The Super Power of Sign logo Designs

Sign logo Designs

Do you know what the above images represent?

You’re right! It’s a peace sign logo, plus sign logo, stop sign logo and a money sign logo. No matter what the country you’re in, no matter what language you speak, you can understand these common signs easily. They are not restricted to a country or a region.

That is the power of a sign logo design.

A sign logo conveys a message without words. Whether it’s a picture of a heart or a human skull with bones, you know exactly what it represents. Also, the sign of brand’s success is that it does not need text any longer to support its logo’s identity, case in example, the Nike swoosh.

So why are sign logo designs better than any other type of logos? Let’s take a look:

Sign Logos are easier to remember, so it gives your brand life longevity:

The best part about sign logos is that they’re easier to remember and easier to describe. Remember the Apple and their logo with a bite eaten apple. One you see it, it’s hard to forget. But that wasn’t always the case. In the beginning their logo consisted of a picture of scientist Newton sitting under a tree with a shiny apple over his head. Coincidently at that time, apple sales were very low. That is because their brand logo was very difficult to comprehend and remember. Now ever since the new apple logo has come to life, the company is blooming. Sign logos enjoy a clear advantage over pictorials as they are easier to remember which gives their brand a longer life.

Sign logo Designs

A sign logo can inform the customer about the brand’s unique features without words:

Some sign logos are very cleverly created so that they may describe an additional feature of the brand without actually using words in the brand logo. for example the number 31 in pink in the Baskin Robbins logo actually represents the 31 flavors of ice cream available at Baskin Robbins; one for each day of the month. Similarly the abstract and the vertical angle of the text in the formula one logo give the impression of speed to the viewer.

Sign logo Designs

It can give your brand a global presence as images speak louder than words:

Whether a child is standing on the streets of Africa or is hanging out at a mall in America, as soon as he looks at the golden arches, the first words out of his mouth is McDonalds. Even if there is no text mentioned in the logo, sign logos can give your brand a global presence that other type of logos cannot. If you were an American, would you ever be able to remember the below mentioned logos? The advantage of sign logos is that they eliminate all language barriers.

Sign logo Designs

So if you’re a new businessman, just starting up your business and trying to think of logo designs, then a sign logo is the perfect choice for you. A sign logo will give your brand a better, longer and a happier life.