Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

What about some auto insurance logo designs? Auto insurance companies have logos that portray their trustworthy image to customers. Logo of insurance agencies portrays a friendly message to their customers along with guaranteed security. Every car insurance logo has its own quality with each logo depicting a particular message to its audience. Here are logos of top 10 auto insurance group according to their auto insurance ratings online:

10. American Family Auto-Insurance Logo

10 american family auto insurance logo design - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

The foundation of American Family Insurance dates back to 1927. American Family Insurance was primarily started as an auto insurance company but later it diversified its target market to property, casualty, life, health and home insurance.
Logo of this insurance company follows the principle of simplicity with name of insurance company “American Family” written in ARIAL BLACK fonts. ROOFTOP icon in logo depicts that company provides insurances of all kinds that families can trust with their eyes closed.

9. Liberty Mutual Auto-Insurance Logo

9 liberty mutual auto insurance logo design - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

Liberty Mutual was founded in the year, 1912. Through the network of independent auto insurance agents, Liberty Mutual offers insurance products and services to its customers at flexible rates.
Logo of Liberty Mutual features the Lady Liberty as its MASCOT. The reason behind adopting Lady Liberty as its mascot appears to be range of insurance coverage and benefits that company provides and allow customers freedom to choose the insurance product and service of their desire.

8. Nationwide Auto Insurance Logo

8 Nationwide auto insurance logo design - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

Just like the American Family Insurance, Nationwide insurance follows the history i.e. 80 years old. Today, nationwide has become one of the best financial insurance companies offering competitive discount.
Nationwide current logo is known as the LIVING LOGO that features a graphic frame since company wants to portray candid image of people in life moments. In other words, logo depicts the broad focus of company towards its customers.

7. AAA Auto Insurance Logo

7 AAA auto insurance logo design 300x166 - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

AAA provides auto Insurance of car at the quality coverage. AAA is an abbreviation to the former name of company, American Automobile Association. Insurance price quotes of AAA are based on the condition of your auto.
AAA logo features three A’s in an OVAL SHAPE enclosed by circular ring network. TYPEFACES used for 3As in AAA logo are custom designed with each letter portraying the VISION of a company while the circular ring network depicts broad range of operations of this auto insurance group.

6. Progressive Auto Insurance Logo

6 Progressive auto insurance logo design 300x38 - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

Progressive auto insurance company was established in 1937. Fast, fair and better; it is the motto of this auto insurance. On line Insurance quotes that Progressive Corporation offer also reflects its motto.
Progressive Corporation holds a LOGOTYPE with custom design fonts written in BLUE to portray its trustworthiness to customers while fonts have been italicized to depict future concerns of the company.

5. 21st Century Auto Insurance Logo

5 21st century auto insurance logo design - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

21st Century, a proud partner of Farmer Insurance Group was founded in 1958 by Louis W. Foster. Primarily, the company sells auto insurance through direct channels. Other instant insurance products and services of 21st Century include flood, earth quake, home and life insurances.
Undoubtedly, 21st century has been one of the best insurance companies in terms of financial stability and customer service even the FORWARD CURVES in logo of 21st century reflects the prestige of this insurance company.

4. State Farm Auto Insurance Logo

4 statefarm auto insurance logo design - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

State Farm, the group of instant insurance and financial service was founded in 1922. State Farm has been a leading auto insurance company of the United Stated since 1942. State Farm is also one of the world’s largest Property and Casualty insurance firms with multiple operations at inexpensive rates around the world.
Logo of State Farm simply depicts the 3 major types of insurances that the company offers i.e. Auto, Life and Fire Insurance. SQUARE SHAPE in logo reflects the stability of a company while ROUNDED CORNERS portray a friendly feeling to the customers.

3. Allstate Auto Insurance Logo

3 allstates auto insurance logo design - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

Allstate Auto insurance was founded in the year, 1931. Allstate is one the largest personal lines insurer across the world. In addition to platinum and gold package, Allstate also offers the value package at low and inexpensive rates to customers catering to their needs.
Logo of Allstate features handshake within a GLOBAL ICON portraying the trustworthy image of Allstate to global customers. Letter ‘A’ in logo typeface has been slanted to depict CONTINUOUS GROWTH of Allstate and tag line “You’re in good hands” further strengthen its brand image.

2. GEICO Auto Insurance Logo

2 geico auto insurance logo design 300x66 - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

GEICO was established in 1936 by Leo and Lillian Goodwin during the Great Depression. Today, GEICO has become one of the largest auto insurance companies around the world. GEICO claims to offer insurance quotes at the lowest rates.
FONTS used in logo of GEICO are EUROSTILE BOLD EXTENDED written in BLUE portraying the stability of this auto insurance company. GEICO’s logo is often used along with its MASCOT icon “Gecko” to further enhance the brand image of GEICO among its customers.

1. Esurance Auto Insurance Logo

1 esurance auto insurance logo design - Top 10 Auto Insurance Logos

Esurance, the global leader of auto insurance offers cheap, affordable and easy to manage insurance products and services to its customers in 30 states of the country, US. The company commenced its auto insurance operations in 1998.
Current logo of esurance is designed by Duncan/Channon of San Francisco as a replacement to its former sunset logo. The current type-only logo of insurance in Lower Case & Rounded Sans-Serif TYPEFACES portray a Techie Feel and look far more innovative than the previous logo of this auto insurance company.

What have you learned from the preceding auto insurance logo designs? Red and blue are the two colors commonly used by auto insurance group within their logo design. In addition to colors, auto insurance companies incorporate several icons or mascots in their logo designs to portray their stabilized and trustworthy image among customers around the global market.