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Nowadays, beverage industry is progressing a lot. People in a great number keep one spot of their refrigerator safe to store beverages in there so that they can drink the beverage of their desire after having food. Beverage brands have made a strong impact throughout the world by their superior branding and marketing strategies. One tool that they use to market their products is the display of custom logo design to remind people about their good image.
Here are the top 10 beverage logos of all times:



ICEE is a division of J&J Snack Food Groups. The semi frozen beverage, ICEE comes in different soda and fruit flavors. The mascot of company is a Polar Bear which justifies its identity as the producer of icy beverages. ICEE is one of the most popular semi-frozen beverage brands amongst children. The logo of ICEE features two colors: blue and red with the letters in logo having the ices falling in them that go along perfect with its semi frozen ise products.


Schweppes is the beverage brand which is sold around the world. The company follows the strategy of 1+1= 3 to come up with different “Incredible Mix” recipes for cocktail, alcohol and juice every day. The year “1783” belongs to JACOB SCHWEPPE who brought the liquid to life with invention of bubbles and SCHWEPPERVESCENCE, this inspiration is reflected in its logo design while the yellow background in the logo has been chosen to portray brand’s hope for new innovations.


Smirnoff Logo

SMIRNOFF, the alcoholic brand of vodka is owned and produced by the British company, Diageo. Smirnoff products are vodka, flavored vodka and malt beverages. The red ribbon in the Smirnoff’s logo portrays the prestige and strength of the brand. The crown symbol in the logo of Smirnoff portrays the brand’s leadership among hard liquors.


Nesquick Logo

NESTLE NESQUIK is a powdered milk flavored beverage mix produced by Nestle. The mascot of NESQUIK is the QUICK BUNNY wearing a large “N” in cocoa colors on a collar-like necklace to represent “NESQUIK” as the consumption beverage for both kids and adults. The blue colors in the fonts of logo of NESQUIK reflect the feeling of happiness that the energy drink gives to all.


DR Pepper Logo

Dr Pepper, the soft drink was created in 1880 by CHARLES ALDERTON of Waco, Texas and first served in 1885. The logo justifies the HISTORY of this soft drink. Before, 1950, the fonts in the logo of Dr Pepper were straight with a full stop (period) but some controversies led the company to remove period as some says: Period made Dr Look Alike “Di”, company also slanted the fonts of a logo to come up with a stylish design.


Busweise Logo

Budweiser is a 5% above pale larger introduced in 1876 by ADOLPHUS BUSCH. It has now become the highest selling beers in the US. Since, the red color and the crown emblem are specifically meant for alcoholic beverage companies; thus the logo of Budweiser reflects this.


Redbull Logo

One of the most popular and the best energy drinks of the world according to market share is Red Bull. The company was founded by CHALEO YOOVIDHYA and DIETRICH MATESCHITZ. The slogan of the company “It gives you wings” summarize the purpose of the drink “Red Bull”. Red bull’s target market is the youngsters and the two bulls fighting in the logo addresses the passion and energy that youngsters have.


Nescafe Logo

Nescafe is the brand of an instant coffee made by Nestle. The black and white logo has been adopted by company to justify the fundamental principle of simplicity in a logo design. The fonts in the logo of Nescafe are custom designed. The cup over the letter “E” in the logo with the letter “N” traveling towards the cup portrays an Instant Coffee Serve.


Pepsi Logo

Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink which is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. The services of “Pepsi” were very inspirational last year that let it to be declared as the 23rd most valued brand of the world by INTERBRAND. You can find the bottle of Pepsi almost in the hand of every individual including kids, teens, and adults. The label of Pepsi has undergone many changes since its birth. Imbalanced white bar in the logo has generated a smile face out of its logo.


Coca Cola Logo

Coca Cola, the carbonated soft drink is easily available from the shops and restaurants. JOHN SMITH PEMBERTON in 1886 discovered Coca-Cola. Later on, the formula and brand of Coca Cola was bought in 1889 by ASA CANDLER who incorporated Coca Cola Company. The SPENCERIAN script style type face in the Coca-Cola logo has been in use for so long that the number 1 beverages service company doesn’t require any NEW logo design trend to follow.


Do you know why preceding beverages are in the list of top 10? The reason is simple as each of these companies has followed the rules of a corporate logo design to portray their brand identity; hence these companies have come out to be the best beverage companies of all times.

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