6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

Every single day, people are talking about your business, so being a business owner it is crucial that you keep a constant track about the changing opinions of the people, whether they are praises or negative remarks about your business. For this purpose, many online reputation management (ORM) tools are being used widely.

Although, online reputation management still needs to get matured as there are number of monitoring tools born every day. Some of them are worthy enough to be used while some are not, so let’s check out some of the worthy online reputation monitoring tools.

trackur logo design 300x228 - 6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

Trackur Logo


The most powerful tool for the online reputation monitoring tool today is the Trackur, with this unique online monitoring technology, you can trace out the web contents related to your mentions by simply setting up a search and the Trackur will search in all the traditional and social media websites delivering you the results via Trackur dashboard, RSS, email or CSV export.
I believe, the best feature a Trackur offers is that it runs every 30 minutes delivering a graph keeping you up to date with the changing sentiments of the people about your business.

google alerts logo design 300x173 - 6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

Google Alerts Logo

Google alert:

Today, Google alerts is considered to be the easiest way to trace something on the way, Google alerts notifies when the contents from news, web, blogs, video, discussion groups etc. matches the user’s specified search and the results are delivered through web feed, email or mentioned on the users iGoogle page, but only provides content from Google search engine.

monitor this logo design 300x264 - 6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

Monitor This Logo

Monitor this:

Monitor this, an online monitoring service through which you can subscribe to 20 search engine feeds at a time. You just have to enter any term and click on the “make monitor.opml” which will provide you with the list of RSS feeds in OPML format.

social media fire house logo design 300x179 - 6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

Social Media Firehouse Logo

Social Media Fire hose:

The main difference between Social media firehose and Monitor this is the websites they search, as the name suggests, social media firehose is more inclined towards social media websites such as Digg, freindsfeed etc. and the best thing about this is that, here you don’t need to get involved with the OPML file format.

social mention logo design 300x170 - 6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

Social Mention Logo

Social mention:

Similar in many ways with the Trackur, social mention searches for the mentioned keywords all over the web and the result will be emailed to you along with the result summaries. It will not only separate your search results according to where your brand is observed but also alert you when someone saves a link from your website or shared on stumbleupon.

tweet deck logo design 300x200 - 6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

Tweet Deck Logo

Twitter Clients:

It is impossible if you don’t know about Twitter clients, people are using Twitter clients such as Tweet Deck, Seesmic or HootSuite to keep track of their brands or the keywords. Tweet deck is the most famous Twitter application with 19% market share according to the latest stats of june 2009.

The thing which I like most about Twitter clients is that you can reply to the people commenting about your brand, this makes it a best reputation management tool. The other clients such as cotweet which allow multiple people to reply the tweets at the same time, what makes it more useful is the way it let you convert tweets into tasks that can be given to other members of the team.

co tweet logo design1 300x177 - 6 Online Reputation Management Tools to Keep a Track on How Your Small Business is Perceived Online

CO Tweet Logo

Thus, that’s just some of the online reputation management tools which will live help you to stay on top of your online reputation. So give it a try and see how it helps to monitor your business reputation online!


“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”

Benjamin Franklin

The first and foremost thing about branding which most business owners don’t emphasize on (unfortunate for them) is the creation and preservation of a unique business identity. Business identity is a sum of a number of factors including your logo, tag line, business card, brochure, website Etc. The idea is not to surprise yourself or the customers but to perfectly represent the brand. There has to be something different about your brand if you want your business to be viewed and reviewed online.


A couple of years back I was called in for an interview by a firm. I thought I should go online and see the company’s profile before I show up for the interview so I Googled their business name in order to go to their website but there were a number of companies with the same name providing different kind of services. So in the end I had to scan every single website thinking it could be anyone of those.

When I appeared for the interview I was asked if I had done some preliminary research about the company and what they do and if it interests me or not. What I told them was I couldn’t find them on the web. Not because I didn’t do much to track them but because they did not have a unique identity which could help me track them on the World Wide Web.

Now if a potential customer is trying to look you up on the web in order to buy your services you wouldn’t want this to happen because if it does it’s a safe bet that you are losing that customer because he couldn’t identify you or your services since there were a number of businesses using the same name as yours and to make it worse they might be your competitors.


That’s where a unique business identity comes in. You can build your very own identity using a business logo or an exclusive and memorable tagline which can help you stand out in the crowd of monogamously named businesses. Let’s take the example of famous sportswear NIKE who has this famous tick mark logo. As soon as you see this tick mark you will recognize it as NIKE even if you put it among a million other businesses with the same name, the tick mark logo will serve the purpose.


Nike Logo


Once you establish one such unique and exclusive identity you will be able to track all that is being said about your business or your services anywhere on the web with the help of numerous web tools, be it in a good way or the other way. You will be able to evaluate this data to formulate the counter strategies and the future strategies to better manage your online reputation, walking your customers to your website at the same time.


Back in 2005 DELL faced an awful crisis when their customer support department denied any kind of hardware help to a famous blogger Jeff Jarvis and triggered his temper so much that he wrote directly to the owner and the marketing manager of DELL along with a series of articles all over the internet, badly hurting the face value and the bank accounts of DELL corporation.


Dell Logo

DELL was spending a lot on customer research, surveys, and think tanks to know what people are thinking but they couldn’t maintain their online reputation. After this incident they rechecked their reputation management strategies based on the data they had collected from the web using these web tools to better understand what went wrong and what people are saying and plan what they need to do in future to avoid such incidents. i.e. ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT.

The next article will be a detailed explanation of online business reputation management tools. So, stay tuned.

Top 10 Children Logo

CHILDREN LOGO - Top 10 Children Logo

Today, there are many programs, toys, clothing, books, foodstuffs and games specifically targeted by the marketers towards children. Anything funny and interesting is surely going to grab the attention of a child; therefore, organizations which deal in such children’s products ensure that their business logo matches the standard of kids psyche to communicate effectively with them.

There are loads of logos targeted towards children that have had great recognition around the world. Here are few of the best children logos:

fisher price logo design - Top 10 Children Logo

Fisher Price Logo

Fisher-Price Logo:

Fisher Price is a company that makes toys for infants and children. It is a subsidiary of Mattel Inc. Herman Price, Irving Price and Helen Schelle founded the company in 1930, so, the company was named by combining the names of its 2 founders. The animated red color curtain in Fisher-Price logo portrays dancing fonts from left to right that goes well with the slogan of the company: Play, laugh and grow.

Painted turtle logo design - Top 10 Children Logo

Painted Turtle Logo

The Painted Turtle Logo:

The Painted Turtle is a camp located near Lake Elizabeth in the Lake Hughes of California. The camp is for chronically and terminally ill children. The Painted turtle was founded by Paul Newman and Page-Hannah Adler in 1999. The turtle theme logo was conceptualized by Adler who said that: It’s an animal that has a tough exterior and soft interior, very much like these kids we are serving.

tom and jerry logo design - Top 10 Children Logo

Tom & Jerry Logo

Tom and Jerry Logo:

Tom and Jerry is a series of animated theatrical shots created by William Hannah and Joseph Barbera. The series features the never ending rivalry between the cat and the mouse. The logo of Tom and Jerry features the main characters of this series Tom (the common house cat) and Jerry (the clever mouse). The series has been popular for many years amongst children due to comical fights between two aggressive enemies.

kool aid logo design - Top 10 Children Logo

Kool Aid Logo

Kool-Aid Logo:

Kool-Aid is a flavored-drink brand owned by Kraft Foods Company. The famous children beverage “Kool-Aid” was designed by Edwin Perkins and his wife kitty. The versatile fonts of the Kool-Aid logo with the blue shadow appear very refreshing. Kool-Aid man, a frosty pitcher filled with Kool-Aid is the mascot of the drink. The catch fresh “Oh Yeah” of the Kool-Aid man reflects the refreshing feeling that the beverage wants to deliver to the teens.

hot wheels logo design - Top 10 Children Logo

Hot Wheels Logo

Hot Wheels Logo:

Hot Wheels, the brand of die cast toy car was introduced by Mattel in 1968. The famous iconic flame logo of the Hot Wheels was designed by “Rick Irons”. The wavy shape of flame in the logo portrays the movements of the toy car and the unique fonts go well with the company name “Hot Wheels”.

brooklyn childrens museum1 - Top 10 Children Logo

Brooklyn Childrens Museum Logo

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Logo:

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is situated in the Crown Heights of New York City’s most popular area. The museum was founded in 1899 following the proposal from the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Science. The spark symbol in logo symbolizes the success of the Museum since 300 more children museums have been created as an inspiration to this museum.

learning express logo design - Top 10 Children Logo

Learning Express Logo

Learning Express:

Sharon DiMinico decided to set up her company “Learning Express” when she was inspired by an article published in Inc. Magazine. She opened up her 1st corporate specialty toy store in 1990 at Needham, Massachusetts. The slogan in the logo of Learning Express “Always the perfect toy” highlights the fact that the franchise store deals in providing children with high quality toys.

unicef logo design 300x90 - Top 10 Children Logo

Unicef Logo


UNICEF (United Nations International Children Emergency Funds) emphasizes the community level services to promote the health and well being of the children. UNICEF logo depicts the mission of the organization and stands out as an irreplaceable symbol. The olive branches in the logo portray peace, the globe represents people of the earth and the mother holding the child reflects the message care for children.

once upon a child logo design 300x73 - Top 10 Children Logo

Once Upon A Child Logo

Once upon a child Logo:

The first “Once upon a child” store was opened in Ohio in 1984. Once upon a child offers child clothes, toys, furniture and equipment. The letter “O” in the logo of the store has 2 arrows which portray the trade that parents do with the store in exchange of cash for new high quality stuff that the parents desire for their children, while the imbalance fonts depict child’s growth.

diglogo - Top 10 Children Logo

Dig Logo

Dig Magazine Logo:

Dig, the children magazine is published by Cobblestone publishing in association with Archaeological Institute of America. The goal of the magazine is to teach children Archaeology. Dr. Dig has been used as the central character for the magazine to grab the attention of kids. Colorful fonts have been used in the logo to bring the magazine to life as kids love colors.

You should have understood by now that the ideas behind the children logos demand innovation; therefore, the logo designers must have a thorough understanding of children’s psyche at the time of designing whether they are designing a logo for school kids or making the homepage for children oriented websites or any other designing stuff targeted towards kids.

Top 10 Boutique Logo

BOUTIQUE3 - Top 10 Boutique Logo

As a human being everyone of us has a unique face which allows us to recall and identify each other easily , same is the case with businesses as well. What provides them such unique and creative different faces via which we can identity them easily is their logos.

If you own a boutique or just dipped your toes into this fashion business,you should not ignore a logo for your boutique, because without it you won’t have any professional identity via which you can represent your business effectively to your customers.

We’ve gathered here are logos of top 10 famous boutiques around the globe.

gucci logo design - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Gucci Logo


Who doesn’t know GUCCI, it is one of the ruling Italian brands.Gucci is a leather and fashion goods label, established by Guccio Gucci in 1921 and now owned by French company Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR). It is simple yet eminent logo of today, so listed on the top.

southpole logo design - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Southpole Logo


South pole clothing is one of the largest collections of urban fashion wear. It was established in 80’s when David and Kenny Khym started southepole as a retail shop in United States. The company is now based in Fort Lee, New Jersey. It deals with modern ready to wear men and women clothing and now is one of the top most brands of the world.

Giorgio Armani logo design - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Giorgio Armani Logo


Georgio Armani is the top leading brand as an international Italian fashion house that manufactures, designs, retails and distributes haute couture, ready-to-wear, shoes, leather good, watches , accessories, jewellery, home interior, cosmetics and what not. It is considered to be one of the most exalted and prestigious label in the fashion industry.

ranascimento logo design - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Ranascimento Logo


Rinascimento is an Italian clothing brand established by Teddy in 1971. It specializes in clothings for trendy women always looking for new designs in the way they dress. Apart from Italy, it is marketed in France, Netherland, United States and United Kingdom.

dolce gabbana logo - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Dolce Gabbana Logo


Docle and Gabanna was established in 1985 by Italian dress deigner Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in Milan, Italy.If you have noticed they often use black in their clothing just like they have used in their Logo. It specializes in ready-to-wear, clothes, watches, purses and sunglasses.

Prada - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Prada Logo


Prada deals in luxury goods for men and women such as ready-to-wear, shoes, luggage, hats and leather accessories. This leading fashion brand was founded by Prada brothers. Prada is now considered as a status symbol.

Pepe jeans logo design - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Pepe Jeans Logo


Pepe Jeans specializes in casual wear denim brand in Europe. It was first launched in India in 1989. Nitin Shah along with his brother Arun and Milan Shah established this brand which is now one of the world’s leading brands.

madame logo design - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Madame Logo


Madame provides young females with the latest and trendy styles. It was established in the early 80’s with a view to meet the challenges of the fashion conscious women. Madame happens to be a prominent trendsetter in the feminine fashion wear industry.

valentino logo design - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Valentino Logo


Valentino Fashion Group established in early 80’s deals in clothing, accessories and footwear for men and women. Italian brand Valentino operates in over 110 countries, with more than sixteen hundred boutiques.

etam logo design - Top 10 Boutique Logo

Etam Logo


Etam was established in September 1915, when Max Lindeman opened his first stocking store in Berlin, Germany. Modern synthetic stockings then became popular among working women. It is a leading brand for fashion essentials for young, modern, urban women that are always attracted to every new seasonal fashion.

Above mentioned were some of the Top brands having top logos. If you have noticed, every top brand logo consist the element of decency and elegance. There is no overuse of symbols and objects in any of the brand’s logos, thus emphasizing that a logo should be decent and simple enough to draw the attention of the world.