5 Great Logo Design Tips And Tricks To Help You Create Logo Magic

Finding it hard to create that perfect logo for your brand?

Wish you knew the inside logo tips and tricks?

 Want to do logo magic?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

All good brandings and image creation begins with logo designs. A logo informs almost everything about your brand. How it looks and how it feels. Here are a few good logo design tips to help you along the way:

Some Good Logo Design Tips and Tricks:

Some great designing a logo tips are:

1. Use fonts and colors according to your business:

It’s good to try something new but make sure that your idea is not unpractical. Your logo theme should relate to your business. If you’re part of the corporate world, don’t use the comic font. Use formal professional fonts instead. Similarly, a florist can use colors and imagination in their logos.

The Trick:

To create a successful logo, the trick is to use fonts and colors according to your business. For corporate businesses, you can use Times New Roman, Arial, Garamond, and Rockwell. Use solid, formal colors like blue or black or grey in your logos.
Businesses related to creativity can use curlier font styles like French Script, Harlow Solid Italic, and Monotype Corsiva. Use bright colors to make the logo more innovative and appealing, but don’t use neon.

Logo Design Tips Logo Design Tips

2. A logo doesn’t always have to specifically convey what your business     does:

It’s not necessary that a logo should convey what your business does. A dentist doesn’t have to use a tooth in his logo. Think of the McDonalds. Their logo is the golden arches. Do you see the picture of a burger anywhere?

The Trick:
Instead of using images that describe your businesses, use images and abstracts that describe the features of your brand. That would give more quality to your logo. For example, the Amazon logo has an arrow pointing from A to Z, telling the customers that the site covers all products starting from A to Z. The Baskin Robbins has the number 31 in its logo in pink to emphasize on the 31 flavors of ice cream they serve.

Logo Design TipsLogo Design Tips

3. Consistency. Put the same logo EVERYWHERE:

You logo is your identity. Even if it isn’t memorable, if people see it everywhere, they will remember it. Think of the Nike Swoosh. What is so special about it? Nothing! The only factor that makes it successful is that it’s simple and you see it everywhere, making it the brand’s unique identity. Nike plays with colors of the ‘swoosh’. You see the same swoosh everywhere, from TV to T-shirt to shoes to caps. Creating variations in the basic logo shape or changing your logo every so often will give an air of friskiness and unreliability to your customers.

The Trick:

Instead of changing brand logo from time to time, the trick is to play with colors and textures. If your logo is in blue, see how it looks in green. But don’t mess with the basic shape. Also, playing with colors can give your logo flexibility and make it relatable at the same time. If there’s an earth day event coming up, turn your logo green. If the Independence Day is coming up, turn it to the national flags’ colors.

Logo Design TipsLogo Design TipsLogo Design Tips

4. Don’t  clutter your logo:

Keep the logo simple. Using too many images or big fonts is a big turn off. Also the simpler the image, the easier it is for the customer to relate to it and memorize it. Also if the logo is too complicated, the customer will give the impression that the brand is unsure of their choices.

The Trick:
The trick is to use minimal images and subtle colors. If there’s an image or illustration that does not support the overall theme of the logo, then remove it. Remember, in logos, less says more.

Logo Design TipsLogo Design Tips

5. Avoid seasonal logos:

Don’t relate your logo to a season. Make sure its timeless. For example, a dress designer’s logo with a sun in it would certainly make it bright and cheerful but would you buy winter clothing from there?

The Trick:
The trick is to avoid using images like autumn leaves, or snowflakes or sunny images to make your logo consistent throughout the year. Think to yourself, would I buy sweaters from here in winter?

Logo Design Tips

Use these logo tips and get ready to do magic!