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When starting a new custom identity design project, it is utterly important to gather as much information as possible from clients to…

  • Know exactly what they are trying to achieve from the project
  • Have the information serve as a reference for the creative team

That is why we follow a series of steps to reach multiple & unique design concepts that closely match with client’s specifications rather than jumping right into a graphic design software program to start designing the final version. Here are the steps we follow for a custom identity design project…

1:Custom Corporate Identity Design Through A Scientific Process

    Ask The Right Questions To Pull Out The Necessary  Information

We ask a series of questions to identify what the objective of a campaign/project is and who it should be targeted at, so the creative team can work out the project’s concept, strategy and means of direction and execution.

The kind of questions you might run into a design brief may ask for:

  1. Marketing, advertising or branding problems and goals
  2. An overview of business and products/services
  3. Target audience
  4. Market position / competition
  5. Message you want to convey to your audience
  6. Time schedules

    Research & Brainstorming  

After receiving a detailed creative brief, our design team goes through vigorous research & brainstorming sessions taking into account…

  • Industry: Client’s line of work, market trends, etc…
  • Target Market: Who are your customers? Why do they buy from you? Etc…
  • Competition: Your direct and indirect competition, your differentiation etc..

    Drawing Preliminary Sketches

Based on the research and brainstorming, several preliminary sketches are drawn. This enables us to show the client a multitude of ideas in a relatively short period of time for approval. With the client’s feedback, we can narrow down the concepts to just a handful of best ideas.

    Digitizing The Approved Concepts

At this stage you will be provided with digital concepts of the approved sketches in JPEG files.

Now it’s over to you to send feedback referring the design brief. Following the client’s feedback, we’ll either finalize the project or supply files that can be scaled to any size without any loss of quality, or make revisions.

2: A Team of Versatile Designers To Design An Identity
3: Personalized Attention By Our Customer Services Team
    Knowledgeable and Available Staff
    At LogoDesignConsultant.com you’ll get an extremely personalized and knowledgeable assistance, available when you want it. We place a high value on giving our customers as accurate information as possible through people who know the product inside out.

Beginning with calls answered by a live person during business hours, returning e-mails and voice mails within 1 business day, you’ll get the personal attention you deserve to explain your business and unique requirements.

  1. Dedicated Customer Service Representative As Account Manager
    You’ll be communicating to a representative dedicated for your account to foster a personal relationship for better understanding of your requirements, faster turnaround times, and increased quality control.

Team associates are also cross-trained on accounts to make sure you always get great service even if your representative is unavailable.

4: Not A Penny At Stake With Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    Money Back Guarantee:

When you place an order at our site, you immediately qualify for the 100% money back guarantee. Once you receive your design concepts, you have 3 options:

  1. Select ANY one of the provided concepts and ask for the final file formats
  2. Request to revise ANY one of the provided concepts
  3. Reject ALL the concepts

If you reject all the design concepts, you will get a full refund of your money.
No Questions Asked!

However, if you select a concept and request changes or revisions, then no refunds will be given for canceling the project at any stage after that. You may request as many changes as you like in your chosen business logo design.

    Why NO Refund on Requesting Changes?

We can’t afford to offer a money-back guarantee once you decide to make changes because…

  1. A great deal of time will be spent in consultation, research and brainstorming ideas for providing just 3 original concepts
  2. Design concepts presented will be new not discarded from other projects

We couldn’t possibly risk losing money if you decide to switch in middle of the project as a lot of time and money has already been invested in it.

5: Valuable Free Bonuses To Boost Your Brand Identity (Limited Time Offer)

Get guaranteed free bonuses with every logo design package you choose! Pick and choose your package to get maximum number of bonuses below or take all of them, they are included in every package after all! If you were to order these design services separately it would cost you over $500.

  1. Free eBook on “How To Brand your Small Business on a Shoestring Budget”
  2. Free Custom Fax Cover Sheet Design (Editable)
  3. Free Custom Electronic Letterhead Design in MS Word
  4. Free Custom Banner Design (Full Banner - 468x60)
  5. Free Custom CD Rom Cover Design
  6. Free Custom PowerPoint Slide Design
  7. Free Custom Icon Design
  8. Free Brochure Design
  9. Free Blog Template Design
  10. Free Tagline For Your Business

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6: Affordable & Competitive Prices For Small Start-ups

From ready-made packages to custom quotes, LogoDesignConsultant.com can give your business an identity you need. at the price you can afford.

On a Very Tight Budget? Then you’ll find our BUDGET Logo package ideal to have an identity for your business without costing an arm and a leg.

We’ve worked with a number of small businesses on their business identities. We begin with small steps first , and progress later, when permissible by the budget, into more developed and sophisticated material like company profiles, product brochures or websites.

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When it comes to turnaround time, we do our best to process orders as quickly as possible, without skipping the key logo design steps like…

  1. Getting information from a customer
  2. Researching the company and industry
  3. Sketching etc…

The initial samples are presented to the client within 3 to 5 business days, depending on the package. Although we have designed many logos that took much less time, it all depends on client’s needs and specifications.

Often we have clients with urgent needs. Still, it does take a couple of days to research and sketch ideas before we can have something to show to the client.

Word of Caution: You should be very suspicious of people promising a custom logo in 24 hrs or even 48. This is the reason, perhaps, that many people consult logo contests, logo factories, and non-professional designers who may charge less and do logos faster.

A logo is the first impression, of not just a company, but also its professionalism. It’s worth putting a few days into it.

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