How To Write A Website Creative Brief That Is Better Than The Rest?

Website Creative Brief

A website creative brief is a small, one pager or two pager document that s all the necessary elements for the creation of a website; for example, the company background, objectives, target audience and the project details. It is very important to create a web creative brief before the project has started so that the designers have quite a clear view as to what is expected of them and the client knows how to take the project along.

Constitutes Of A Web Design Creative Brief:

1. About the Company:

The purpose to include the company info details is to gain maximum information about the background of the company, its culture and personality and their goals for the future. Some of the important points that should be included in this head of the website creative brief are as follows:

  1. Basic info of the company – the history, products and complete contact details
  2. What is the vision and mission of the company?
  3. How many employees are there in the company and its geographic spread?
  4. Who are the main competitors and the services they offer?

2. About the website:

The purpose of this head is to find out the details about the kind of website the clients have in mind. The aim is to find out if the clients have specific preferences or idea in mind for the creation of the website. Some of the important points that should be included in this head of the website creative brief are as follows:

  1. What is the main aim of the website?
  2. What unique feature is the website offering to the customers that its competitors are not?
  3. Are there any specific colors, text or images that should be preferred?
  4. Any specific websites that you like or don’t like?
  5. What style of website would you like to use? Should the website be formal, elegant or funky?

3. About the target audience:

Here the aim is to gain utmost information on the type of audience that the company wants to cater to. It is very important to recognize the target audience as the website will be created accordingly to gain maximum benefit.

  1. Basic details of the target audience age, gender, income, lifestyle, preferences.

4. About the project:

It is important to clear the project details decisions before the project has started to avoid any conflicts in the future. It is important for the designer and the client to be on the same wavelength as to the timeline, the drafts and major decision makers of the project. Some of the important elements that it should include are:

  1. What is your expected timeline for the launch of the website?
  2. Is there any specific cost package that you prefer?
  3. Who will be the decision makers regarding the company and what are their positions in the company?

By following the above mentioned constitutes in mind, preparing a creative brief web design would not be a difficult task. Also it will provide maximum benefit to the designer as far as the project is concerned as all the important elements are listed here.