A Few Ideas For Coming Up With the Simple Logo Design

Have you ever wondered why do world’s top brands acquire a simple logo designs to portray their unique brand identity to customers? Have you ever thought why brands with a simple logo influence minds of the customers in effect? Brands with the world-class reputation acquire simple logo design since these brands want customers to recognize their brand identity wherever they see it.

Are you a small business owner who has tried both, the simple logo maker and simple logo creator programs to design a logo for your business but you see no results for it? A professional logo designer can create a simple yet effective logo for you that you can’t create by either using a logo maker or creator program. Here are some simple logo ideas which will guide you all on how to make a simple logo:

1. Bring Functionality within the Logo with Easiness:

A simple yet effective logo is one that works in any situation. Whether you use a colorful logo for your business or use it in black and white on stationary, brochure, website or any other promotional item; it should give idea to customers about your business. The simple logo of Amazon.com is a good example of a functional logo.    

Uniqueness idea simple logo designs examples

2 Bring Uniqueness in a Logo with Competitiveness:

Of course, you won’t be entering the market without any competition. Competitors will be watching you all the time; therefore, you will require something of the essence to make an impact. Bringing uniqueness in a logo will also force your competitors to start taking your business seriously. Pepsi logo is a good example of simple yet unique & competitive logo.

Memorable simple logo designs examplesmemorable simple logo designs examples

3. Bring Something That Can Be Memorized With Simplicity:

Another important thing for coming up with a simple logo design is that you bring something for the customers in it so that they can memorize it with ease. Incorporating the element of memorability within a logo design will aid customers to recognize your logo wherever they see it. Some Simple logo examples with element of memorability include the logos of Mitsubishi & Zippo.   

Conclusion: Have you realized the key elements for coming up with the simple yet effective logo for your business? A simple logo should be functional, memorable and unique to standout amongst the logo of your competitors. Therefore, you should try to incorporate these three elements all together with simplicity to create a simple logo for your business.