How often you go to a supermarket looking for a certain product for yourself and compare the prices of different products and the worth you are getting for your money? Always. Right? You try to get as much as you can for as less as you can but there is one thing you try not to compromise on. What’s that? Yes. The Quality.

You would never buy a product which isn’t worthy of spending a single $ of yours even if it is 100 times more cost effective than other good products. The reason being you don’t want to compromise on the quality and because you want to make a useful worthy choice rather than a useless and worthless choice.

Now think about a Branding Tool for your business which

  1. Conveys the Business Message in the shortest possible form.
  2. Gives your customers the very First Impression of your company
  3. Gives you a Unique long lasting Corporate Identity
  4. Implicates your Originality
  5. Projects your Professionalism
  6. Specifies your Expertise
  7. Marks your Trustworthiness
  8. Represents you where you can’t go

And so much more…

Yes. You are right. It’s your Business Logo. Evolving in recent decades Logo has become an imperative tool every business needs for its branding strategies and its importance is undeniable.  But the point is… Can you get all the above in $5 or $10 i.e. “An Affordable Logo”. Is this the worth for all these factors you desperately need to take your business to the next level?

Let’s examine the two most famous Affordable Logo Designing Modes…


Nowadays every business owner can create a login on one of these Design Contest websites and start a logo design contest of their own which brings together “Talented” designers from around the globe who try to Design a Logo after they see the Limited Specifications.

The idea which makes a business owner start one such contest is “affordability” Offcourse thinking they would get the best designs out of the best designers out there at the best cost
Let’s see a couple of designs from these design contests keeping in mind the above described purposes a logo serves.


What do you make of these logos? It seems like a website of some kind or may be its about some results. You see. These Logos don’t even know the first thing about being a logo i.e. Convey the Business Message. You can’t even tell what the logo is referring to.

You don’t want your Business Logo to look like one of these logos only because you need an Affordable Logo. Or you do?


Also available these days are Do It Yourself (DIY) softwares which enable any business owner to design his/her logo all by himself. All they need to do is fill in the form with some required specifications, select a predesigned icon and the software will do the rest and in a couple of minutes you will have your logo right in front of you. There you go happily ever after.
You think you just created your Brand Identity which reflects your Business Message in a Unique and Compelling way? Think again!!

Now imagine. Would you ever change the pipes of your water tank if there is some leakage? No you wouldn’t. You would call the nearest available Professional Plumbing Service to get it fixed as soon as possible even though you know you can somehow manage it and learn how to do it yourself. Why? Because you realize you can never be as good as a professional plumber and don’t want this to ever happen again and because you want to get it done once and for all.

Don’t you think your Business Logo deserves to be handled the same way. How can you have the same level of Creative Imagination and Expertise and design a logo as good as a Professional Logo Designer. Moreover it is also important to know that you cannot register these logos or hold the copyrights to the design because they were generated from predesigned icons with a little here and there. The choice is yours.

One has to understand that a logo is designed once and forever and in case you used any of the above modes you can have only one success i.e. A Successful Failure. You should always look for something which is affordable not the cheapest because you can’t afford to compromise on quality and there are numerous Professional Logo Design Agencies who can provide you affordable yet Quality Logo.