Give Your Brand Logo a Longer, Happier Life through Vector Logo Design Arts

Vector logos are one of the most versatile types of images. The biggest advantage that the vector logo art provides is that whether the image is enlarged or minimized, the vector logo designs do not lose their natural definition. As compared to the bitmap format, which is made up of pixels that have a tendency to look distorted when enlarged, vector logo images are made up of lines and curves which help it maintain its clear visibility. Another great feature about all vector logo images is that they can be molded in a lot of different ways for example; you can use 3d vector logo images and text for creating a vector logo.

There are many free vector logo designs and vector logo templates available on the internet that can help you make vector logo. These vector logo downloads can help you make a great logo design easily in just minutes. Many of the vector logo softwares also come with vector logo tutorials to help those who are not fluent with computer programs.

If you want to make a corporate vector logo, then you can draw a small image through vector with the brand name to give it a more professional look. Similarly, if you want to draw a vector logo for your car sales shop, then you can add a medium sized illustration to accompany the brand name. Nowadays, using vector logo icons or vector logo files are one of the most popular ways to make logo design for your business.

Below mention are two logos; one is a PDF vector logo and another one is a PDF bitnap logo. Watch closely and observe the difference between the two. The vector logo has clear lines and looks life like while the bitmap logo looks pixeled and slightly distorted.

Vector logosVector logos

Logo Design Tutorial:

Follow this easy logo design tutorial and make your own logo design quickly and easily.

  1. The first step is to draw the basic shapes of the logos that you want to create. Here, we’ll be using a circle and two crescents. The crescent is also drawn by trimming the circle in the shape that you desire. There is also a rotate tool available so that you may choose the angle of exact the logo design.

Vector logosVector logosVector logos

  1. The next step is to choose the colors to fill in that image.

Vector logosVector logos

  1. Fill in the colors to your images. You can add a shaded effect for a realistic look to the picture.

Vector logos

Vector logos

  1. The last step is to combine all the shapes together.

Vector logosVector logos

  1. This is how your final logo will look after the text is added.

Vector logos

In conclusion, the reason for the popularity of vector logo brands is because they are long lasting, versatile and easily adapt all formats. Also, there is a large vector logo database available online that make the logo design process a little easier and a little simpler.