How to Create Model Logo Designs That Attract the Maximum Number of Customers?

Jacob Cass says that, “One of the most difficult aspects of logo creation for startups is finding a logo designer whose work is good and who is still within a startup’s meager budget.”

Are you one of those logo designers? If yes, then how do you tell that to your customers?

You can do that by setting up a website of your business and having a few model logos available there for the potential customers.

Logos come in all shapes, sizes and colors. But the main point is that a logo should give a positive depiction of the brand it represents.

For any logo designer it is important to create a few model logo designs and make them easily available to potential customers, through a website or other means, so that the potential customers may have a clear idea of the designer’s range and portfolio.  This is also advantageous because if the customer, himself, does not have a specific logo design criteria in his mind, then he can get a few inspirations from the model logos available before he approaches you.

Few Things to Keep In Mind While Creating Model Logos:

Make Sure You Cater To the Common Industries:

While creating model logo designs, it is important to cater to some of the basic industries so that you are able to attract maximum of the clientele. Below mentioned are few such popular industries. The main advantage of having a model logo in at least these 13 industries is that these businesses can be big or small but having a range of model logos available can cater to both of these businesses. Make sure that you create at least four to five model logos in each of these categories to give the customers a fair chance to evaluate your work.

  1. Automobile
  2. Entertainment
  3. Café
  4. Consultant
  5. Clothing
  6. Dental
  7. Education
  8. Event
  9. Financial
  10. Nature
  11. Hotel
  12. Sports
  13. Industrial

Create Model Logos in at least five styles:

There are a few common styles of logos that are usually suitable for all types of industries. Make sure that you cover all those styles in your model logo so that the customer may have a clear idea as to your range of work. Some of the designs that you should have you model logo in are:

1. Woodmark:

This type of logo comprises of only text which is subjected to unique typography.

model logo

2. Letter form:

This type uses one or more letters to represent the brand.

model logo

3. Abstract:

Abstract marks and symbols usually convey a more visual concept of the brand.

model logo

4. Emblem

Emblems are usually a combination of images and text to represent the brand.

model logo

5. Illustrative:

Illustrations are usually drawing that represent the brand.

model logo

6. Take A Sample Company And Create Its Logo In At Least 5 Different Styles:

Another great way to give the potential customer a very clear ides of your work is to take a sample company and create five different types of logos for it. This way the customer will also be able to measure your level of creativity and innovation.

model logo

So be following these few simple instructions while creating a model logo, you should be having a long queue of customers at your doorstep in no time.