Components of a typical Corporate Identity Design System

A corporate identity is how your brand is perceived in the mind of your customers. It is how a customer knows who you are and what you do. A good corporate identity should create trust, brand value and positive perception of the product and should help distinguish your company from others.

To put it bluntly, it can make or break your product.

It is important for a company to develop a strong corporate identity package so that they can create a positive and lasting effect in the customers’ minds.

So, how should your corporate identity package by designed to maximize your company’s value?

What are the basic components of a corporate identity design package through which you can create a permanent impression in your customers’ minds?

1. Corporate identity logo design

This is the most basic and essential part of your corporate identity.

Since, a logo is the first thing that a customer notices in your brand, it is important to make sure that you put in the right effort to create a good business image to your customers.

As many successful corporations are realizing the importance of a great corporate identity logo design, they are spending millions in hiring the right corporate identity services or corporate identity consultant to create a visual image that is a true depiction of the company’s ideals, motives and objectives. A company can also choose to design their corporate identity on its own but the level of quality and exclusivity that you can get from a corporate identity designer or corporate identity agency can never match the output of the image that you create on your own.

Honestly, if your company doesn’t have a decent logo design, then it shouldn’t even exist. Hire an expert to do a job that he can do better than you.

2. The Website:

How important is it to have an online presence for your corporate identity?

Extremely important! Multiplied by a million times!

In this day and age you can buy everything online from a pair of shoes to a jet plane. In this time of viral marketing it is very necessary for any company to have a strong online presence if it wants to survive in this cut throat industry. For that you need to create your own website to give your customers a legitimate platform to address their queries and satisfy their curiosity regarding your product.

In a nutshell, if your company does not have online presence, then it doesn’t exist.

3. Business Brochures:

Since this is how you communicate company information to the target audience, it is quite essential to represent your company corporate identity through online brochures. You can even take ideas from your corporate identity logos and use it in the theme of your business brochures to keep the identity consistent. An attractive and eye catching custom business brochure can give your corporation the right kind of attention that it needs to make an impression on the customers.

4. Stationary (letterheads, business cards etc)

You use stationary everywhere, from inter office memos to client meetings. Imagine a letter that is printed on a plain white sheet of paper compared with a letter printed on a sheet of paper with your company logo on it.
Won’t that make your company look professional and capable to your clients?
Never forgo the strong effect of corporate identity designs in your stationary whether it’s the letterheads, business cards or even annual calendars or mugs that you can give away to your employees and clients every year. It makes your clients know that you are proud and loyal to your brand mark.

5. Online Banners:

Online banners are fast becoming one of the most effective marketing strategies. Because of their more informative and interactive nature, they are appealing and instantly engaging for the customers.

In conclusion, instead of trying to experiment with your brand on your own, it is better to employ the assistance of the corporate identity companies so that you can gain maximum profit out of the corporate components and create a positive and lasting impression in your customers’ minds.