Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

TOP 10 TOY COMPANY LOGOS - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About
Business owners and logo design experts know that creativity is vital to come up with a quality logo for kids. Today, most of the online designers follow modern logo design trends to develop children’s logo. Here are the logos of the top 10 toy companies that perfectly justify the essentials of children logos:

10. Barbie Logo

Barbie logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Barbie Logo

Mattel Inc. manufactures the American fashion doll, “Barbie”. The doll was launched in 1959. RUTH HANDLER is credited with the creation of Barbie using the German doll “BILD LILLI” as her inspiration. The unique TYPE FONTS used in the logo of Barbie are perfectly in accordance with girly HANDWRITING while pink COLOR perfectly adds feminine flare to the logo.

9. Toys Я Us Logo

Toys R us logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Toys R US Logo

Toys Я Us is a toy store chain based in US that currently operates 860 stores in US and 716 stores in 34 other countries. The mascot of Toys Я Us has been a giraffe by the name “Geoffrey”. The logo of the company is one of the most classical logos with unbalanced TYPE FONTS and distinctive Cyrillic letter Я instead of “are” featuring a STAR to attract kids.

8. HiT Toy Company Logo

Hit Toy Company logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Hit Toy Company Logo

HiT Toy Company is a subsidiary of HiT Entertainment. The company sells its famous cartoon characters like Angelina Ballerina, Barney & Friends and Bob the Builder as toys. The block logo of company features 3 letters forming the name of company with letter “H” in red BACKGROUND to attract kids, “i” in yellow BACKGROUND to inspire children and “T” in blue BACKGROUND to portray trustworthiness of HiT’s toys.

7. Little Little Little Toy Company Logo

little little little toy company1 - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Little Little Little Toy Company Logo

The Little Little Little Toy Company stands for little retailers and sells the toys to little people. Just like other toy companies, the logo of Little Little Little Toy Company features colorful & unbalanced TYPE FONTS. “3” in logo represents 3 PHILOSOPHIES of the company, that are: toys are tools not possessions, toys are investments not consumables and toys promote creativity and uniqueness, not imitation and conformity.

6. Shenzhen Henglong Toys Design Co., Ltd. Logo

Shenzhen Henglong Toys logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Shenzhen Henglong Toys Logo

Shenzhen Henglong Toys Design Co., Ltd, the professional toys and crafts manufacturer is located in Shenzhen Grand Industry Zone, China. The company sells plastic toys, stuffed toys and model educational toys. The logo of the company features distorted TYPE FONTS with the slogan “Happy Life” in Red & Blue to depict the Prestige, Honor & Trustworthiness that the company has amongst children across the world.

5. Webkinz Toys Logo

webkinz logo design1 - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Webkinz Logo

Webkinz Toys are registered trademark of the Canadian Company, GANZ which are similar to plush toys. The users can buy stuffed online-only pets at Webkinz e-Store. The logo of Webkinz Toys features colorful TYPE FONTS with the slogan “Come in and Play” with an OVAL background to depict the fact that “The Webkinz World” can only be accessed online.

4. Hasbro Toy Company Logo

Hasbro logo design2 - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Hasbro Logo

Hasbro is the US based multinational toy company which is also one the largest toymakers in the world. The company also offers toys on its shop online at Squared Shape Calming Background in Hasbro’s logo with Handwritten Lettered TYPE FONTS makes the simple logo inspirational. The smile in logo depicts that how HAPPY the child would feel having a Hasbro toy.

3. Playmobil Logo

play mobil logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Play Mobil Logo

Playmobil toys are manufactured by BrandStatter Group in Zirndorf, Germany. The company offers toys almost for each category that kids want ranging from wooden to educational toys. The logo of this popular toy company features “Bauhaus” TYPEFACE with slight modifications. The logo features the HAPPY FACE OF A CHILD and dominates over logos of the other toy companies due to its kid’s friendly nature.

2. Crayola Logo

Crayola logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Crayola Logo

Crayola, the brand has 99% recognition in the US consumer households. The products of the company are sold in over 80 countries. The company designs educational toys particularly for coloring and painting. The oval shape design with multi-colors forming SMILE portrays the Brand Image of the company which is famous for its colorful painting and designing items.

1. Baby Einstein logo

baby einstein logo design - Top 10 Toy Company Logos – You Should Know About

Baby Einstein Logo

Baby Einstein Company was founded in the year 1998 by Julie Clark. Baby Einstein is the line of multimedia products and toys. The toys of company are currently made under the division of Walt Disney Company with the slogan “Where Discovery Begins”. The multicolored typographical logo of company featuring the baby in goggles to represent the great scientist “Albert Einstein” goes well in accordance with its slogan.

You would have noticed that toy companies ensure to develop a logo that inspires kids. Logos of toy companies make you learn a lot. Shapes, colors, typefaces and mascot, almost every element of toy company logos has a special meaning. In a nutshell, in order to learn about the principles of logo designing; you should see the logos of toy companies.

Top 10 Household Product Logos

TOP 10 HOUSE HOLD LOGOS - Top 10 Household Product Logos
Most likely, you do not realize that your home is surrounded with loads of logos. There are many common products which surround the home of a consumer from cleaning to portables. The customer uses those products so often that it makes him/her recognize the product label which is in fact the logo of a product. The popular product logos aid the customer in picking up those products from store shelves without thinking about another brand.

Here are the logos of top 10 household products:

1. Puffs Logo

Puffs logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Puffs Logo

Puff is a brand of facial tissue manufactured by Procter & Gamble (P & G). The famous facial tissue brand of US was introduced in 1960. Puffs slogan “For noses in Need” goes along well with its brand identity. The logo of Puffs tissue represents type fonts “Puffs” in ROYAL BLUE to reflect its brand superiority over others.

2. Swiffer Logo

Swiffer logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Swiffer Logo

Swiffer, another product of P & G includes the line of cleaning products. The SPIRAL SHAPE DESIGN in Swiffer’s logo is used to portray the cleaning aspect of a product while the BUBBLING SERIF FONTS represent friendliness of the product. BLUE, YELLOW & GREEN scheme reflects the purpose that the brand serves i.e. Housekeeping.

3. Marcal Small Steps Logo

Marcal small steps logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Marcal Small Steps Logo

Marcal Small Steps, a brand that everyone should respect has been manufacturing tissues since 1950 by following its slogan: “Saving the trees”. The company knows that wasting a precious natural resource like “Tree” to make tissues is a wrong thing. Adopting the LEAF as an icon in its company logo justifies Marcal Small Steps eco-friendly nature. Company designs tissues from RECYCLED PAPER; the letter “P” in the logo of company also highlights this factor.

4. Mr. Clean Logo

Mr Clean logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Mr Clean Logo

Mr. Clean, the brand name is owned by P &G. The TV debut of Mr. Clean was made in 1958 and within six months; Mr. Clean became the best selling household cleaner in the market. The SMILE AND SHINE mascot logo of Mr. Clean expresses the fact that housewives greatly depend on the cleaning services of strong man, Mr. Clean.

5. OMO Logo

omo logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

OMO Logo

OMO, the brand of Unilever follows the slogan: “Dirt is good”. The logo features the DIRT as a splash to reflect its brand identity. The logo specifically targets kids as getting dirty is a part of child’s development. Why should the kids worry about dirt if the brand, “OMO” is always there to clean up their dirt?

6. Bounce Logo

bounce logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Bounce Logo

Bounce is another popular brand of P & G. Bounce offers different kind of household products that includes traditional sheets, lint rollers and dryer bars. The SUPER NOVA background with dynamic and interesting type fonts make bounce a UNIQUE brand.


oxi clean logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

OXI Clean Logo

OXICLEAN, a product of Church & Dwight is marketed through infomercials in US and Canada. It’s a detergent as well as bleaching agent. The oxygenated formula of OXICLEAN has the power to fight against more than 101 stains. The shiny YELLOW layer of OXICLEAN logo reflects the STAIN FIGHTING CAPABILITY of this brand.

8. Arm & Hammer Logo

Arm hammer logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Arm & Hammer Logo

Arm & Hammer is another registered trademark of Church & Dwight. The logo features a muscular arm holding the hammer. The logo of the company features the Roman God of Fire and Metal Working “VULCAN”. The tagline “THE STANDARD OF PURITY” justifies the industrial strength of this brand.

9. Oust Logo

Oust logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Oust Logo

Oust is the household brand of SC Johnson Family Company. Oust is the air sanitizer and surface disinfectant that kills odor causing bacteria in the air. Oust neutralizes the bad odor molecules in the air caused by pets, trash cans or mildew. The REFRESHING & AIRY LOGO of Oust reflects the great Capability of Oust to FIGHT AGAINST THE BACTERIA.

10. KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems Logo

Kiwicool logo design - Top 10 Household Product Logos

Kiwicool Logo

KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems follows the slogan:”Cool…it’s not just our attitude it’s what we do!” The company specializes in offering air conditioning and cost effective solutions to customers. A penguin mascot logo of KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems justifies the brand image of the company.

In a nut shell, companies spend millions to come up with an effective and efficient household product logo whether the product is meant for a baby, mature or aged to reflect the market standards. This step also lets the brands to stand out sturdily amongst their competitors in the market.

Top 10 US Political Party Logos

TOP 10 USA POLITICAL PARTY LOGOS - Top 10 US Political Party Logos
The politicians always try hard to build an image that gathers the attention of people towards them. That’s why the political groups have logos that serve a meaningful purpose. The logo of a political party plays an important role in their advertising campaign during the elections. Therefore, the parties make sure that their logos communicate well about their ideologies to the citizens.

Here are top 10 US political party logos that serve the US politicians well to promote their image:

10. Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) Logo

Party for socialism and liberation logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Party For Socialism And Liberation Logo

PSL, the Marxist-Leninist political party of the US was formed to promote the revolutionary change. The party wants to answer capitalism by adopting the ideology of socialism so that the major problems that the citizens of the US are confronting ends forever. The banner logo of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in RED reflects how socialism dominates over capitalism.

9. Modern Whig Party

Modern Whig party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Modern Whig Party Logo

Modern Whig Party states its intentions with a slogan: “Party for the rest of US”. The party is recognized as the mainstream and non-fringe “middle ground” between the democrat and republicans. Modern Whig Party features an owl mascot. The blue color in its mascot logo represents the DEMOCRATS and red color features the REPUBLICANS. The party believes that: Future of US lies in meeting in the middle; thus party logo has its 4 stars placed in the MIDDLE.

8. Peace and Freedom Party logo

Peace Freedom Party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Peace & Freedom Party Logo

Peace and Freedom Party is one of the minor ballot listed political party of the US. The party is committed to socialism, democracy, ecology, feminism and racial equality. The MASCOT of the party is a pigeon i.e. undoubtedly; the messenger of peace. The opened handcuffs in party’s logo reflect the Ideology of Freedom effectively.

7. Socialist Party USA Logo

Socialist Party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Socialist Party Logo

Socialist Party USA is the democratic socialist political party. The party has been formed on the basis of fairness and equality. The party is very much concerned about the civil rights of people across the globe. The logo of the party features hand shake of 2 people from different cultures in a global background that portrays its Ideology of Democratic Socialism in style.

6. Reform Party Logo

Reform party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Reform Party Logo

The Reform Party was formed in 1996 by Ross Perot. The biggest victory of the party appeared when Jesse Ventura was elected as the Governor of Minnesota in 1998. The party adopted the bald eagle as its MASCOT. The US flag in the logo of the party reflects the MOTTO of its founder, Ross Perot: “United We Stand America”.

5. Constitution Party Logo

Constitution party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Constitution Party Logo

The Constitutional Party was formed during the PALEOCONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT as the US Taxpayer’s Party. The party changed its name as the Constitution Party in 1999. The ideology of the party is based on the American Nationalism and Social Conservatism. The eagle, stripes, stars and globe; each and every element in the logo of the Constitution Party reflects the great IDEOLOGY OF THE CONSTITUTION PARTY in style.

4. Green Party Logo

Green party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Green Party Logo

The Green Party has been an active and nationally recognized party of the US since 2001. The ideology of the party is based upon environmentalism, non-hierarchical participatory democracy, social justice and respect for peace, diversity & non-violence. The logo of the party represents a globe ENCLOSED in the petals of a flower through green color scheme that represent how much the party is concerned towards its environmental goals.

3. Libertarian Party Logo

Libertian party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Libertarian Party Logo

The Libertarian Party is another independent and national political party of the US. The party was founded in the year, 1971. The party adopted the statue of liberty as its MASCOT. The Lady Liberty in the logo of the Libertarian Party perfectly represents its ideology of right libertarianism, non-interventionism & classical liberalism.

2. Republican Party Logo

Republiacan Party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Republican Party Logo

The Republican Party is also known as the Grand Old Party (GOP). The party was founded in the year, 1854 by antislavery expansion activists and modernizers. It came into power in 1860 when Abraham Lincoln became the 16th president of US. The Republican Party’s logo features an elephant mascot that portrays the strength and dignity of the party. The stars and blue & red colors in the logo reflect the patriotic feelings of the republicans towards US.

1. Democratic Party Logo

Democratic Party logo design - Top 10 US Political Party Logos

Democratic Party Logo

The Democratic Party is one of the oldest and major parties of US with the lengthiest record of the continuous operation in the country. The logo of the party represents a SWOOSH MARK along with a donkey to portray the continuous movements of a democrat. The mascot of the party features a donkey. Although the party has never adopted that as its mascot officially, but has made use of it in other ways.

The Democratic National Committee said that Andrew Jackson’s opponent tried to label him as a jackass in the presidential race of 1828 for his populist views and the slogan: “Let the people rule”. Jackson turned this step of his opponent to his own advantage and used the donkey symbol on his campaign posters. In 1870, the famous cartoonist, Thomas Nast drew a political cartoon: “A live jackass kicking a dead lion”. This positively inspired the democrats to adopt it as a symbol.

The political logos communicate a message purposefully to the citizens of state. Whether it’s a mascot, an icon, a typeface or a symbol; each and every element of the political logo depicts something special. In short, the political logo helps the politicians to portray their good image to the citizens. Thus the politicians, who portray their political image effectively and efficiently, are the ones who win over the hearts of their citizens; consequently winning the elections.

Business Blog – Your Online Marketing Toolkit

Blogging is so common these days that it has become a part of daily vocabulary. There are around 2 blogs created every second and an estimated of around 2 million posts are updated each day. Still some small business owners don’t realize what a blog can do for their business. In a more conversational tone, blogging can be the best way to make the world have a glimpse of your business. You can easily gather a bunch of people on one platform from all around the world. Business blogging is picking up speed as the small business owners have realized the importance of it.

Now, let’s take a helicopter view of what a blog can do to your business:

Blogging can be the best way to generate leads:

Latest Hubspot research stated that small businesses having blogs got 55% more readers than the business websites having no blogs. The study also stated that marketing through a blog doubled the number of inbound links, which showed a drastic growth in search engine profile. You can read more on Hubspot Study.

Unimpeachably, your lead is your reader, why? It is because you have a fan base which trusts you and want to read your suggestions and tips, this is the only reason they read your blog and when you are about to start a new business your blog will be the best way to reach your lead. Trust me, if you have a reputable online presence, 75% of your readers will become your customer.

Blog can also act as your press:

Hiring a press release service can cost you many dollars, so why not use your blogs for issuing press releases. You must have seen many popular bloggers promote their products through their blogs as they know it is the best way to reach their leads. Logo design consultant is an example around, which is making an optimum use of its blog to release the news, such as it recently announced its new custom logo design through its blog.

Blogging is a food for search engine:

Search engine market is literally a holy grail in the internet world, with regular posting with links and keywords, business blogs can be the best way to attract the search engine towards itself.

It’s a viral marketing strategy:

Nothing can be better than the word of mouth marketing; it will do wonders for your business. Blogs can create vibrant environment in which one interesting post can develop a number responses.

Distribute your information in seconds:

Once, you are done making your blog, you want to distribute it, Pinging and RSS which is also called feeds can be used effectively to share out information instantly to your readers, directories and search engines.

Blogs is a necessity for a today’s small business……..

In such a fiercely competitive market where thousands of small businesses are born every day, one should know the importance of business blogs otherwise your identity would be totally lost. It’s an online marketing toolkit facilitating two way communication between you and your customers and prospects. Now, you can either use it as an effective marketing strategy or leave it for your detriment.

Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

TOP 10 GLOBAL LOGOS2 - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image
Why many small businesses have grown as international giants? What were the stories behind their success? There is not just a single answer to these questions but one common element which has served these businesses to promote their brand image to the customers has been their business logo. The way a logo speaks about a brand to the market audience nothing else can. Its impact is long lasting. Here are the top 10 global logos that companies desire to have:

10. FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 Logo

fifa worldcup logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Fifa Worldcup Logo

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 is going to be held in the next 2 months. The logo perfectly embodies the NATIONAL FLAG of South Africa by incorporating the blue, green, yellow, black and red STRIPES with a white background. The logo represents a man delivering BICYCLE KICK to football in style and reflects the SPIRIT and PASSION of sport. The TYPE FONTS used in the logo are unique and reflect the CREATIVITY of the South Africans.

9. British Petroleum Logo

british petroleum logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

British Petroleum Logo

BP plc is the 3rd largest energy company across the globe and the largest corporation in UK. The logo features the text “bp” that goes along well with its business slogan “Beyond Petroleum”. The official logo of BP plc represents the HELIOS symbol in green & white SUNFLOWER PATTERN to highlight company’s motive to produce environmental friendly fuels and control the effects of global warming.

8. Yahoo! Logo

yahoo logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Yahoo Logo

Yahoo! Inc. is the American corporation that provides online services worldwide. The global network of Yahoo! Inc. websites receives billions of views per day. The logo of Yahoo! Inc. features curvy fonts to incorporate EMOTIONS to the design that follows with an exclamation mark. PURPLE color for writing the text in logo was chosen to bring LIVELINESS in the logo design.

7. Oxfam International Logo

oxfam logo design1 - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Oxfam Logo

Oxfam International is the amalgamation of 14 organizations working with over 3000 partners in almost 100 countries to find a long-term solution to poverty and injustice. The logo of Oxfam International features the letters “O” and “X” linked together to take on the shape of a RIBBON that reflects the humanitarian aspects of this charitable association.

6. Starbucks Coffee Logo

starbucks logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Starbucks Logo

Starbucks is the largest coffee house company in the world which is famous for its drip brewed coffee and espresso based hot drinks. The company also markets books, music and film. The Starbucks coffee logo represents a 2 tail mermaid wearing a CROWN to reflect the company heritage to the coast of North West Pacific.

5. Cisco Systems Logo

cisco logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Cisco Logo

Cisco Systems Inc. is an American multinational corporation that develops consumer electronics and provides network communication & technological services. Cisco logo was designed by the designer, JOE FINOCCHIARO. Digital lines above the type fonts “CISCO” in corporation’s logo reflect the brand image in style.

4. BBC Logo

bbc logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

BBC Logo

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been one of the very successful broadcasting stations over the years. Each letter in the BBC logo is placed in a separate BOX to reflect the three major services of the station i.e. TV, radio and news. BBC logo TYPE FONTS are Gills Sans with a BLACK background. The black color reflects the AUTHORITY and POWER of BBC across the globe.

3. Louis Vuitton (LV) Logo

Louis vuitton logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Louis Vuitton Logo

LV is an international French luxury fashion house that specializes in trunks, leather goods, ready to wear, watches, jewellery, shoes, accessories, sunglasses and books. The company, LOUIS VUITTON was founded by MONSIEUR VUITTON in 1854. The logo of the company features the letters “V” and “L” in style to justify that the brand is a SYMBOL of wealth and prestige.

2. KFC Logo

KFC logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

KFC Logo

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a chain of fast food restaurants based in Louisville, Kentucky. The company was founded as KFC in the year 1952 by Colonel Harland Sanders. The logo of KFC features the friendly face of Colonel Harland Sanders as HOMAGE to its founder. The RED background and BOLD text in black reflects visage of KFC in style.

1. Vodafone Logo

vodafone logo design - Top 10 Global Logos – Reflecting The Essence of Brand Image

Vodafone Logo

Vodafone Group plc, is the world’s largest mobile network telecommunication company with headquarters in Newbury, England. It’s currently running operations in 31 countries with partnership networks in about 40 countries. Vodafone logo is one of the best examples of a global logo that features a QUOTATION MARK within the circle depicting “O”. The “O” in Vodafone logotype features OPENING & CLOSING of quotation mark to reflect conversation.

By now, you would have understood the success stories behind global logos. Each and every global logo is designed with a purpose to deliver certain message to the world and it is the simplicity and creativity of these global logos that lead global brands to portray their purpose to the world.