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Blogging is so common these days that it has become a part of daily vocabulary. There are around 2 blogs created every second and an estimated of around 2 million posts are updated each day. Still some small business owners don’t realize what a blog can do for their business. In a more conversational tone, blogging can be the best way to make the world have a glimpse of your business. You can easily gather a bunch of people on one platform from all around the world. Business blogging is picking up speed as the small business owners have realized the importance of it.

Now, let’s take a helicopter view of what a blog can do to your business:

Blogging can be the best way to generate leads:

Latest Hubspot research stated that small businesses having blogs got 55% more readers than the business websites having no blogs. The study also stated that marketing through a blog doubled the number of inbound links, which showed a drastic growth in search engine profile. You can read more on Hubspot Study.

Unimpeachably, your lead is your reader, why? It is because you have a fan base which trusts you and want to read your suggestions and tips, this is the only reason they read your blog and when you are about to start a new business your blog will be the best way to reach your lead. Trust me, if you have a reputable online presence, 75% of your readers will become your customer.

Blog can also act as your press:

Hiring a press release service can cost you many dollars, so why not use your blogs for issuing press releases. You must have seen many popular bloggers promote their products through their blogs as they know it is the best way to reach their leads. Logo design consultant is an example around, which is making an optimum use of its blog to release the news, such as it recently announced its new custom logo design through its blog.

Blogging is a food for search engine:

Search engine market is literally a holy grail in the internet world, with regular posting with links and keywords, business blogs can be the best way to attract the search engine towards itself.

It’s a viral marketing strategy:

Nothing can be better than the word of mouth marketing; it will do wonders for your business. Blogs can create vibrant environment in which one interesting post can develop a number responses.

Distribute your information in seconds:

Once, you are done making your blog, you want to distribute it, Pinging and RSS which is also called feeds can be used effectively to share out information instantly to your readers, directories and search engines.

Blogs is a necessity for a today’s small business……..

In such a fiercely competitive market where thousands of small businesses are born every day, one should know the importance of business blogs otherwise your identity would be totally lost. It’s an online marketing toolkit facilitating two way communication between you and your customers and prospects. Now, you can either use it as an effective marketing strategy or leave it for your detriment.

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