It's choice - not chance - that determines your destiny

Jean Nidetch

How often it happens to us that we have to leave out a “to die over” dress or a car because we don’t fit into it? Or in other words we have to see if it suits us or not i.e. making the right choice which needs understanding of the difference between “needs” and “wants”.

A “want” is something which you think might be good for you without any valid reasons behind it.

A “need” is something which you know will be good for you because you have reasons to believe so.  

So what’s the point?

The point is one has to make the right choice preferring his needs over wants. This goes for everything in life which includes business and the lifeline of a business lies in its branding and the foundation of branding is Business Logo.

Startup business owners usually make up an “imaginary sketch” of their business logo based on their own perception and ideals which eventually becomes a “want” and refuse to accept anything else from their hired Logo designer no matter how creative it be forgetting what they “need”.

Simplicity and Uniqueness being the two basic requirements, let’s see how many logo types are there and who needs what?

Typo Logo/Font/Text Based Logo

This is the simplest kind of logo. The business name of the company is what is represented in the logo. The hallmark examples of such logos are Microsoft and IBM. Worth noticing is the fact that its not necessary that the logo fashions the whole business name but the name or its abbreviation which the company uses for its branding. No wonder not even 10 % people would recognize “International Business Machines”. Yes.  That’s IBM.

ibm logo

This is why the use of Typo logos is only useful when the company name is unique and where the mere representation of the whole name is not required. Being as simple as it is it’s an equally tough ask for a designer who tends to be graphic.

Iconic Logos

A picture is worth a thousand words.

It’s a safe bet that when someone said the above he was talking about an Iconic Logo because that’s the exact idea behind an Iconic Logo. A picture or an icon represents the whole business and the services it offers.

ibm logo

Huge Multinational Giants have successful Logos which are now as renowned as they were the first day because of their unique and creative designs. For example Nike, Apple. These icons at first sight do not mean anything and hardly anyone can make something of these logos as the ideas behind them are very creative but once understood it’s given that nobody forgets the logo and the idea behind it and that’s the major advantage of this type of logo.    

Brand Mark/Abstract Logos

Brand Mark or Abstract Logos are also knows as Combination Logos because they combine both Iconic and Text Based Logos which makes them the most comprehensive and effective logos. The major reason for their being the most effective Logo type is that they need the least marketing as compared to the other two types because of their instant recognition.  According to researchers the maximum number of fixation for Abstract Logos is the lowest as compared to the other two types.

These logos incorporate all the major landmarks of a successful logo, i.e. Memorable, Recognizable Resizable and Illustrative. These logos can be based on multiple factors on one factor.

  1. The Brand Mark can be a Graphical Representation of the Brand Name.
  2. The Brand Mark can be a projection of the Business Idea.
  3. The brand Mark can be the Company Mascot.

An abstract Logo provides the viewer with the complete description of the company making it the most cost effective logo as well. The Text used with the Icon can be the company name or the Slogan the company holds.

Abstract Logos

Along with these three specific Logo types there are many other types which are random combinations of these three basic types. As seen above that different logo types have different importance and advantages. One has to evaluate his brand against each of the types to know which one he has to go for and having the services and recommendations of a Professional Logo Designer can help you make a better decision than on your own because if you don’t make the right choice your brand is going nowhere.