Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

SportsTeams Logos5 - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

How would you recognize a sports team? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to identify a particular team via its logo? Sports team logos appear as a merchandize for teams and help them to gain popularity across the globe; in other words, such logos serve as a symbol of recognition. Here are the top 10 sports team logos that you can examine to find out why a logo for any sports team is special:

1. New York Yankees Logo:

New york yankees logo design - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

NewYork Yankees Logo

New York Yankees is a pro baseball team, based in borough of the Bronx, New York City. The logo of the team was created in 1947 by Henry Alonzo Keller and then modified later. The last modification in the logo was done in 1970. The white baseball logo has “Yankees” written in red script and vertical bar of the letter “k” forms a baseball with UNCLE SAM HAT ON TOP of it.

2. Boston Celtics Logo:

Boston Celtics Logo Design - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Boston Celtics Logo

Boston Celtics is a professional basketball team based in Boston, Massachusetts. The team plays for the Atlantic Division of NBA. The Boston Celtics logo was designed by Zang Auerbach in the early 50’s. The logo features a leprechaun whose left eye winks and left hand rests on shillelagh. The right index figure of leprechaun is holding a basket ball to represent the Boston Celtics with a green ring around him.

3. Los Angeles Lakers Logo:

Los Angeles lakers logo design - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Los Angeles Lakers Logo

Los Angeles Lakers is one of the best team of NBA. The logo of Los Angeles Lakers features a golden basket ball with the text in purple. The golden and purple colors were chosen since both are the team colors. Team wears purple uniform for road games and golden for home games. The streaks in the text of the logo have been incorporated to depict motion.

4. Montreal Canadiens Logo:

Montreal Canadien logo design - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Montreal Canadian Logo

Montreal Canadiens is a professional ice hockey team based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The classic red color letter “C” interlocked with the letter “H” in the logo of Montreal Canadiens is very old and was first used in the season 1917-1918. The letter “H” in the logo stands for Hockey and “C” in the logo stands for “Club” and the logo represents Club de Hockey Canadien.

5. Green Bay Packers Logo:

Green bay packers logo design1 - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Green Bay Packers Logo

Green Bay Packers, the American football team is a member of the North Division of National Football Conference in National Football league. The oval “G” logo of this team was designed in 1961 by “George Dad Braisher”. Although, the team used various logos before 1961 but the Oval G logo become the trademark for the team “Green Bay Packers”.

6. Chicago Cubs Logo:

Chicago cubs logo design - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Chicago Cubs Logo

The American baseball team, “Chicago Cubs” is based in Chicago, Illinois. The team is also called as “THE BOYS IN BLUE” as blue is the primary kit color for this team. The logo of “Chicago Cubs” represents the red C circumscribed within the circle in a blue background. At times, cartoon bear cub is used in the logo as a replacement for the word “UBS”.

7. Dallas Cowboys Logo:

Dallas cowboys logo design - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Dallas Cowboys Logo

The Dallas Cowboys is a pro American football team that plays for the Eastern division of National Football Conference in the National Football League. The Dallas Cowboys cool blue star logo is one of the best logo in sports. The blue star logo of Dallas Cowboys stands as an ambassador of Texas as the “Lone Star State”.

8. Australian Cricket Team Logo:

Australian cricket team logo design - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Australian Cricket Team Logo

Australian Cricket team is one of the oldest cricket team. The logo represents the shield armor i.e. slightly tilted with 5 stars cluster. The shield conveys the unconquered strength and defense of the aggressive Australian cricket team. The green background in the logo portrays life and vitality. The rays illuminated in the logo reflect glory of the successful cricket team.

9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Logo:

Notre dame fighting irish logo design1 - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Notre Dame Fighting Irish Logo

Notre Dame Fighting Irish is the varsity sports team of University of Notre Dame. The name of the team has been inherited from the Irish immigrant soldier who fought in the Civil War with the Irish Brigade. The interlocked N & D monogram in blue with golden outlining is the primary logo for the team “NOTRE DAME FIGHTING IRISH”.

10. Michigan’s Wolverine Logo:

Michigans wolverine logo design - Top 10 Sports Team Logos – Symbol Of Prestige And Honor

Michigans Wolverine Logo

Michigan Wolverine football team represents the University of Michigan in college football seasons. The dark blue “M” and the yellow outlines with Michigan written in yellow go along perfectly well with the team as maize and blue are primary colors for Michigan’s Wolverine.

Logos serve as trademarks for sports teams that portray their image to the world. Just like businesses and companies; sports teams also need a professional identity for themselves. Therefore, teams seek to get the best logo designed for them that can reflect their good image in the eyes of the world.

Top 10 Charity Logos

Charity Logos1 - Top 10 Charity Logos

In the contemporary times, the charity organizations are running with astuteness and professional environment just like profit organizations. These organizations respect their cause and work for others to develop better environment throughout the world. Since charities need an image to portray their identity to the world; therefore, a logo for charity organization is mandatory. Here are top 10 charity organization logos out of the best in world:

Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) Logo

Animal welfare institute charity logo design1 - Top 10 Charity Logos

Animal Welfare Institute Charity Logo

AWI was founded in 1951 to reduce the PAIN AND FAIR inflicted on animals by humans. AWI works against animal factories which first raise and slaughter animals. Another goal of AWI is to end the torture inflicted on furbearing animals by steel jaw leg hold traps and wire snares. The logo features AWI work emphasis in style. A claw portrays land animals, the caudal fin represents sea animals and the bird symbolizes Aves.

Autism Speaks Logo

autism speakcharity logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

Autism Speakcharity Logo

Autism Speaks is a New York based advocacy organization founded in February 2005 by BOB WRIGHT and his wife SUZANNE to improve public awareness about autism. The logo of Autism Speaks is very inspirational. The logo features a jigsaw puzzle that also resembles a child who is sitting up. The slogan “It’s time to listen” reflects the initiative of organization to address communication disorders.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (B&MGF) Logo

BillMellinda gates charity logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

Bil l& Mellinda Gates Charity Logo

B & MGF is the largest transparency foundation with its primary aim to enhance healthcare and reduce extreme poverty across the globe. In America, the foundation focuses to expand education so that every American citizen can access information technology with ease. The logo highlights the names of the founders of this organization. The red color in simple type fonts portrays passion of Bill and Melinda to work for others.

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Logo

cancer research uk logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

Cancer Research UK Logo

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. CRUK was formed on Feb 4th, 2002 by the merger of CANCER RESEARCH CAMPAIGN and IMPERIAL CANCER RESEARCH FUND. The 10 dots in the logo form an arrow that end on a red spot, the ARROW is meant for research while the RED SPOT portrays the disease cancer. Logo depicts online research based cancer treatment foundation in style.

Children’s Aid Foundation

s aid foundation charity logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

Children's Aid Foundation Charity Logo

Children’s Aid Foundation is a national organization committed to improve the lives of abused, neglected and at risk children. The logo is emotionally featuring neglected child’s imagination who is sitting on the moon thinking about his neglected life and looking at the sky asking God: Would you ever save me from my life troubles?

Flying Kites Logo

flying kites charity logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

Flying Kites Charity Logo

Flying Kites is seeking out ways to raise the standard of care for the world’s poorest children. Primary aim of this nonprofit organization is to provide orphans with a home to live in. The logo of the foundation depicts a child in between the flying kite enjoying the life moments. The blue color in the logo depicts trustworthiness of Flying Kites.

United Way Logo

United way charity logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

United Way Charity Logo

United Way of America is a non-profit organization having 1303 local offices throughout US in alliance with charitable organizations to address community issues regarding school, government agencies or financial institutions. The logo features 3 emblem of the foundation i.e. the rainbow portrays hope, the hand depicts support and the person represents humanity, comprising all it portrays care, trust and inspiration of United Ways.

WWF (World Wide Fund) Logo

WWF charity logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

WWF Charity Logo

World Wide Fund is an international NGO working to control the natural environment. The first ever logo of WWF was designed in 1961 by SIR PETER SCOTT who wanted to raise the issue regarding endangered species “PANDA” to be addressed by the authorities. Later on, the logo of the foundation was modified till in 2000 custom made font logo was designed by SAMPSON/TYRELL-ENTERPRISE IG.

The Salvation Army Logo Design

Salvation Army charity logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

Salvation Army Charity Logo

Salvation Army gives hope to millions of vulnerable people in 111 countries around the world. The Salvation Army provides direct, compassionate and hands-on service to those who might remain invisible in the society. The red color shield logo of the Salvation Army highlights the passion of the Salvation Army that it has to protect susceptible people from worldly evils.

Habitat for Humanity International logo

International Habitat for Humanity Logo design - Top 10 Charity Logos

International Habitat For Humanity Logo

Habitat for Humanity International is a nonprofit organization working with communities to build homes for people who need a shelter to live in. The blue color in the logo reflects trustworthiness of the organization while the green color portrays the natural need – habitat. 3 people in the logo represent a family to invoke the feeling of humanity in the logo.

You would have seen that the common colors in charity organization logos are blue, green and red. Charities want to express their feelings over the causes that need to be addressed; therefore charity foundations prefer pictorial logos to represent their mission in style.

Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

Vacation Logos - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire
Vacation logos serve to stimulate people to visit the best spots in the world. Vacation logos invoke interest amongst the people about vacation spots, compelling them to visit the famous holiday destinations of the world. Here are the top 10 vacations logos:

1. Walt Disney World Resort Logo

walt disney world vacation logo design - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

Walt Disney World Vacation Logo

Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most visited resorts in the world. As the resort was opened alongside MAGIC KINGDOM theme park on October 1, 1971; the logo features a magic kingdom. The WALTOGRAPH fonts feature Walt Disney’s signature and the word “World” has been added in the logo to attract visitors from around the globe with a slogan: “Where dreams come true”.

2. Legend Golf and Safari Resort Logo

legend golf and safari vacation logo design - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

Legend Golf And Safari Vacation Logo

Legend Golf and Safari Resort has unlocked the gates for Golf lovers and Safari enthusiasts to enjoy and experience an exclusive journey. The resort features 18 hole golf course designed by 18 golfing legends. The mouth of lion in logo is opened to represent a golf hole. The upward curves between the text “LEGEND” portrays that the resort is meant for Safari lovers and parabola depicts the smile that travelers have on their face after visiting the place.

3. Logo vacation logo design - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire Vacation Logo

If you are looking to find the best travel marketing service, is the site that you must visit. The website offers services that a travel agent can’t provide you alone. The briefcase in the logo portrays the WILL that travelers have. The blue color fonts reflect the sky in order to attract the visitors to fly high and visit the best spots of the world.

4. Beck Tours and Travel Logo

beck tours and travel vacation logo design - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

Beck Tours And Travel Vacation Logo

Beck Tours and Travel, the specialized cruise company is renowned for its exceptional vacation tours. The multicolored logo of Beck tours & Travel represents the beautiful scenery with birds flying in the sky, the rising sun, coconut trees and particularly a ship going on a voyage.

5. I love NY Logo

I love NY vacation logo design - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

I Love NY Vacation Logo

Milton Glaser created the logo of “I love New York” in order to promote tourism in the state of New York. After the incident of 9/11, the logo gathered more popularity amongst the visitors. You can say that I love NY (New York) logo is a true example of patriotism.

6. Sunny Villas Holidays Logo

Love The Sun logo design - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

Love The Sun Logo

Sunny Villas Holidays offers Caribbean Luxury Villa vacations rentals in Jamaica, Dominion Republic, St. Martin and St. Lucia. The logo represents the Caribbean Sea with a surfboarder surfing and enjoying the sunny day in the Caribbean.

7. Garuda Indonesia Logo

Garuda Indonesia vacation logo design - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

Garuda Indonesia Vacation Logo

The logo features the emblem of Indonesia’s “Garuda Bird”. The wings of Garuda bird have been designed in both dark and light blue colors to reflect the quality, excellence and reliability of the Indonesian airline. The deep blue color depicts day flights and light blue color portrays the flights at night.

8. Alpine Heath Resort Logo

alpine heath resort logo - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

Alpine Heath Resort Logo

Alpine Heath Resort is an ideal venue to spend your vacations. Alpine Heath Resort is a luxurious mountain village in the midst of Northern Drakensburg. The logo represents Alpine and perfectly justifies the significance of the Heath’s Resort.

9. Sea World Logo

SeaWorld Logo Design - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

SeaWorld Logo

Sea World is a US chain of Marine Mammal Parks and Animal Theme Parks. The wonderful color combination of blue and yellow in the logo reflects the theme of the Sea World i.e. “To take the visitor to the wonderful journey beyond the doors of the ocean”.

10. HEIDE-PARK Resort Logo

HEIDE PARK Generic Logo AW rgb Internet - Top Ten Vacation Logos – Taking You To the Spots that your Desire

HEIDE PARK Generic Logo

HEIDE-PARK is the place meant for family picnic. Fantastic adventures are there for you to enjoy like shoot down the colossus, enter the world of pirates and much more. The logo of HEIDE-PARK features the water drops in blue, zigzag track in green and the text in yellow to reflect the amusement that the resort delivers to its visitors.

In a nutshell, vacation logos trigger emotions of inspiration, feeling of patriotism and portray the history of famous places; consequently, these logos invoke the desire amongst the potential visitors to visit the luxurious spots of the world.

10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Coffee Shop Logos Header - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

What are the elements of a coffee shop logo design that distinguishes one from the other? These elements include color, font selection and theme. A logo design mainly depends upon the nature of business and target audience that you wish to cater to.

You will notice most of the coffee shop logos are simple and consisting of the elements that best describe thier business such as coffe cup, brown color etc.So I have placed the top ten coffee companies logo designs with a short review of them to let you know how much the above statement is true.

1369 Coffee House:

1369 cofee house logo design - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

1369 Cofee House Logo

1369 Coffee House was established in 1993, located in 1369 Cambridge Street, at Cambridge Inman Square. The name of the 1369 Coffee House is named after the number of the street that is 1369.The logo of Coffee House is a simple iconic logo consisting of a hot coffee cup defining the nature of the business and the text “1369 Coffee House”.

Perks Coffee:

perks logo design - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Perks Logo

Established in 1989, Perks coffee is situated in a central location in Halifax’s downtown core. The logo of perks coffee is an iconic logo with stars around the stylish text “Perks” next to a cup of coffee. The unique aspect of this logo is the “S” of the “Perks” germinating from the hot cup of coffee as smoke.

Tully’s Coffee:

tullys coffee logo design - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Tullys Coffee Logo

Tully’s coffee is a coffee retailer and wholesaler located in Seattle, Washington, U.S. It was established in 1992 by Tully in Kent, Washington. The logo does not have an image of a coffee cup, rather it depicts the name of the owner Tully in a thick black lined oval having green and orange stripes.

Blue Spoon Coffee Co:

blue spoon coffee logo - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Blue Spoon Coffee Logo

BlueSpoon Coffee Co. was established in 2005. It is considered to be the best drip and espresso in New York City. Blue Spoon logo consists of a blue spoon below the text “BlueSpoon” and “Coffee Co.” written in the end to indicate that it is a coffee shop.

Coffee Beanery:

coffee beanery logo design - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Coffee Beanery Logo

Coffee Beanery started its operations in United States, in 1976.The great Michigan based chain has over hundreds of shops in U.S. and twenty internationally. It is also considered to be the industry leader. Coffee beanery’s logo consists of a cup in black colored oval between its slogan “coffee people who care” and the name of the coffee shop.

Mocha Cofee House:

mocha cofee house logo design - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Mocha Cofee House Logo

Mocha located in Connecticut, U.S, specializes in drinks. The word “Mocha” is described as a coffee bean with chocolaty taste. The logo of Mocha Coffee house is simple iconic consisting of the text “Mocha Coffee house” with a cup of hot coffee next to the text.

Freshy’s Coffee:

freshys coffee logo - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Freshys Coffee Logo

Freshy’s was established by Amber in September 2005 in California; reason behind this name is that they always deliver fresh coffee and fresh food. Logo of Freshy’s Coffee consists of orange texted “Freshy’s” with a glass. The happy face on the glass is highlighting how a person feels after having Freshy’s coffee.

Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company:

coffee zoka - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Coffee Zoka Logo

Zoka Coffee Roaster and Tea Company was established in 1996 by Alumni Jeff Babcock. Situated in Wallingford District, Zoka has become the hub of community and activities. Logo of Zoka Coffee Roaster & Tea Company is a text based logo highlighting the word “ZOKA” in style while having the complete name “ZOKA COFFEE ROASTER & TEA COMPANY” underneath it.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees:

coffee shop logos 14 - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Gloria Jeans Coffee Logo

Gloria Jean’s Coffees was established in 1979, in Chicago, U.S.A. by Gloria Jean Kvetko. It is one of the top coffee brands having more than 30 franchises worldwide. Logo of Gloria Jean’s Coffees is an iconic one having a simple brown hot coffee cup with the text “Gloria Jean’s Coffee” written in style underneath.

It’s a Grind Coffee House:

Its a Grind Coffee House Logo design - 10 Famous Coffee Shop Logo Designs

Its a Grind Coffee House Logo

It’s a Grind Coffee House was founded by Marty Cox and Louise Montgomery in 1994. It is located in Irvine, Canada. It features a blue and jazz motif, an eclectic blend of music and a large comfortable seating arrangement. The logo of “It’s A Grind Coffee House “consists of a cup of coffee placed between “It’s A” and “Grind” with different shapes of buildings germinating from the smoke of the coffee encircled in thin yellow lining.

Hence, most of the above best coffee logos have two things in common; simplicity and a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee is the best way to define the nature of the coffee houses. Thus while designing a coffee shop logo, one must incorporate the basic elements that depict the nature of the company along with what sets it apart from others.

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Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Restaurant Logo - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

How do you remember a restaurant serving Italian Mexican or Chinese sea food ? The restaurants that provide you with quality food, a pleasing dining environment and a service of excellence make a long lasting impression on your minds, so, you repeatedly go there to enjoy the tasty food. What makes you recognize such restaurants are their logos. Logos of restaurants work as a reminder to your past experiences about the place, so you tend to visit them again and again.

Here are the top 10 restaurant logos that will help you understand the importance of logos for restaurants:


Alinea logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Alinea Logo

ALIENA, restaurant in Chicago commenced in 1905. The chef and owner of the restaurant, GRANT ACHATZ is known for peanut butter and jelly flavor dishes across the globe. The restaurant was named ALINEA as an inspiration to the symbol of the new idea; and that’s what the logo of ALINEA restaurant portrays “New Ideas”.


pierre gagnairre logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Pierre Gagnairre Logo

PIERRE GAGNAIRE RESTAURANT is owned by the French chef, PIERRE GAGNAIRE. GAGNAIRE introduced the new style of French cooking by introducing juxtapositions of flavors, tastes, ingredients and textures; in other words, restaurant specializes in modern cosine. The logo features a table to attract the customers to have the best French food in Pierre’s restaurant.


Arzak logo design copy - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Arzak Logo

ARZAK, the Spanish restaurant in San Sebastian is famous worldwide for its great dishes. JOHN ARZAK with his talented daughter, ELENA have been serving the restaurant for years. Restaurant is famous for Basque cuisine including Lobsters with white Olive oil, Smoked white tuna with figs and pine nuts. The sea salt falling over the fonts in ARZAK logo reflects how they cook food.


Bras logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Bras Logo

Bras, the French restaurant is owned by MICHAEL BRAS. MICHAEL BRAS made it possible for the rural people of France to experience the great Japanese and French cuisines. The CISTRE (blade) symbol in the restaurant logo depicts the beauty and characteristics of landscape, AUBRAC.


Per se logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Per Se Logo

PER SE restaurant is located in the Columbus Circle of New York City. The restaurant is owned by THOMAS KELLER. Whether you talk about sea food or an appetite, per se is the place that you should experience. The simple logo of PER SE RESTAURANT portrays the phrase “per se” i.e. the name of restaurant itself which means “by itself”. Indirectly, the logo convey the message “People can eat and see for themselves, a different taste”.


ed celler de can roca logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Ed Celler De Can Roca Logo

EL CELLER DE CAN ROCA, a restaurant in Girona, Spain was founded in 1986 by three Roca brothers, JOAN ROCA (head-chef), JOSEP ROCA (sommelier) and JORDI ROCA (desserts in charge). The EL CELLER DE CAN RESTAURANT has a text based logo which features the name of the restaurant in style.


Mugaritz logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Mugaritz Logo

MUGARITZ is a restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain that lies in the village to the south of town. The chef ANDONI ADURIZ owns the MUGARITZ restaurant. The logo of the restaurant features a herb since the restaurant has herb and vegetable garden at its backside and chefs use those herbs in restaurant’s cuisine.


noma logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

Noma Logo

NOMA restaurant is a Michelin 2 star restaurant run by the Chef, RENE REDZEPI in Copenhagen, Denmark. NOMA was the name adopted by the restaurant as a combination of two Nordic words with an isolation of “no” from NORDISK (Nordic) and “ma” from MAD (food). The text based logo of restaurant has unique fonts.


The fat duck logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

The Fat Duck Logo

THE FAT DUCK, restaurant is run by Chef, HESTON BLUMENTHAL in Bray, Berkshire, England. The restaurant is famous for its molecular gastronomy principles to prepare food. The logo of the restaurant features general objects that are used to eat food in the restaurant and enjoy.


el bulli logo design - Top 10 Restaurant Logo Designs

El Bulli Logo

EL BULLI, the world’s famous restaurant is run by Chef, FERRAN ADRIA. The site for EL BULLI was laid in 1961 by DR HANS SCHILLING and his wife MARKETTA while the first EL BULLI restaurant was opened in 1964. The name of the restaurant came from the French bulldog that Shilling owned. The logo also features the bulldog and portrays Shilling’s love for his faithful pet.

You would have realized the different ideas behind famous restaurant logos be it for dining, appetite or fast food. Usually, a restaurant logo features food items, dining objects, unique typography with font’s style in black and white but these logos proved that there is much more to it and creatively you can design them in the best possible manner.