New Logo Design – Essence of a Start-up Business

Have you launched a new business and now looking forward to acquire an absolutely new logo design to get your business recognized by the customers?

Have you diversified your business activities so looking for a professional logo designer who can design a new logo for your business to justify your new brand identity?

Whatever the case maybe, you are spot on to acquire a new logo for your business.   

Logo is the visual representation of a business as it portrays what the particular business stands for.  Have you ever imagined what the golden arches in McDonald’s logo represent? Golden arches in logo of McDonald’s embody McDonald’s Corporation very well. However, some businesses don’t give importance to logo designing and failed to develop a business identity that customers can recognize for a long period of time.

It is a common perception that companies which have come up with the new logo designs effectively have enhanced the chain of their potential customers and clients. A logo depicts the quality of your business and elicits customers to believe in the products or services you are providing them. As a new business owner, one should know why logo is the essence for every business to standout.

Before you acquire a brand new logo for company; here are a few points which will describe you how a company new logo can serve as the essence for any start-up business:

Competitors new logo

1. Check out Your Competitors!

At first, you should see the logo of competitors in order to realize what sort of logos they are using. Analyzing logos of competitors will give you new logo ideas concerning how you should get yourself differentiated from your competitors.

just say no new logo

2. What Do You Want to Convey?

A logo is the silent depicter of your business. You can communicate with the potential customers about your business by creating a new logo; however, the hidden message in your logo must be clearly distinct from the competitors.   

Competitors new logo

3. Make New Logo Distinct Yet Functional!

Logo for your business shouldn’t only be distinct; it must be functional too. You should have a new logo for business i.e. scalable, reproducible, inimitable and memorable. A functional logo is the one that does not lose the quality even in black and white.

Colors new logo

4. What about the Colors?

If you ask any professional logo designer: How many and what colors a logo should have? He would answer you straightaway: 2-3 colors are enough & colors in logo should be utilized in accordance with the nature of business. For e.g. green color works quite well for environmental logos.

fonts new logo

5. Use Fonts Appropriate to Your Business!

You should use fonts in your new logo design in accordance with your business. For instance, if your business is some sort of financial service; then, formal fonts will work well to portray your brand identity.

6. What a logo shouldn’t have?

You should avoid using clipart images as it won’t add anything original to your brand image. It will give customer the feeling that you have acquired a free new logo clipart instead of a brand new logo design. You should also avoid giving any trendy look to your new logo design.

Conclusion: Have you realized the key features for coming up with a brand new logo for company? In addition to these features; you should also incorporate new logo trends to come up with the new logo launch for your business that will force the potential customers to say: It’s a rare new logo!