5 Fantastic Logo Design Ideas to Give Your Brand an Awesome Look

Still trying to find that perfect logo to give your brand a face? Can’t get that right logo design inspiration? But it is so hard to be inspired, isn’t it?

Well, look no further.

Here are a few logo design ideas free that will certainly give you a few new logo design concepts:

  • Which fonts work the best?

A lot of brands use only their company name as their brand logo, the company name written in simple basic fonts.  Most of the corporate company logo design ideas use Times Roman or Arial fonts in italic style in their logos as they have a more formal and professional look to it. If you are not a fan of images in logos, then try to put your brand name in different font types and choose that looks the best. Most corporate business logo design ideas consist of exactly that. Some of the commonly fonts used in logos are:

  1. Garamond
  2. Bodoni
  3. Times Roman
  4. Rockwell

Take simple shapes and play around with them:

Use simple shapes and mold them creatively. Simple shapes help customers relate to them and the creativity with which they are molded makes them attractive to the customer. For example, star is an ordinary shape but add a little dimension and layers and you can come up with something completely unique. Observe the simple shapes around yourself that you can use. That is how some of the most successful logo designs concepts have come to life. The trend in modern logo design ideas seen nowadays is the use of three dimensional shapes.

logo design ideaslogo design ideas logo design ideas

Use neutral or light backgrounds to add simplicity:

The key is simplicity. A successful logo design idea is the one that does not take the customer more than three seconds to understand your brand logo. Many corporate logo design ideas include dull color with neutral background to give it an air of formality. Add white color background or a similar color of lighter tone, like a light blue, green or a light yellow, to add a little simplicity to your logo. A lighter tone of blue will also give off an air of tranquility. Remember, the simpler your logo is, the more attractive it will be.

logo design ideaslogo design ideas

Combination of black and white will give an air of formality to your logo:

Black and white logos are classics. Using these colors gives the logo an air of formality and makes it timeless. Plus black and white logos are not dependent on colors to make them memorable. Remember the Nike swoosh or the WWF panda. Some cool logo design ideas to ensure your logo’s life are:

logo design ideaslogo design ideas

Turn the negative spaces in the logos to positive ones:

Negative space is the empty space between or around the brand logo. It gives the onlooker a place to rest his view. Most of the times, due to the negative space, the brand logo fails to make an impact on the customer.  The best idea is to insert small a message to utilize that negative space. For example, if you observe the FedEx logo closely, you will see the arrow pointing right between E and X. That is called use of space positively. This is what attracts the customer when he looks at the brand logo closely.

logo design ideaslogo design ideas

Never forget, logo is a brand’s face. All of these logo design ideas will help you create that face.