How to Choose a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is an important part of getting a website register. The name plays an important role when people recall, think or talk about it. A good domain name increases the visibility of the website and also aids in making it searchable. It serves to be brand name that is used in the digital world for registration and promotion of the online business. To pick up a good domain name is a combination of strategy, imagination and linguistic skills.

Following are the few basic and easy-to-understand tips that will help you to pick the right domain name for your website:

Shorter is better

Use shorter words for your domain because the shorter the domain name is the easier it is for visitors to remember.  Not only this, but a shorter name also has a faster word-of-mouth marketing. Shorter names are easier to type and remember.

They also allow greater chances to rank high in SERPs and are far more useable in other marketing tools such as business cards, brochures and pamphlets.

Memorable and Catchy

To measure the success of your domain name, check how marketable it is. A business domain name should not only be simple and short but also be very catchy so that the audience can easily remember it. The success of a domain name depends on how easily the name can be called to the mind.

A clear and catchy name will require lesser efforts for branding and marketing the domain name. the names should be intuitive and explains the functionality of the business so that the brand recalls become easier. Pairing the name with the benefits the service will provide to its consumers, is a strong strategy for the retention of the name.

Keyword Rich

In the world of today, it has almost become impossible to find one-word domain name as thousands of businesses has built their online presence.  To increase the visibility of your website, it is important to associate it with the relevant keyword. Having a keyword term in your domain name increases the SEO ranking of your website.

For example, if you are selling mattresses, you can use where buy is keyword with which people would be searching business that sell or produce mattresses. You can search up various keyword storehouses that show the best matches for your business.


Staying within the limits set by other rules, you will be able to come up with a unique name that is easy to remember. It brings great value to the name and also ensures being available for purchase. It is better that you check the availability of the domain name when developing your business name so that you use the same brand name in online and offline media.

You can add a numeral or unique spelling to create a unique. and are the best examples when it comes to unique domain names that truly represent the nature of the business. You can also pair-up the short forms of two different words such as “cricinfo” to develop a unique name.

Easy to Understand

While using unique spellings, it is necessary to use clear and short words so that there is no confusion when one hears it. It is important that the chosen domain name doesn’t call for continuous attention when being branded.

Your name should explicitly represent the nature of your business so that the bunch of words paired together can add some sense to the name. It also helps the consumers to remember the name since they easily understands the services of the businesses by its name. Like “cricinfo” shows that the users will find all the information that is related to cricket so  when you are pairing up two words, be very clear and precise.

Industry Jargons

It is a good strategy to use the industry jargons in domain names for defining the genre of the business. It makes the name understandable and comprehensible in the particular market niche.  Not only this, but it also builds the credibility of your business as well as your website.

This will also fulfill the above-described criteria for having a good and successful domain name. an industry jargon also can be linked to your business name even if the two are different. For example, a domain name “kittyparty” is best for a business that talks about latest gossips about the film industry divas, latest fashion trends, and things that women would like to talk about.

Use “.com”

It is better to get your domain name registered as it is the most widely accepted extension for a domain. It also boosts the credibility and ranking of the page. The search engine results also show the domain name with .com at the top and run down to other extensions.

There are always some exceptions when other TLDs such as .ca, .biz and others become more relevant. If your business is a local one or is an educational institute then such extensions become quite relevant and popular.  Also, one needs to remember the name of the domain is more important than its extension, so first you must choose a pertinent name and then check its availability in various extensions that serves you best.