Core Elements of Logos

It is very easy to give an opinion on a logo design whether you like it or not but if you go behind the scenes of its designing then you shall understand that when it comes to designing, it is not that easy. Following are the three basic elements involved in the designing of logos:

1. Fonts:

Fonts are undoubtedly one of the essential elements as they should be selected in accordance with the nature of the company. If your business main focus is on giving the message of reliability, safety and trustworthiness then you should opt for formal fonts giving it a professional look avoiding the use of flashy styles. For entertainment companies, font sizes will be more of informal and bold giving a flashy and bright background.

2. Symbols:

If your logo consists of symbols, then people look at that to figure out what is the nature of your business. For example a dollar sign would depict that you belong to financial sector. Use of pen and paper would indicate that you belong to the field of education. Therefore symbols play an important role in logo designing and must be used properly and carefully. A wrong selection can cost you a lot.

3. Colors:

Colors are undoubtedly extremely important in graphic designs. To come up with the right set of colors you should understand the nature of business and then compare different color sets to come up with the precise color combination. Some companies use bright colors where as some prefer lighter shades depending upon the company’s themes and products.

Thus, these were the 3 core elements of logos design that if incorporated properly will make your logo elegant and successful. In order to have a top quality logo design for your business you must opt for the services of custom professional online logo design company.