Guidelines on How to Design a Great Logo for Your Business

great logo

Are you on the lookout for a great logo for your business so that people may recognize you with your brand identity? Have you chosen colors, shapes and even fonts for your logo design but unable to decide the right format for coming up with a great logo design? According to the research conducted by Claessens Product Consultants (CPC) on branding: “Logo and brand complement each other”.        

Have you ever wondered what makes Apple Inc. stand-alone successfully with thousands of competitors in the market for competition? It is not a co-incidence that you see Apple Inc. logo as one of the great logo design examples. A bite missing from Apple logo perfectly communicates what Apple logo stands for. Here are some points for you on how to design a great logo which may also help you in creating a great logo for your business:

Guideline # 1:Great Logo Designs Are Recognizable

If you want to create a logo that your target audience can recognize for a long period of time; then, you should use an abstract logo with undefined shape and unfamiliar combination. It will help you develop a logo design with simplicity so that your audience can recognize what your logo stands for.  Moreover, customers recognize abstract logos quite easily since human mind learn about distinctive shapes faster than definable shapes.          

Guideline # 2: Great Logo Doesn’t Need Any Modification

Great logo designs don’t need modifications from time to time. Some great logo examples include Coca-Cola, Nike and Toyota logo as these logos have remained consistent for many years with only a few modifications. Suggestive logos often deceive the target audience due to complexity in a design and require modification at times; that’s also why, abstract logos are greatly preferred over suggestive logo designs.   

Guideline # 3: Great Logo Ideas: What is more important? Shape or Color

According to the research of CPC; shape is more important to a logo design. Colors also play major role in assigning a particular meaning to a logo design. Black and white logos are recognized more easily as compared to colorful logos; however, colorful logo becomes significant for a brand with multiple products or services.  

Shapes portray different ideas; therefore, you must incorporate shape according to nature of a business if you really want to come up a great logo design.

Conclusion: Throughout this article, it would have become clear to you how to make a great logo. Whether you need a great logo shape or great logo font; you must incorporate great ideas in your logo design that no one has ever think of before. Consequently, you will get a logo design that you desire for your business.