Style and Grace = Elegant Logos Design

Logo design is an essential part of a business. They serve as an identity for small and large businesses. Thus every business owners seeks to get the best logo designed for his company. Designing logos is an art and not everyone can come up with such logos that can be labeled as elegant. The word elegance refers to simplicity, tidiness and appealing to the eyes.

Elegance is all about style and grace. If your corporate logo does not give such a look then you should seriously start thinking about redesigning your logo.

Most of the educational logos designs of famous universities also incorporate a mascot in their logo. These mascots convey a particular message in relation to the University.


Simplicity and elegance requires minimal use of colors. Most of the elegant designs use two colors, at times three. Most commonly used colors are black and white. Examples of such logos include Abc, Adidas and Nike. Likewise you can also refer to Mc Donald’s logo that incorporates dark colors and falls in the category of elegant logos.


When you talk about elegance, the fonts need to be adjusted accordingly. Informal font sizes for writing in the name of the company are not considered appropriate. Similarly different fonts used in the text are also not considered good. For example; if your company’s name is “Sam’s Construction”, don't present the letter "S" four to five times larger than the rest of the word. Making the "S" appear slightly larger than the rest of the name and graphically enhancing the bottom of the "S" would work fine.

Hence, creating elegant graphic designs is not a difficult task if you know the basics of designing and specifications of the task at hand and for that one must always prefer the services of online custom professional logo design companies.