Top 10 Energy Industry Logos – Concerns a lot with Environment

You see loads of gas stations around your area but you never take the services from each and every gas station. Gas station that offers you the best services is your first choice. Have you ever wondered why have you become a regular customer of particular gas station? It is the great branding of Energy Company that makes you brand loyal and the foremost part of branding involves the value of logo designing.

Here are the logo designs of the world’s best 10 energy industries:

10. Valero Logo


Fortune 500 Oil & Gas Refining and Retail Company is based in San Antonio, Texas, US. Company operates with a commitment to excellence for the safety of its stakeholders, community and the environment. Valero logo features a “Swoosh Symbol” to portray its image as a Competent Energy Industry with efficiency around the world. The calming green color TYPE FONTS reflects how much the company is concerned towards the issue of Global Warming.

9.   Arco (Atlantic Richfield Company) Logo


Arco, the subsidiary of British Petroleum UK features a logo with PATRIOTIC color scheme. 4 triangles in the logo form the brand’s icon of Arco which is a “Red Diamond”. The red diamond in logo stands for strength, prestige & passion of Atlantic Richfield Company. The NEGATIVE SPACES formed by the combination of 4 triangles as a diamond in logo of Arco reflects the brand image of company as energy industry.

8. Gazprom Logo


Gazprom is the largest company of Russia and the largest explorer of natural gas across the globe. The company was formed in 1989 when the Ministry of Gas Industry in the Soviet Union evolved as a corporation by keeping its assets intact. The Letter “G” with a flame over it portrays the brand image of the company as a “Gas Explorer”. The type fonts used in Gazprom’s logo almost look the same as Agency FB Bold TYPE FONTS.

7. Petro China Logo


The logo of Petro China reflects the commitment of the Chinese biggest oil producer to ensure harmony between the development of energy and the environment. COLORS USED in logo are the colors of the national flag of China. TEN PETALS FORMED represent the 10 businesses that the company operates. The RISING SUN in logo stands for brilliant future of Petro China while the strong base in red depicts the strength and cohesion of the company.

6. Statoil Logo


Statoil, the Norwegian energy company features 3-D Command Star. The INSPIRATIONAL DESIGN motivates the company’s strong history of technology, pioneering spirit and ambition to be a leader in efforts to find solutions to meet rising energies demand. Magenta, the color of the Nordic evening sky gives the company a distinct identity and visibility in the global market.

5. Eni Logo


Luigi Broggini designed the 6th legged dog logo of the Italian Oil & Gas Exploration Company, Eni.  The 6 legged dog logo of Eni is expressed as a sum of 4 wheels of automobile and 2 legs of a driver. An alternative connection with a 6 legged dog logo can be made regarding the cultures around the world that the mythical animal figure portrays super natural powers. The yellow BACKGROUND in the logo reflects the company image as an Oil & Gas Explorer.

4. Chevron Logo:


Today, Chevron; the American Multinational Energy Corporation is running environment friendly plant and solar projects with great efficiency to answer the causes of Global Warming. The use of chevron pattern in company’s logo portrays the brand image of the company. The red & blue COLOR SCHEME used in logo represents the national colors of America. Above all, the Chevron Shield logo reflects the strength & trustworthiness of the corporation.

3. Total Logo:


The French oil company, Total was founded by the electricity expert, Col. Ernest Mercier with the support of 90 banks and companies. The company holds interest in renewable energy sources such as wind power, solar power systems and alternative fuels. The company resulted as a successful merger between the 2 companies Petro Fina and Elf Aquitaine, so, did the Global Logo of one of the 6 major giants of the oil and gas industry.

2. ExxonMobil Logo


Raymond Loewy, the noted industrial stylist designed the red lettered TYPE FONTS of ExxonMobil logo with the two interlinked ‘X’s. The intense red COLOR in ExxonMobil logo evokes strength of the American Multinational Oil And Gas Corporation. As ExxonMobil resulted due to the merger of the 2 companies, “Exxon & Mobil”, so is its logo. The bold lettered TYPE FONTS of part “Mobil” in logo stand for sheer ubiquity of the company.

  1. Shell Logo


    The history of Shell’s logo is more than 100 years old. Marcus Samuel started a business to sell shell-covered boxes to children and tourists in London and got phenomenal success in his business. As the time passed by, he diversified his business to jewels, kerosene and even oil. Afterwards, he established Shell Transport and Trading Company in 1897. As the sea shell was associated with the heritage of company, so, the company adopted Sea Shell logo as its trademark.

    You would have noticed that Red, Yellow & Blue are the most common colors in use by the energy industries. Today, the logo of almost every energy industry reflects the global concerns regarding the issues of Global Warming. In a nut shell, the logos of energy industries have become more environment friendly than they were before.

    Free Logo Design Software! Can Your Corporate Image Be For Free?


    Do you think you can design a logo for your small business? If you do a search for logo design maker on Google, you will get thousands of free online logo design softwares. The idea seems to be wonderful at first, but at the end of the day you will realize the difference between a logo designed by a professional and a logo designed via logo maker.

    So what is the catch here?

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    You should rather call it clipart composition software rather than logo design maker where you will be able to pull a few carelessly pre-designed templates together while adding some text resulting in a logo for your business, it sounds great but can you afford to rely on it? Do you think that it will be good enough to display your corporate image in front of your potential customers? Will it make you stand out amongst the crowd?

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    Free logo design softwares usually advertise; “You don’t need design skills to create a logo”, there is nothing to be surprised at as there is no actual designing going on. In fact, all of these website offering logo design software are nothing but an attractive template package and a template is not a solution to create a worthy small business logo design. It is just like “You don’t need a doctor to help you to cure your disease.”

    Therefore, let a professional logo designer deal with it…..

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    Top 10 Beverages Logo – Keep the mind Cool and Refreshing

    Nowadays, beverage industry is progressing a lot. People in a great number keep one spot of their refrigerator safe to store beverages in there so that they can drink the beverage of their desire after having food. Beverage brands have made a strong impact throughout the world by their superior branding and marketing strategies. One tool that they use to market their products is the display of custom logo design to remind people about their good image.
    Here are the top 10 beverage logos of all times:

    10. ICEE LOGO

    ICEE Logo

    ICEE is a division of J&J Snack Food Groups. The semi frozen beverage, ICEE comes in different soda and fruit flavors. The mascot of company is a Polar Bear which justifies its identity as the producer of icy beverages. ICEE is one of the most popular semi-frozen beverage brands amongst children. The logo of ICEE features two colors: blue and red with the letters in logo having the ices falling in them that go along perfect with its semi frozen ise products.


    Schweppes is the beverage brand which is sold around the world. The company follows the strategy of 1+1= 3 to come up with different “Incredible Mix” recipes for cocktail, alcohol and juice every day. The year “1783” belongs to JACOB SCHWEPPE who brought the liquid to life with invention of bubbles and SCHWEPPERVESCENCE, this inspiration is reflected in its logo design while the yellow background in the logo has been chosen to portray brand’s hope for new innovations.


    Smirnoff Logo

    SMIRNOFF, the alcoholic brand of vodka is owned and produced by the British company, Diageo. Smirnoff products are vodka, flavored vodka and malt beverages. The red ribbon in the Smirnoff’s logo portrays the prestige and strength of the brand. The crown symbol in the logo of Smirnoff portrays the brand’s leadership among hard liquors.


    Nesquick Logo

    NESTLE NESQUIK is a powdered milk flavored beverage mix produced by Nestle. The mascot of NESQUIK is the QUICK BUNNY wearing a large “N” in cocoa colors on a collar-like necklace to represent “NESQUIK” as the consumption beverage for both kids and adults. The blue colors in the fonts of logo of NESQUIK reflect the feeling of happiness that the energy drink gives to all.


    DR Pepper Logo

    Dr Pepper, the soft drink was created in 1880 by CHARLES ALDERTON of Waco, Texas and first served in 1885. The logo justifies the HISTORY of this soft drink. Before, 1950, the fonts in the logo of Dr Pepper were straight with a full stop (period) but some controversies led the company to remove period as some says: Period made Dr Look Alike “Di”, company also slanted the fonts of a logo to come up with a stylish design.


    Busweise Logo

    Budweiser is a 5% above pale larger introduced in 1876 by ADOLPHUS BUSCH. It has now become the highest selling beers in the US. Since, the red color and the crown emblem are specifically meant for alcoholic beverage companies; thus the logo of Budweiser reflects this.


    Redbull Logo

    One of the most popular and the best energy drinks of the world according to market share is Red Bull. The company was founded by CHALEO YOOVIDHYA and DIETRICH MATESCHITZ. The slogan of the company “It gives you wings” summarize the purpose of the drink “Red Bull”. Red bull’s target market is the youngsters and the two bulls fighting in the logo addresses the passion and energy that youngsters have.


    Nescafe Logo

    Nescafe is the brand of an instant coffee made by Nestle. The black and white logo has been adopted by company to justify the fundamental principle of simplicity in a logo design. The fonts in the logo of Nescafe are custom designed. The cup over the letter “E” in the logo with the letter “N” traveling towards the cup portrays an Instant Coffee Serve.


    Pepsi Logo

    Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink which is produced and manufactured by PepsiCo. The services of “Pepsi” were very inspirational last year that let it to be declared as the 23rd most valued brand of the world by INTERBRAND. You can find the bottle of Pepsi almost in the hand of every individual including kids, teens, and adults. The label of Pepsi has undergone many changes since its birth. Imbalanced white bar in the logo has generated a smile face out of its logo.


    Coca Cola Logo

    Coca Cola, the carbonated soft drink is easily available from the shops and restaurants. JOHN SMITH PEMBERTON in 1886 discovered Coca-Cola. Later on, the formula and brand of Coca Cola was bought in 1889 by ASA CANDLER who incorporated Coca Cola Company. The SPENCERIAN script style type face in the Coca-Cola logo has been in use for so long that the number 1 beverages service company doesn’t require any NEW logo design trend to follow.


    Do you know why preceding beverages are in the list of top 10? The reason is simple as each of these companies has followed the rules of a corporate logo design to portray their brand identity; hence these companies have come out to be the best beverage companies of all times.

    How Unique Fargo Logo Designs have let the Brands Succeed?


    Fargo Moorhead, the metropolitan area in the US is comprised of Fargo, North Dakota; Moorhead, Minnesota and surrounding communities. When it comes to plan a tour, the place that you should plan for and visit is Fargo Moorhead. Festivals, high-quality music, shopping, dining and first rate golfing & gaming are the attractions that the travel area is offering you.

    In addition to the attractions of Fargo-Moorhead, the place is also renowned across the globe for logo designs designed by expert logo designer for its financial services, charity organizations, sports teams, educational institutes and hotels. Here are a few out of many creative Fargo logo designs for which the place is known for:

    Gate City Bank Logo:


    The bank was started in 1923 with efforts of 8 citizens from the state of North Dakota and has developed a lot since then. The slogan in logo “For a Better Way of Life” features mission statement of the bank. $1 billion dollar mutual community bank logo features ELFRING MICR fonts that look more inclusive as compared to “Myriad” fonts of Wells Fargo logo design. The symbolic icon used makes the logo of Gate City Bank more creative.

    Minnesota State University Moorhead (MSUM) Logo:


    Minnesota State University is a Public University in Moorhead. The outstanding faculty members and excellent students are the charm of the university. The foundation of University was laid down 100 years back in 1885 under the Minnesota State Legislature. The logo of MSUM features “Dragon Mascot” that was designed in 1887 by Haley Johnson. The current logo is the most versatile modification of university’s very first dragon logo made in 1930.

    Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation (FMAF) Logo:


    FMAF, the non-profit organization was established in the year 1960. The community serves to address quality of life needs by utilizing all philanthropic resources in an efficient manner. The calming background in logo of Fargo Moorhead Area Foundation depicts TRUSTWORTHINESS of the non-profit organization. The symbolic icon in the logo portrays compassion for those who can’t enjoy their life needs due to poverty.

    Best Western International Logo:



    Best Western Kelly Inn Fargo Hotel is the place for dining & lodging; therefore, whenever you visit Fargo Moorhead, don’t forget to stay at Best Western Kelly Inn at North Dakota. The Golden Crown logo of the hotel chain “Best Western” was REPLACED by Current Logo in 2004. The slogan “Wherever life takes you— Best Western is there” portrays hotel’s claim of having the largest hotel chains in the world.

    Fargo-Moorhead Red Hawks Logo:


    Fargo Moorhead Red Hawks, the professional baseball team represents Fargo, North Dakota in the US. The team has won the Northern league championship 4 times; in 1998, 2003, 2006 and 2009 respectively. The classical logo of baseball team features Red Hawk breaking the baseball bat in 2 pieces to portray aggression of the professional team. The letters “F & M” in logo represent residential area of Red Hawks, Fargo-Moorhead.

    You may agree or not; it is not just a coincident that Fargo logo designs feature unique typefaces, a few elements of colors, inspirational icons and mascots. All of these attributes are the essentials of logo design; therefore, logo designers have done a full justice to Fargo logo designs. How do you see the Fargo logo designs? Aren’t they one of the best examples to portray a brand image?

    Top 10 Street Sign Logos – That You Should Know About

    Every corner of your street has a logo that conveys you some message. There are signs placed everywhere that not only guide the traffic but also pedestrians along the road. In fact, the street signs are logos that provide you a road map to follow. It is a street sign that provides you the right direction and let you drive your vehicles on the right track. Here are the top 10 street signs logos that convey their purpose of existence efficiently:

    10. Street Warning Sign Logo


    Street Warning Sign informs traffic about a peril that may exist ahead the road. Mostly, countries have their warning signs designed in a way that takes the shape of an EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE with a thick red BORDER and white BACKGROUND. It’s an EXCLAMATION MARK in a street warning sign logo that lets you identify a hazard that may lie ahead.

    9. Street Regulatory Stop Sign Logo


    Street Regulatory Stop Sign on streets guides drivers to stop and move only if the way is clear. The stop sign was originated from Michigan in 1915. In the beginning, the stop sign had BLACK letters with WHITE background. Today, the stop sign logo features 25 cm TALL uppercase LETTERS in white within a red OCTAGON shape design so that the sign remains VISIBLE AT NIGHTS.

    8. Street Prohibitory No Entry Sign Logo


    Street Prohibitory No Entry Sign is usually placed at the exit end of one-way streets. The sign is also known as C1 according to Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals. The sign features a white RECTANGLE with CIRCULAR background in RED. The rectangle in a no entry sign logo design stands for: “Do not enter”.

    7. Street Mandatory Pass on the Left Sign Logo


    Street Mandatory Signs set obligations for traffic that must be followed. Usually, Street Mandatory Sign logo designs are enclosed in a LIGHT BLUE circle with a WHITE border. An example may be a Pass on the Left Street Sign logo. ARROW in Pass on the Left logo provides the direction that traffic should TRUST & FOLLOW.

    6. Street Begin Pedestrian Zone Sign Logo


    Pedestrian Zone Signs are special regulation symbols that indicate the areas where automobile traffic is prohibited. Street Begin Pedestrian Zone Sign features PEDESTRIANS as an icon with a CIRCULAR background. The circle in pedestrian zone sign logo is an INDICATION OF SPECIAL REGULATION to traffic.

    5. Street Speed Limit of 60 Sign Logo


    Street Speed Limit Signs control the speed of a vehicle and guides drivers to drive at a safer speed. These signs play a vital role to improve the road safety and reduce the road traffic casualties. A typical speed limit sign used in most of the European Countries features 60 representing a 60km/hr SPEED RESTRICTION for the drivers.

    4. Street Indication Round-About Sign Logo


    Round-About Sign or Traffic Circle Sign indicates that the traffic must travel in one direction only. Different countries have different design shapes of a Round-About logo but the sign of each country features 3 arrows for the turnings. Street Indication Round-About Logo indicates the TRAFFIC to slow down, give way or avoid collision.

    3. Street Construction Workers on the Road Sign Logo


    Street Construction or Road Works Sign are temporarily used by states regarding the situation of the roads. A typical example of the Street Construction logo includes Worker on the Road Sign. Different countries have distinct design shapes of Workers on the Road logo, however, the US Workers on the Road Sign logo features worker doing work within DIAMOND shape design.

    2. Street Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Logo


    The inspirational welcome logo for Las Vegas was designed by Betty Willis at the request of TED ROGICH. The sign is a horizontally stretched DIAMOND shape with POINTED angles at the top & bottom. YELLOW incandescent bulbs are placed around the diamond shape for glow. 7 circles formed the letter “WELCOME” with painted metal star in RED making it a classical street logo.

    1. Street Technological Speed Camera Sign Logo


    It’s the technological street sign that dominates the list of our street signs logos. Speed cameras detect the speed of vehicles so that people don’t violate the regulations of traffic. As reckless drivers are the ones who got caught by speed cameras, so, they should take notice of the Speed Camera Sign.

    You would have realized that there are several logos all around the streets. The shape, icon and color; each and every attribute of a street sign logo communicates with you. In a nutshell, the street signs logos provide you with travel map that you can follow and proceed in right direction along the way.