the flag is derived from OTTOMAN EMPIRE which ruled over Turkey in the past; the traditional color of the OTTOMAN EMPIRE was red, hence, the flag represents a RED background. The crescent moon & star have been adopted in the flag logo because they are the Ancient Symbols of Islam.

10. American Flag Logo

usa flag logo design - Top 10 National Flag Logos –Emblem of the Nation’s Values

USA Flag Logo

USA flag is also known by the nickname “Stars and Stripes”, “Old Glory” and “The Star-Spangled Banner”. The national flag of USA comprises of 13 HORIZONTAL STRIPES in red & white that portrays the 13 colonies that rebelled Against the British Monarchy and became the first states of the US. The 50 STARS in the flag logo portray the 50 states of United States of America.

In a nutshell, the national flags logos serve to portray their customs, principles, beliefs and values to the world in style.

Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

TOP 10 SHOE COMPANY LOGOS7 - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

There are only few shoe companies in the world whose brands have made an everlasting impression in the minds of the customers for so long whereas majority has fallen flat. Why is that so? Quality, lifestyle and creativity are not the only elements these brands bring in their products; they also consider one of the most essential factors of corporate branding i.e. the exclusivity of their logos. Here are the top 10 logos of famous shoe brands:


pony logo design3 - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

Pony Logo

Pony International, the designer, distributer and marketer of high performance footwear was founded in 1972. Sport personalities like Pele, Muhammad Ali, Spud Webb and many other famous athletes have worn Pony shoes. The SIGNATURE CHEVRON logo of Pony International was designed as a rebranding strategy to highlight the 3 main divisions of company, namely; PERFORMANCE, VINTAGE and PLAY with the tag line “Back in the Game”.


lugz logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

lugz Logo

The brand, LUGZ was established in 1993. LUGZ was first endorsed by key players from the world of hip-hop. “The Green Eyed Bandit” was the first to endorse the brand, LUGZ. Previously, the brand manufactured boots only but now the brand has extended its production from casual shoes, sandals to atheletic shoes. LUGZ use FULL GRAIN LEATHER in their boots to design and produce DURABLE shoes; LUGZ logo also reflects the CREATIVE element of the brand.


fila logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

Fila Logo

FILA, the innovative athletic shoe brand of Italy established in 1911 has a bold, passionate and stylish logo. FILA logo justifies the origin of this brand. The letter “F” in the logo of Fila depicts all about its logo. The upper part of the letter”F” takes the shape of a sole with lower portion resembling socks to categorize the unique shoe company. Analyzing critically, you can see that each letter of the logo symbolizes the brand image in style.


NB logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

New Balance Logo

The footwear manufacturer New Balance is based in Boston. It was established in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company. The company is famous for its RUNNING SHOES. New Balance outlets offer a sufficient discount that invokes the customer to buy these exclusive shoes. The logo of the company fits well with the name that portrays balanced spikes moving from the letter “N” to “B” since the shoes give a great balance to runners.


starbury logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

Starbury Logo

The American brand, STARBURY was founded by the NBA players; STEPHON MARBURY and BELL WALLACE in 2006 as a pair of $14.98 basket ball shoes to compete with the athletic shoes already available in the market. STARBURY shoes are also available online today. The logo has a buried star and takes on the shape of a number”3” that was also the number of the shirt that STARBURY used to wear in NBA.


skechers logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

Skechers Logo

SKECHERS Shoe Company was formed by Robert Greenberg in 1992 with his son as the distributor of Doc Martens (DMs). The company focuses towards shoes based on girls lifestyle. Pop stars like Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson and Christiana Aguilera have promoted SKECHERS in past. The fonts in SKECHERS logo are Serpentine Bold Italic while the stylish S in the logo has been slanted to portray the target market of SKECHERS i.e. 10-30 years old.


reebok logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

Reebok Logo

Reebok is a subsidiary of German sports wear Adidas. The company was formed in 1958 by the grand children of Joseph William Fosters who made the FIRST RUNNING SHOE .The name Reebok comes from the South African antelope “RHEBOK”. Several outlets of Reebok are spread throughout the world. CRUZEIRO is the font style that Reebok has adopted in its logo.


puma logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

Puma Logo

In 1948, RUDOPH DASSLER founded the company Puma. The company manufactures high end athletic shoes. Puma also offers online stores facility to customers for shopping. The brand identity of the company is unique and the logo features the brand in style with a PUMA JUMPING over the letters “PUMA”. The red background in the logo portrays the prestige of the brand for years. MY PUMA are the type fonts used in the logo.


adidas logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

Adidas Logo

Adidas is a well recognized name in the category of shoe manufacturing companies. 2 brothers ADOLPH & RUDOLPH DASSLER founded the company but Rudolph left his brother due to the rising rift between them and opened his own company in 1948 i.e. now known as Puma .The logo of Adidas symbolizes 3 PARALLEL BARS that take shape of a mountain to carry on the MOTIF of the company i.e. to carry out the goals that lies ahead of the company.


nike logo design - Top 10 Shoe Company Logos

Nike Logo

Nike was founded on Jan 25th, 1964 as “Blue Ribbon Sports” by BILL BOWERMAN and PHILLIPS KNIGHT that became Nike in 1978. Nike logo was designed by the designer Carolyn Davidson in 1971. The brand has chosen the name from “GREEK GODDESS OF VICTORY”. The swoosh mark represents the wings of the Greek Goddess of Victory.

In short, every great shoe company has a logo i.e. either based on company’s history, athletic skills or stylish type fonts. If the logo of the company is able to grab the attention of the customer then there is no way that your brand won’t be remembered. Having a unique logo as your business identity wouldn’t just generate you the revenues that you desire but also boost up the benchmark of your business.