How Your Web Site Design Can Lead You to the Top of Search Engine Ranking

Are you planning to make a web site that tops the web amongst your competitors? then you would be glad to know that this article is dealing with the ways through which you can acquire top search engine ranking on the web.

Here are the ways you need to follow:

Search engine optimization image 300x105 - How Your Web Site Design Can Lead You to the Top of Search Engine Ranking 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO is the best technique on web that you need to follow if you’re planning your web site to be at the top of search engine ranking. There are tons of ways that search engine optimization follows; however, the key factor behind SEO involves clever use of keywords and phrases.

    Utilizing keywords or emotional phrases that your potential customers are likely to search for within title, Meta description and H1 or H2 tags of your web pages is surely going to boost your search engine ranking.

    Another important tool that SEO follows is link building. If your SEO is able to encourage the popular websites through quality contents; then such web sites would surely provide the back links to your websites. Consequently, you will receive more traffic on the web.

    Pay per click image 300x199 - How Your Web Site Design Can Lead You to the Top of Search Engine Ranking

    2. PPC (Pay per Click)

      Pay per Click is the advertising model where publishers would get paid by you once your ads are clicked on their websites which boosts the traffic of your websites; ultimately leading you towards the top search engine ranking. You should make a good use of PPC advertising models as they increase the chances of sales of your products. Google AdSense, AdBrite and BidVertiser are some good PPC models that you may go for.

      Article marketing image - How Your Web Site Design Can Lead You to the Top of Search Engine Ranking 3. Article Marketing

        Article marketing is the tactic that dominates every online marketing technique. Submitting the unique articles with quality contents to top articles directory sites can generate high traffic to your web site. Articles directories freely host your websites where you can provide the link backs to your sites, so, it is always wiser to use those directories to gain popularity. Ezine Articles is the most famous article directory that you should always go for.

        facebook fanpage image - How Your Web Site Design Can Lead You to the Top of Search Engine Ranking 4. Facebook Fan Page

          Being a smart marketer, the very first move that you should make in order to promote your website is that you make a fan page of your website on Facebook. Wondering why? Think a little deeper; Facebook is the social media website with maximum number of followers on the net, so imagine how many users can be shifted to your site by viewing your fan page. Even you can make updates about your web site through a fan page.

          social bookmarking image - How Your Web Site Design Can Lead You to the Top of Search Engine Ranking 5. Social Book Marking

            Top social bookmarking sites like Twitter, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon can really bring thousands of users to your website and help you a lot in acquiring the higher search engine ranking. Here are a few tips for you that you may follow in order to make your social book marking more effective:

            • Submitting a part of some news with eye catchy headlines will surely draw the attention of users and shift them towards it, so, you may give the back link of your website within your news headline to let it be read full on your site.

            • The more relations you make with users of social book marking sites, the more are the chances that your site gets bookmarked. Therefore, you should provide a bookmark button on your websites to make sure that your users bookmark the site.

            Conclusion: As there are many tools to get at the top of search engine rankings; however, they are the best ways through which you won’t just generate the traffic to your website but also have your product sales at a greater extent.

            Top 5 Types of Logo Signage – Portraying your Brand Identity

            Many small business owners completely ignore the importance of a signage while some may give it a little importance. Regardless of their thinking, small business owners should realize that potential customers judge the quality of a business through signs of a company. As signage are the logos that display your business quality; therefore, they have to be designed very carefully in order to make a potential customer interact with your company.

            Here are the top 5 types of logo signage that small business owners should consider:

            1. Building Mounted Signage

            Building mounted signage - Top 5 Types of Logo Signage – Portraying your Brand Identity


            As the name suggests, these are the signs usually attached to a building. These signs tell your customers about the place where you are located and provides them the sense of your branding. There are many ways to use building mounted signage; here are a few of those:

            i.            They can be used on fascia of a building.

            ii.            Such signs may be erected on rooftop of a building.

            iii.            You may display the sign on the windows of a building.

            2. Freestanding Signage

            Freestanding signage - Top 5 Types of Logo Signage – Portraying your Brand Identity


            Freestanding signs are the signs that stand free on the road. The purpose those signs serve for is the same as that of a building mounted sign; however they give you a clue about a particular location. If your freestanding sign is playing the role of advertising sign; then it needs to be clear and visible so that customers can search your location and buy the products of their desire at your shop.

            3. Changeable Copy Reader Boards Signage

            changeable copy board signage - Top 5 Types of Logo Signage – Portraying your Brand Identity


            Signs with changeable and removable letters fall in the category of Changeable Copy Reader Boards. Electronic notice board is also the part of such signage. Such type of a logo signage is one of the best to use as it suits your budget and lets you communicate about different offers to the customers. As the category follow low cost advertising, hence it is ideal for small business owners to use.

            4. Interior Signage

            Interior Signage - Top 5 Types of Logo Signage – Portraying your Brand Identity


            Though interior signage is too common but many business owners fail to realize the importance of having such signs. These signs usually follow rules and regulations of a business however some of these signage feature everyday activities. No smoking, this way or food stuff symbols are the part of this category. Your interior signage lets your customers judge about your business potentials.

            5. Wearable Signage

            Wearable Signage - Top 5 Types of Logo Signage – Portraying your Brand Identity


            Wearable signage is also very common among general public. You may see such sign in the form of a name badge, imprinted t shirts, wrist bands, dog tags or tattoos. The most common wearable signage is a wearable digital signage that involves a name badge. As name badge represents the company that you work for; hence, you should behave graciously while dealing with your customers to portray good image of your company.

            You would have understood how important the logo signage is for a business. Logo signage portrays your brand image to the audience. It communicates important information about your brands. As a logo signage gives the first impression of your brand to the customers; thus, it really needs to be of high quality.

            Anatomy of Some Famous Dorset Web Designs

            Dorset frequently described as “ The Best Of Both Worlds” archaically Dorsetshire, is a county located in  South West England on the coast of english channel touching the borders of the neighbouring counties of Hampshire, Devon, wiltshire and Somerset. On the whole Dorset is a rural county where 50% of the Dorset population resides in the South-East of the county around Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch.Dorset is illustrious for many features such as; Jurassic Coastline tendering myriad natural landmarks such as, Lulworth Cove, Durdle door, Chesil beach to just name a few!

            Dorsetshire is not only famous for its natural landmarks but also well knowned for it’s graphic designing portion. Perhaps this one is the second best feature Dorset has to offer. Now, let’s check out some of the business websites companies that are situated in Dorset with their remarkable web designs.

            Dorset College Dublin:

            dorset dublin college - Anatomy of Some Famous Dorset Web Designs

            Dorset College Dublin

            The decision undertaken by you to persure specialization and to increase career oppurtunities heavily influence your future. Thus, it is crucial to take right personal decisions that should be taken after keeping in mind both the pros and cons.Founded in 1983, Dorset College website is a content based website pitching every information on the portfolio of courses recognized by international bodies and providing excellent career track.

            The graphic designer has employed blue color as the background of the website. The decency of this color perfectly equalizes with the theme of the college. Here, blue color also ruminates profesionalism, trust, dependability, honor and stability of the Dorset Dublin College.

            Dorset Pastry:

            dorset pastry - Anatomy of Some Famous Dorset Web Designs

            Dorset Pastry

            Located in Warmwell Road, Crossways, Dorset Pastry Ltd provides the most hunky-dory and amazing range of quality Frozen Butter Pastry Products. They highly aim to be greeted as a brand known for its innovation and the attitude of never conciliating on quality. Dorset pastry being in production since 2001  has won the overall “Supreme Champion” and “Times” small producer bakery award of 2003.

            The website design of Dorest Pastry is a type of online-brochure, which highly focuses on making your company and product details available online. The only colors that have been employed in the website are black and white which depicts both elegance and purity of the Dorset pastries with stripes. Black and grey stripes provide a sophisticated touch and seriousness towards providing superior services and customer satisfaction.

            Dorset Rock Online:

            rock online - Anatomy of Some Famous Dorset Web Designs

            Dorset Rock Online

            Dorset rock online is a content website totally committed to the Dorset residents possessing a thirst for rock music of any form like stoner, classic, hardcore, Indie etc. This is an online house for Dorset rock scene which keeps up with the latest happenings. It will kill time for you…as it has all the information you thirst for.

            It is a blog based website brushing up the latest news, spicy reviews, a forum, listings of the recent local events, bands, venues to menu etc. Red and black are the central colors of this website which depicts strength, excitement and entertainment mitigating a community’s passion and energy. In short, Dorset rock online will be the best place to get the answers for “Who’s doing what and where?”

            Dorset County Hospital:

            hospital - Anatomy of Some Famous Dorset Web Designs

            Dorset County Hospital

            Established in 1991, Dorset County Hospital is a part of long-term planning to bring all the local services for ill patients to one hospital site. For its tremendous contribution, Dorset County was awarded Foundation Trust status in 2007 and is on top in the latest performance ratings on care quality commission 2009. Utilization of several colors has not even slightly put down the decency of this site while blue is depicting professionalism and credibility of the Dorset County Hospital.

            Whether you like it or not, it is not just the natural landmarks that Dorset is famous for, it is the famous web designers and websites which always catch the viewer’s interest. You must have evaluated them by yourself what Dorset web design actually preaches about. Study these sturdy designs and decide:

            “Aren’t Dorset web designs the best examples of Web designs?”

            Long Island Logo Design: A Fusion between Graphics & Culture

            Long Island main logo design - Long Island Logo Design: A Fusion between Graphics & Culture


            Have your heard the name, Long Island? If you have; then you would have definitely heard about long island logo design designed by different graphic designers. If you say logo design and Logo Island is a perfect combination of graphic and culture; then you won’t be wrong as almost every logo in Long Island depicts culture of the people of Long Island. Whether you talk about driveways, theatres, parks or food; every logo category portrays the culture of Long Island.

            Here are some logos that will justify you that logo designs of long island are a perfect composition of graphics and culture:

            1. Long Island Pumpkin Farm – STAKEY’S Logo

            s farm logo design - Long Island Logo Design: A Fusion between Graphics & Culture


            STAKEY’S PUMKIN FARM, the family owned pumpkin farm is located in the East of Long Island.  People in Long Island love adventure and there is no better adventure on Long Island than to pick your own pumpkin. The friendly owned pumpkin farm “STAKEY’S” in Long Island gives you SMILE like the one that pumpkin depict in STAKEY”S logo.

            2. Long Island Cares Inc. Logo

            Long island cares inc logo design - Long Island Logo Design: A Fusion between Graphics & Culture


            Long Island Cares Inc. is the first food bank of Long Island and best hunger organization in the region. The organization was founded in 1980 by late singer and social activist, Harry Chapin; the logo of organization also depicts this fact. An iconic logo of Long Island Cares in GREEN rightly portrays the vision of the region: “A Hunger-free Long Island”.

            3. Long Island Ducks Logo

            Long island ducks logo design - Long Island Logo Design: A Fusion between Graphics & Culture


            Long Island Ducks, the American professional baseball team was inaugurated in the year, 2000. The team has won the league title in 2004.   The name “Ducks” resulted as Long Island’s farming heritage represented by the Big Duck building located in Flanders, New York on Long Island. The team logo features Lucida Handwriting FONTS.

            4. Street Smart Cycles Logo Design

            Street smart cycles logo design - Long Island Logo Design: A Fusion between Graphics & Culture


            Street Smart Cycles, the in-house fabrication and machine shop of Long Island is located in the heart of Long Island, New York. The shop claims that their Street Smart custom bikes are designed with perfection. The OVAL shape logo of shop in CUSTOM DESIGN FONTS with road track also portrays the creative skills of graphic designers on logo islands design.

            5. Great Neck Arts Center (GNAC) Logo

            Great neck art center logo design - Long Island Logo Design: A Fusion between Graphics & Culture


            GNAC has been a premier venue of Long Island for art, music, dance, drama, film and literature for 15 years. Students are being taught about the cultural art of Long Island at the institution by world class artists & teachers. GNAC logo is a great logo that portrays the fusion between graphics and culture of the region.

            Last of all, logo design in long island designed by professional graphic designers has gathered attention of the world today since each long island logo design is a perfect fusion between the graphics and culture.

            Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot

            T-shirts custom has become very popular amongst young generation. Collecting t-shirts of famous brands has become routine of t-shirt lovers. The creative typography and famous mascots printed on t-shirts make a t-shirt more valuable. As t-shirt is a moveable canvas; therefore, a t shirt logo design should make a visual impact on people nearby or you can say that mascots and unique typography as a logo design play an important role to promote t-shirts.

            Here are the types of creative logo on t-shirts designs that will help you decide whether it’s the mascot or unique typography which play a major role in promoting the t shirt brands:


            1. Polo T Shirt Logo

            Polo t shirt logo design mascot1 - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


            Many people think that there is no difference between the polo shirts or golf t shirts. However, there’s a big difference between the two. It’s a casual look that differentiates a polo t shirt from golf or tennis t shirt. Polo player sitting on the back of a horse is frequently used as a MASCOT by designers on polo shirts for designing a logo.

            2. Kid’s T Shirt Logo

            tshirt crusher - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


            Rolla is an Australian online skating magazine for skaters. Crusher is the MASCOT used by the magazine for its t shirt. The mission of crusher is quiet clear i.e. to clean unwanted hot heads from skate parks and keep peace all over the country. The Rolla t shirt mascot rightly attracts kids who love skating.


            1. Tennis T Shirt Logo

            RF T shirts1 - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


            The RF-15 t-shirt was designed especially for the great tennis star, Roger Federer by Nike when he made a record with his 15th grand slam title win. The FRONT of the t-shirt features the acronym “RF” for Roger Federer and the back features “Fifteen” to praise the super star over his record breaking achievements. TYPE FONTS used in t shirt logo are Metallic Gothic that brings inclusivity in the design.

            2. Unique Typography T Shirts Logo

            unique typography t shirt logos - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


            One of the greatest example of unique typography on t shirt was experienced by creative graphic designer, Jeff Sheldon in 2008 who designed a simple t shirt with logical inspiration to depict  the fact TWO+THREE=5. Other creative type font, MUSEO used in t shirt logo was designed by the type font designer, JOS BUIVENGA to represent the slogan “YO THAT KERN IS TIGHT!


            1. Rock Band T Shirt Logo

            Rockband tshirt logo design - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


            The preceding t shirt logo featuring 4th album “And Justice for All” of the heavy metal band “Metallica”, is a great example to promote a brand image. The type fonts “Pastor of Muppets” for band Metallica were created by RAY LARABIE. Lady Justice as the album’s MASCOT is tied by ropes holding sword in her right hand with both of her scales filled in dollars. The title of album “And Justice for All” in graffiti portrays that Lady is going to take the injustice seriously.

            2. Sports Team Logo

            red raiders tshirt logodesign - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


            Texas Tech Red Raiders is an athletic team that represents the Texas Tech University. The teams t shirt features its MASCOT “The Mask Rider”. A symbol that identifies the team in its Double T Spirit incorporating the 3 DIMENSIONAL BEVELING EFFECTS coupled with WHITE TRIM. The fonts used in the t shirt logo are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

            3. Naval T Shirt Logo

            mascot tshirt with typography logo design - Creative T-shirts Logo Designs – Typography vs Mascot


            It’s neither a lion nor the bear; in fact, it’s a goat that features naval stuff. Wondering why? Nothing to be wondered; the reason is quiet simple as the goat yields you cotton; therefore, the naval t shirt features the goat as its MASCOT. 100% cotton t shirt justifies the goat mascot. The TYPE FONTS used in t shirt’s slogan “FEAR THE GOAT “resemble Cambria Math.

            It’s neither the mascot nor the typography in the t shirt that individually make a visual impact of a brand identity; utilizing both attributes of logo design yields better results with regards to branding. In a nut shell, creative logo t shirts designs are a combination of typography and mascot.