“How to design an awesome logo”

If you want your company to be awesomely successful, then you need to come up with some awesome logo ideas.

That can be quite a hard job.

The magical power of great logo designs is still quite under estimated in this world. Whether the business is big or small, there are no arguments about the integral importance of a company brand mark.

Since a logo is often called the face of a brand, let’s make sure that the face is nicely scrubbed and properly made up.

So want to know how to design an awesome logo?

We have a few awesome logo design ideas.

1. Insert or alter small details in the logo design according to your business:

Don’t be afraid to insert small images or alter a letter to represent something else in your brand mark. Remember, detailing matters! Despite popular belief, you can never go wrong if your logo is nicely detailed. Even if it’s so small that you doubt that your customer will ever notice it, don’t forgo it because when the customer finally notices it (and he will, don’t worry), it’ll only prove to be more appealing and memorable to him.

For example, notice the small apricot in the ‘Abricot’ logo?
Can you see how the August logo has shaped the letter G as the number 8 representing that august is the eighth month of the calendar?

awesome logo designawesome logo design

2. Instead of using images that represent your business, use images that     represent your company location or unique features:

Do you see a pizza in the pizza hut logo or a car in Toyota’s logo?
Using product images in your brand mark has gotten old. Instead of using images of the products of services you are providing, use images that represent your company’s features or its location. That will make your logo distinct from others due to which your customer will make an instant connection with the company.

For example, a comic book writer by the name of Damian has used the letter D with a speech bubble to make the design distinct.

A Hawaii tour company has used a local, artistic and cultural bird like image to represent their brand instead of using the generic air planes that most tour companies use.

awesome logo design

3. Use animal attributes to represent your company features:

Ever heard the saying ‘hungry like the wolf’, ‘busy as the bee’ and ‘loyal as the dog’?
Why not use that?

If you’re designing a logo for a product that can make your customers clever, why not use a fox illustration in the logo design and if you’re designing a logo for a children’s school, why not use an owl with glasses? Using animal attributes to represent your product features is another awesome logo designs idea as people find it easier to connect with animal images than they do with others.

For example this sound design company has used an image of a long beaked nightingale in their brand mark as that bird is known for its beautiful and melodious voice.

awesome logo design

So, there you have three awesome ideas that will help you create an awesome logo for your brand.