Free Logo Design Software! Can Your Corporate Image Be For Free?

freelogodesignsoftwares1 - Free Logo Design Software! Can Your Corporate Image Be For Free?


Do you think you can design a logo for your small business? If you do a search for logo design maker on Google, you will get thousands of free online logo design softwares. The idea seems to be wonderful at first, but at the end of the day you will realize the difference between a logo designed by a professional and a logo designed via logo maker.

So what is the catch here?

Say no to Logo Design Softwares!

I got a mail last week saying “design your own logo- only for $45”, I can bet I was not the only buying that logo design software. Imagine others buying the same logo design softwares and my company logo resembling with those of other companies. So much for a unique corporate identity! What would be the result? You will end up creating logo is neither unique nor professional. Imagine spending money and that too going to waste.

You should rather call it clipart composition software rather than logo design maker where you will be able to pull a few carelessly pre-designed templates together while adding some text resulting in a logo for your business, it sounds great but can you afford to rely on it? Do you think that it will be good enough to display your corporate image in front of your potential customers? Will it make you stand out amongst the crowd?

While allowing minimum customization, these templates are at times replicated from other websites magnetizing the copyright infringement problems. Furthermore, they are in pixel format requiring four color replication. These templates cannot be resized to be used for larger applications and cannot be utilized for other than a website.

Free logo design softwares usually advertise; “You don’t need design skills to create a logo”, there is nothing to be surprised at as there is no actual designing going on. In fact, all of these website offering logo design software are nothing but an attractive template package and a template is not a solution to create a worthy small business logo design. It is just like “You don’t need a doctor to help you to cure your disease.”

Therefore, let a professional logo designer deal with it…..

You must be thinking about small business owners who are very successful in promoting their brand through self-designed logos. They might be the ones who have some designing experience. Do you have that as well? If yes then why not go ahead and design your own logo. But if you don’t then it’s better to get it designed by a professional designer who knows how best to design one. If you are still unable to understand the differences then why not give it a shot! Try to get one designed by an expert and in the mean time design one yourself on free designing software. You will for sure see the results!

Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Top 10 Beverage Logos - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Nowadays, beverage industry is progressing a lot. People in a great number keep one spot of their refrigerator safe to store beverages in there so that they can drink the beverage of their desire after having food. Beverage brands have made a strong impact throughout the world by their superior branding and marketing strategies. One tool that they use to market their products is the display of custom logo design to remind people about their good image.
Here are the top 10 beverage logos of all times:


icee logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing


ICEE is a division of J&J Snack Food Groups. The semi frozen beverage, ICEE comes in different soda and fruit flavors. The mascot of company is a Polar Bear which justifies its identity as the producer of icy beverages. ICEE is one of the most popular semi-frozen beverage brands amongst children. The logo of ICEE features two colors: blue and red with the letters in logo having the ices falling in them that go along perfect with its semi frozen ise products.


schweppes logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing
Schweppes is the beverage brand which is sold around the world. The company follows the strategy of 1+1= 3 to come up with different “Incredible Mix” recipes for cocktail, alcohol and juice every day. The year “1783” belongs to JACOB SCHWEPPE who brought the liquid to life with invention of bubbles and SCHWEPPERVESCENCE, this inspiration is reflected in its logo design while the yellow background in the logo has been chosen to portray brand’s hope for new innovations.


smirnoff logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Smirnoff Logo

SMIRNOFF, the alcoholic brand of vodka is owned and produced by the British company, Diageo. Smirnoff products are vodka, flavored vodka and malt beverages. The red ribbon in the Smirnoff’s logo portrays the prestige and strength of the brand. The crown symbol in the logo of Smirnoff portrays the brand’s leadership among hard liquors.


nesquick logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Nesquick Logo

NESTLE NESQUIK is a powdered milk flavored beverage mix produced by Nestle. The mascot of NESQUIK is the QUICK BUNNY wearing a large “N” in cocoa colors on a collar-like necklace to represent “NESQUIK” as the consumption beverage for both kids and adults. The blue colors in the fonts of logo of NESQUIK reflect the feeling of happiness that the energy drink gives to all.


dr pepper logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

DR Pepper Logo

Dr Pepper, the soft drink was created in 1880 by CHARLES ALDERTON of Waco, Texas and first served in 1885. The logo justifies the HISTORY of this soft drink. Before, 1950, the fonts in the logo of Dr Pepper were straight with a full stop (period) but some controversies led the company to remove period as some says: Period made Dr Look Alike “Di”, company also slanted the fonts of a logo to come up with a stylish design.


busweise logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Busweise Logo

Budweiser is a 5% above pale larger introduced in 1876 by ADOLPHUS BUSCH. It has now become the highest selling beers in the US. Since, the red color and the crown emblem are specifically meant for alcoholic beverage companies; thus the logo of Budweiser reflects this.


redbull logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Redbull Logo

One of the most popular and the best energy drinks of the world according to market share is Red Bull. The company was founded by CHALEO YOOVIDHYA and DIETRICH MATESCHITZ. The slogan of the company “It gives you wings” summarize the purpose of the drink “Red Bull”. Red bull’s target market is the youngsters and the two bulls fighting in the logo addresses the passion and energy that youngsters have.


nescafe logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Nescafe Logo

Nescafe is the brand of an instant coffee made by Nestle. The black and white logo has been adopted by company to justify the fundamental principle of simplicity in a logo design. The fonts in the logo of Nescafe are custom designed. The cup over the letter “E” in the logo with the letter “N” traveling towards the cup portrays an Instant Coffee Serve.


pepsi logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Pepsi Logo

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink which is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. The services of “Pepsi” were very inspirational last year that let it to be declared as the 23rd most valued brand of the world by INTERBRAND. You can find the bottle of Pepsi almost in the hand of every individual including kids, teens, and adults. The label of Pepsi has undergone many changes since its birth. Imbalanced white bar in the logo has generated a smile face out of its logo.


coca cola logo design - Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

Coca Cola Logo

Coca Cola, the carbonated soft drink is easily available from the shops and restaurants. JOHN SMITH PEMBERTON in 1886 discovered Coca-Cola. Later on, the formula and brand of Coca Cola was bought in 1889 by ASA CANDLER who incorporated Coca Cola Company. The SPENCERIAN script style type face in the Coca-Cola logo has been in use for so long that the number 1 beverages service company doesn’t require any NEW logo design trend to follow.


Do you know why preceding beverages are in the list of top 10? The reason is simple as each of these companies has followed the rules of a corporate logo design to portray their brand identity; hence these companies have come out to be the best beverage companies of all times.

How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?

Fargo logo design main2 - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


Fargo Moorhead, the metropolitan area in the US is comprised of Fargo, North Dakota; Moorhead, Minnesota and surrounding communities. When it comes to plan a tour, the place that you should plan for and visit is Fargo Moorhead. Festivals, high-quality music, shopping, dining and first rate golfing & gaming are the attractions that the travel area is offering you.

In addition to the attractions of Fargo-Moorhead, the place is also renowned across the globe for logo designs designed by expert logo designer for its financial services, charity organizations, sports teams, educational institutes and hotels. Here are a few out of many creative Fargo logo designs for which the place is known for:

Gate City Bank Logo:

Gate City Bank1 - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


The bank was started in 1923 with efforts of 8 citizens from the state of North Dakota and has developed a lot since then. The slogan in logo “For a Better Way of Life” features mission statement of the bank. $1 billion dollar mutual community bank logo features ELFRING MICR fonts that look more inclusive as compared to “Myriad” fonts of Wells Fargo logo design. The symbolic icon used makes the logo of Gate City Bank more creative.

Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) Logo:

MSUM logo design copy - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


Minnesota State University is a Public University in Moorhead. The outstanding faculty members and excellent students are the charm of the university. The foundation of University was laid down 100 years back in 1885 under the Minnesota State Legislature. The logo of MSUM features “Dragon Mascot” that was designed in 1887 by Haley Johnson. The current logo is the most versatile modification of university’s very first dragon logo made in 1930.

Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation (FMAF) Logo:

fargo moorhead charity - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


FMAF, the non-profit organization was established in the year 1960. The community serves to address quality of life needs by utilizing all philanthropic resources in an efficient manner. The calming background in logo of Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation depicts TRUSTWORTHINESS of the non-profit organization. The symbolic icon in the logo portrays compassion for those who can’t enjoy their life needs due to poverty.

Best Western International Logo:

s largets hotel chain - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


Best Western Kelly Inn Fargo Hotel is the place for dining & lodging; therefore, whenever you visit Fargo Moorhead, don’t forget to stay at Best Western Kelly Inn at North Dakota. The Golden Crown logo of the hotel chain “Best Western” was REPLACED by Current Logo in 2004. The slogan “Wherever life takes you— Best Western is there” portrays hotel’s claim of having the largest hotel chains in the world.

Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks Logo:

Fargo Moorhead redhawks Sports - How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


Fargo Moorhead Red Hawks, the professional baseball team represents Fargo, North Dakota in the US. The team has won the Northern league championship 4 times; in 1998, 2003, 2006 and 2009 respectively. The classical logo of baseball team features Red Hawk breaking the baseball bat in 2 pieces to portray aggression of the professional team. The letters “F & M” in logo represent residential area of Red Hawks, Fargo-Moorhead.

You may agree or not; it is not just a coincident that Fargo logo designs feature unique typefaces, a few elements of colors, inspirational icons and mascots. All of these attributes are the essentials of logo design; therefore, logo designers have done a full justice to Fargo logo designs. How do you see the Fargo logo designs? Aren’t they one of the best examples to portray a brand image?

Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

TOP 10 TOY COMPANY LOGOS - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About
Business owners and logo design experts know that creativity is vital to come up with a quality logo for kids. Today, most of the online designers follow modern logo design trends to develop children’s logo. Here are the logos of the top 10 toy companies that perfectly justify the essentials of children logos:

10. Barbie Logo

Barbie logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Barbie Logo

Mattel Inc. manufactures the American fashion doll, “Barbie”. The doll was launched in 1959. RUTH HANDLER is credited with the creation of Barbie using the German doll “BILD LILLI” as her inspiration. The unique TYPE FONTS used in the logo of Barbie are perfectly in accordance with girly HANDWRITING while pink COLOR perfectly adds feminine flare to the logo.

9. Toys Я Us Logo

Toys R us logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Toys R US Logo

Toys Я Us is a toy store chain based in US that currently operates 860 stores in US and 716 stores in 34 other countries. The mascot of Toys Я Us has been a giraffe by the name “Geoffrey”. The logo of the company is one of the most classical logos with unbalanced TYPE FONTS and distinctive Cyrillic letter Я instead of “are” featuring a STAR to attract kids.

8. HiT Toy Company Logo

Hit Toy Company logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Hit Toy Company Logo

HiT Toy Company is a subsidiary of HiT Entertainment. The company sells its famous cartoon characters like Angelina Ballerina, Barney & Friends and Bob the Builder as toys. The block logo of company features 3 letters forming the name of company with letter “H” in red BACKGROUND to attract kids, “i” in yellow BACKGROUND to inspire children and “T” in blue BACKGROUND to portray trustworthiness of HiT’s toys.

7. Little Little Little Toy Company Logo

little little little toy company1 - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Little Little Little Toy Company Logo

The Little Little Little Toy Company stands for little retailers and sells the toys to little people. Just like other toy companies, the logo of Little Little Little Toy Company features colorful & unbalanced TYPE FONTS. “3” in logo represents 3 PHILOSOPHIES of the company, that are: toys are tools not possessions, toys are investments not consumables and toys promote creativity and uniqueness, not imitation and conformity.

6. Shenzhen Henglong Toys Design Co., Ltd. Logo

Shenzhen Henglong Toys logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Shenzhen Henglong Toys Logo

Shenzhen Henglong Toys Design Co., Ltd, the professional toys and crafts manufacturer is located in Shenzhen Grand Industry Zone, China. The company sells plastic toys, stuffed toys and model educational toys. The logo of the company features distorted TYPE FONTS with the slogan “Happy Life” in Red & Blue to depict the Prestige, Honor & Trustworthiness that the company has amongst children across the world.

5. Webkinz Toys Logo

webkinz logo design1 - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Webkinz Logo

Webkinz Toys are registered trademark of the Canadian Company, GANZ which are similar to plush toys. The users can buy stuffed online-only pets at Webkinz e-Store. The logo of Webkinz Toys features colorful TYPE FONTS with the slogan “Come in and Play” with an OVAL background to depict the fact that “The Webkinz World” can only be accessed online.

4. Hasbro Toy Company Logo

Hasbro logo design2 - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Hasbro Logo

Hasbro is the US based multinational toy company which is also one the largest toymakers in the world. The company also offers toys on its shop online at Squared Shape Calming Background in Hasbro’s logo with Handwritten Lettered TYPE FONTS makes the simple logo inspirational. The smile in logo depicts that how HAPPY the child would feel having a Hasbro toy.

3. Playmobil Logo

play mobil logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Play Mobil Logo

Playmobil toys are manufactured by BrandStatter Group in Zirndorf, Germany. The company offers toys almost for each category that kids want ranging from wooden to educational toys. The logo of this popular toy company features “Bauhaus” TYPEFACE with slight modifications. The logo features the HAPPY FACE OF A CHILD and dominates over logos of the other toy companies due to its kid’s friendly nature.

2. Crayola Logo

Crayola logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Crayola Logo

Crayola, the brand has 99% recognition in the US consumer households. The products of the company are sold in over 80 countries. The company designs educational toys particularly for coloring and painting. The oval shape design with multi-colors forming SMILE portrays the Brand Image of the company which is famous for its colorful painting and designing items.

1. Baby Einstein logo

baby einstein logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Baby Einstein Logo

Baby Einstein Company was founded in the year 1998 by Julie Clark. Baby Einstein is the line of multimedia products and toys. The toys of company are currently made under the division of Walt Disney Company with the slogan “Where Discovery Begins”. The multicolored typographical logo of company featuring the baby in goggles to represent the great scientist “Albert Einstein” goes well in accordance with its slogan.

You would have noticed that toy companies ensure to develop a logo that inspires kids. Logos of toy companies make you learn a lot. Shapes, colors, typefaces and mascot, almost every element of toy company logos has a special meaning. In a nutshell, in order to learn about the principles of logo designing; you should see the logos of toy companies.

Top 10 Household Product Logos

TOP 10 HOUSE HOLD LOGOS - Top 10 Household Product Logos
Most likely, you do not realize that your home is surrounded with loads of logos. There are many common products which surround the home of a consumer from cleaning to portables. The customer uses those products so often that it makes him/her recognize the product label which is in fact the logo of a product. The popular product logos aid the customer in picking up those products from store shelves without thinking about another brand.

Here are the logos of top 10 household products:

1. Puffs Logo

Puffs logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Puffs Logo

Puff is a brand of facial tissue manufactured by Procter & Gamble (P & G). The famous facial tissue brand of US was introduced in 1960. Puffs slogan “For noses in Need” goes along well with its brand identity. The logo of Puffs tissue represents type fonts “Puffs” in ROYAL BLUE to reflect its brand superiority over others.

2. Swiffer Logo

Swiffer logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Swiffer Logo

Swiffer, another product of P & G includes the line of cleaning products. The SPIRAL SHAPE DESIGN in Swiffer’s logo is used to portray the cleaning aspect of a product while the BUBBLING SERIF FONTS represent friendliness of the product. BLUE, YELLOW & GREEN scheme reflects the purpose that the brand serves i.e. Housekeeping.

3. Marcal Small Steps Logo

Marcal small steps logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Marcal Small Steps Logo

Marcal Small Steps, a brand that everyone should respect has been manufacturing tissues since 1950 by following its slogan: “Saving the trees”. The company knows that wasting a precious natural resource like “Tree” to make tissues is a wrong thing. Adopting the LEAF as an icon in its company logo justifies Marcal Small Steps eco-friendly nature. Company designs tissues from RECYCLED PAPER; the letter “P” in the logo of company also highlights this factor.

4. Mr. Clean Logo

Mr Clean logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Mr Clean Logo

Mr. Clean, the brand name is owned by P &G. The TV debut of Mr. Clean was made in 1958 and within six months; Mr. Clean became the best selling household cleaner in the market. The SMILE AND SHINE mascot logo of Mr. Clean expresses the fact that housewives greatly depend on the cleaning services of strong man, Mr. Clean.

5. OMO Logo

omo logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

OMO Logo

OMO, the brand of Unilever follows the slogan: “Dirt is good”. The logo features the DIRT as a splash to reflect its brand identity. The logo specifically targets kids as getting dirty is a part of child’s development. Why should the kids worry about dirt if the brand, “OMO” is always there to clean up their dirt?

6. Bounce Logo

bounce logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Bounce Logo

Bounce is another popular brand of P & G. Bounce offers different kind of household products that includes traditional sheets, lint rollers and dryer bars. The SUPER NOVA background with dynamic and interesting type fonts make bounce a UNIQUE brand.


oxi clean logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

OXI Clean Logo

OXICLEAN, a product of Church & Dwight is marketed through infomercials in US and Canada. It’s a detergent as well as bleaching agent. The oxygenated formula of OXICLEAN has the power to fight against more than 101 stains. The shiny YELLOW layer of OXICLEAN logo reflects the STAIN FIGHTING CAPABILITY of this brand.

8. Arm & Hammer Logo

Arm hammer logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Arm & Hammer Logo

Arm & Hammer is another registered trademark of Church & Dwight. The logo features a muscular arm holding the hammer. The logo of the company features the Roman God of Fire and Metal Working “VULCAN”. The tagline “THE STANDARD OF PURITY” justifies the industrial strength of this brand.

9. Oust Logo

Oust logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Oust Logo

Oust is the household brand of SC Johnson Family Company. Oust is the air sanitizer and surface disinfectant that kills odor causing bacteria in the air. Oust neutralizes the bad odor molecules in the air caused by pets, trash cans or mildew. The REFRESHING & AIRY LOGO of Oust reflects the great Capability of Oust to FIGHT AGAINST THE BACTERIA.

10. KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems Logo

Kiwicool logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Kiwicool Logo

KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems follows the slogan:”Cool…it’s not just our attitude it’s what we do!” The company specializes in offering air conditioning and cost effective solutions to customers. A penguin mascot logo of KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems justifies the brand image of the company.

In a nut shell, companies spend millions to come up with an effective and efficient household product logo whether the product is meant for a baby, mature or aged to reflect the market standards. This step also lets the brands to stand out sturdily amongst their competitors in the market.