What should you look for Acquiring Quality Logos Designs?

Without a quality logo design; it is almost impossible for business to get promoted. Quality logo is the cornerstone for businesses to promote their brand identity among customers. Bold fonts, minimal colors and high-resolution are the key attributes of quality logos. In other words, quality logos should be simple yet effective and memorable.

Acquiring quality logos designs is not that simple as it looks since it demands exclusive efforts from brands to come up with a quality logo design. Scalability is also an essential aspect of a quality logo. Your logo should look equally balanced in all sizes to justify the principle of quality in a logo design.

As a small business owner, you should be well aware of the fact that texture of logo should match background colors for acquiring quality logos designs. Since quality logos look equally effective on any promotional item whether it’s a letterhead or brochure, so, business owners should try their best to acquire a quality logo for their business.

There are loads of logo design services offering their expertise to design quality logo design for businesses but it does not mean that every logo design service is the same as others. Only the custom logo design services are the best to choose for acquiring quality logos designs since their designing is purely based on innovation and technicality.

Excellence, value and authenticity are basic requirements for acquiring quality logos designs, so, you should ensure that logo has preceding attributes to match the standards of a quality logo design.

How to Attract More Clients: What Every Business Person Wants To Know Is Right Here

How to attract clients? Isn’t it the same question that you have been asking to yourself and your business associates? Well, I know it is, and in this piece of writing I am going to tell you what clients want and how to appeal them towards your business.

guy magnet quiz 3 - How to Attract More Clients: What Every Business Person Wants To Know Is Right Here


There are 3 major rules for building customer trust; Client Hospitality, Profitable but Customer-Friendly Pricing, Giving them solutions of their problems instead of bragging about yourself and your company. Let’s look at three of them one by one:

    Client Hospitality

Client hospitality is the primary concern of every successful and wise company, so you must provide the best services in the best manner to the clients no matter if they are at your spot for a huge business deal or just for getting some info. Even regardless of how furious the client is sometimes, you must keep your cool and maintain a respectful communication because clients are what your business is based on and you can’t lose them.

    Profitable but Customer-Friendly Pricing

Getting profit from clients is obvious, and this is what your business is for; to earn money, but it’s definitely not about cutting your client’s pockets when they are unaware of it because they trust you. Therefore, you must make sure to not overprice your products or services, as cost is always an important factor for a client and if your product is too costly the client will simply go for your competitor, which is what I am sure you don’t want right!

    Provide Solutions to their Problems

Bragging about yourself or your company is not always a good idea. It is only good when you are working on your add campaigns but not when you are one on one with your clients. Your clients need an ultimate solution of their problems and they aren’t there to hear HOW you will solve their problem and WHY your company is best for them. All they want to here is “Sir, we will solve your problem, that’s what we are here for”. This is how you build credibility.

By putting your best efforts while working on the mentioned key pointers you will soon feel that people are getting attracted towards your company, which is what you want to the highest degree!

Business Blog – Your Online Marketing Toolkit

Blogging is so common these days that it has become a part of daily vocabulary. There are around 2 blogs created every second and an estimated of around 2 million posts are updated each day. Still some small business owners don’t realize what a blog can do for their business. In a more conversational tone, blogging can be the best way to make the world have a glimpse of your business. You can easily gather a bunch of people on one platform from all around the world. Business blogging is picking up speed as the small business owners have realized the importance of it.

Now, let’s take a helicopter view of what a blog can do to your business:

Blogging can be the best way to generate leads:

Latest Hubspot research stated that small businesses having blogs got 55% more readers than the business websites having no blogs. The study also stated that marketing through a blog doubled the number of inbound links, which showed a drastic growth in search engine profile. You can read more on Hubspot Study.

Unimpeachably, your lead is your reader, why? It is because you have a fan base which trusts you and want to read your suggestions and tips, this is the only reason they read your blog and when you are about to start a new business your blog will be the best way to reach your lead. Trust me, if you have a reputable online presence, 75% of your readers will become your customer.

Blog can also act as your press:

Hiring a press release service can cost you many dollars, so why not use your blogs for issuing press releases. You must have seen many popular bloggers promote their products through their blogs as they know it is the best way to reach their leads. Logo design consultant is an example around, which is making an optimum use of its blog to release the news, such as it recently announced its new custom logo design through its blog.

Blogging is a food for search engine:

Search engine market is literally a holy grail in the internet world, with regular posting with links and keywords, business blogs can be the best way to attract the search engine towards itself.

It’s a viral marketing strategy:

Nothing can be better than the word of mouth marketing; it will do wonders for your business. Blogs can create vibrant environment in which one interesting post can develop a number responses.

Distribute your information in seconds:

Once, you are done making your blog, you want to distribute it, Pinging and RSS which is also called feeds can be used effectively to share out information instantly to your readers, directories and search engines.

Blogs is a necessity for a today’s small business……..

In such a fiercely competitive market where thousands of small businesses are born every day, one should know the importance of business blogs otherwise your identity would be totally lost. It’s an online marketing toolkit facilitating two way communication between you and your customers and prospects. Now, you can either use it as an effective marketing strategy or leave it for your detriment.


“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

Benjamin Franklin

The first and foremost thing about branding which most business owners don’t emphasize on (unfortunate for them) is the creation and preservation of a unique business identity. Business identity is a sum of a number of factors including your logo, tag line, business card, brochure, website Etc. The idea is not to surprise yourself or the customers but to perfectly represent the brand. There has to be something different about your brand if you want your business to be viewed and reviewed online.


A couple of years back I was called in for an interview by a firm. I thought I should go online and see the company’s profile before I show up for the interview so I Googled their business name in order to go to their website but there were a number of companies with the same name providing different kind of services. So in the end I had to scan every single website thinking it could be anyone of those.

When I appeared for the interview I was asked if I had done some preliminary research about the company and what they do and if it interests me or not. What I told them was I couldn’t find them on the web. Not because I didn’t do much to track them but because they did not have a unique identity which could help me track them on the World Wide Web.

Now if a potential customer is trying to look you up on the web in order to buy your services you wouldn’t want this to happen because if it does it’s a safe bet that you are losing that customer because he couldn’t identify you or your services since there were a number of businesses using the same name as yours and to make it worse they might be your competitors.


That’s where a unique business identity comes in. You can build your very own identity using a business logo or an exclusive and memorable tagline which can help you stand out in the crowd of monogamously named businesses. Let’s take the example of famous sportswear NIKE who has this famous tick mark logo. As soon as you see this tick mark you will recognize it as NIKE even if you put it among a million other businesses with the same name, the tick mark logo will serve the purpose.


Nike Logo


Once you establish one such unique and exclusive identity you will be able to track all that is being said about your business or your services anywhere on the web with the help of numerous web tools, be it in a good way or the other way. You will be able to evaluate this data to formulate the counter strategies and the future strategies to better manage your online reputation, walking your customers to your website at the same time.


Back in 2005 DELL faced an awful crisis when their customer support department denied any kind of hardware help to a famous blogger Jeff Jarvis and triggered his temper so much that he wrote directly to the owner and the marketing manager of DELL along with a series of articles all over the internet, badly hurting the face value and the bank accounts of DELL corporation.


Dell Logo

DELL was spending a lot on customer research, surveys, and think tanks to know what people are thinking but they couldn’t maintain their online reputation. After this incident they rechecked their reputation management strategies based on the data they had collected from the web using these web tools to better understand what went wrong and what people are saying and plan what they need to do in future to avoid such incidents. i.e. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT.

The next article will be a detailed explanation of online business reputation management tools. So, stay tuned.

11 FAQs for Business Branding

1. What is the essence of a brand and what are its benefits?
2. Do I need brand?
3. Does branding influence the decision of my customers?
4. How a brand can help me to hit the ground running even with a limited budget?
5. Is a LOGO mandatory to build a brand?
6. Is it better to register my brand name as a trademark and how much does it cost?
7. Would having an established brand ever counteract against me?
8. Can brand extensions work for me?
9. How much does a brand value?
10. What generates revenues and builds the trust for my brand in the first place?
11. How do I transform my vision into an ideal brand?

1. What is the essence of a brand and what are its benefits?

Wondering about a Brand? A brand is what your customers perceive about you. The better way you present your products, services or business in the market; the more the customers would come to know about your brand.

Brand Benefits a Lot!

It’s the brand that UNLOCKS THE DOOR OF OPPORTUNITIES for you. For example; you can look forward to extend product branding if you already have a well-established brand.

The BETTER IMAGE of your brand aids your smaller business to be recognized amongst your competitors.

GOODWILL about your brand in the minds of customers increases the market performance of your business.

2. Do I need brand?

Yes! Every business whether it’s SMALL or BIG needs a brand. The brand is an ambassador of your business and conveys to the customers what your business promises them. It’s not the promotional advertisements that attract the customers, in fact it’s the brand loyalty that your customers have about your brand that gives value to your business.

3. Does branding influence the decision of my customers?

The means to make your customers think about you! Your brand is the perception about your business in the minds of customers. You have to find the ways to make your customers talk about your brand positively. This WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISEMENT would surely save you extra money and promote your business too. It may take years to establish the positive attitude for your brand among customers but patience would PAY YOU if your branding strategy is the perfect one. Here are a few of the many ways through which you can make the customers to think optimistically about your brand:

Your BRAND PROMISE should deliver to the customers what they desire from you.

You should acquire a LOGO for your business so that the customers can identify your brand.

You have to win-over the customers perception logically and utilized your financial resources efficiently in order to build up the positive thinking about your brand in the minds of your customers.

4. How a brand can help me to hit the ground running even with a limited budget?

Branding does not require a lump sum of money. Cost is not what makes you extraordinary, it’s the values that your business provides to the customer which makes you special. Your brand can be a success even if you have a small budget. You just have to be sure that you are investing your budget in the right place. Here are the some areas where you should invest:

1- At first, you need to negotiate with the designers or consultants and let them know about the elements that you need for your brand so that they can help you build your brand image.

2- Fragmentation of the media has been the blessing for a small business; you can advertise about your business through the cost-effective media channels.

The notion “BRANDING IS EXPENSIVE” is just a myth. Only the proper branding strategy can lead your small business to rule over the BIG ones.

5. Is a LOGO mandatory to build a brand?

Absolutely! The logo serves as the brand identity of a business. It is the logo which justifies the ins and outs of a business. You can ask yourself: Why do the top 100 brands have a logo? Coca Cola, IBM, Microsoft, General Electric, Nokia are the best global brands of the year 2009 and each of these brands has a logo. A logo is the brand ambassador for a business; therefore, a logo is mandatory.

6. Is it better to register my brand name as a trademark and how much does it cost?

Getting your brand trademarked is mandatory. Registering your brand name as a trademark aids you a lot in the long-term; it saves you from future conflicts. But in order to register your brand name, your ‘mark’ should be unique and distinct. You have to ensure that no one else has before you registered for the trademark that you are registering for right now.

Registration for your brand name as a trademark costs $375 in the US, but you would also have to pay additional costs for trademark services or protocols. Prices for all these are listed on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. You might want to handover this work to a trademark agent, who may also be a patent agent. You can find out a suitable and the qualified one from the US Office of Enrollment and Discipline (OED).

7. Would having an established brand ever counteract against me?

Rarely! An established brand may work against you if your existing brand has been marked by some disgrace or it has become obsolete and unreliable. Under these situations, the established brand would work against you.

8. Can brand extensions work for me?

Only if your brand values apply to the extension! You should go for extended product branding only if your new products and services provide the same standards that your parent brand has provided to the customers before.

An example of brand extension is Ralph Lauren’s Polo that successfully extended from clothing to home furnishings such as bedding and towels.

9. How much does a brand value?

Don’t know how much a brand is worth? Conventionally, a company is valued purely on the basis of its tangible assets. Ever since managers have come to recognize marketing, they have realized that the company’s major assets are the customers. It’s the strong relationships with the customers that make them brand loyal. Moreover, a strong brand attracts new customers and retains your existing ones.

Investing in your brand yields better results for your company rather than spending on other expenses. Nowadays, brand valuation has become more important for organizations; therefore, organizations are investing more and more on their brands.

10. What generates revenue and builds the trust for my brand in the first place?

Brand experience! It’s the customers’ brand experience that decides whether your brand is going to generate revenues or you have to incur losses. If the customers experience what they desire from your brand promise; then your brand loyalty won’t be at stake and your turnover will be high.

11. How do I transform my vision into an ideal brand?

Want the dream about your brand to come true? You need to understand your target audience and evaluate what would they perceive about your brand today. The vision of your brand should resonate with the minds of your audience. Your brand vision has to be synchronous with the company goals and objectives that you have planned for your future.